Aqua World

By Birch Griesse

The Rugrats were hot and restless as they sat in the sandbox in Tommy's backyard, trying to make sandcastles.

"Why aren't the sandcastles working?" Phil asked as filled his bucket and turned it over, revealing a lose mound of sand.

"I've got sand in my shorts!" Chuckie complained, "And in my shoes, too!"

"This sand feels hot on my feet," Tommy groaned.

Just then, Didi came out with Dummipop popsicles for Angelica, Susie, and the babies. At that very moment, Stu's Auto-Sprinkle Sprinkler with pre-set timer set to go off every five minutes started sprinkling her.

Stu ran outside and grabbed the Dummipops from Didi. He handed them to the kids and turned off the sprinkler. Didi ran to the house to change clothes.

"I, uh, guess I need to work on the Auto-Sprinkle some more," Stu said sheepishly.

The kids happily ate their Dummipops and ran around in the water of the sprinkler until it stopped. Inside, Didi was watching television. She had finally dried off. A commercial came on the TV.

Pictures of a water park where people were going down rides and swimming in a wave pool was shown.

"It's summer and the days are hot!" said a voice on the TV, "So come on down and cool your jets at Aqua World! Your wild, wet adventure awaits at an Aqua World park nearest you: Long Island, Daytona Beach, Little Rock, Des Moines, and Anaheim! Coming soon to Fort Worth. In Canada, visit Aqua World in Hamilton, Halifax, Burnaby and Edmonton. Coming soon to Winnipeg. And in Quebec, we'll see you at Espace Aqua in Ste-Adèle. Aqua World! Your place to get wet!"

"Stu!" called Didi, "I have a great idea!"

"What?" Stu called back.

"Let's take the kids to the Aqua World water park!" Didi suggested.

"Good idea!" Stu agreed. Grandpa, who was visiting from his retirement home with Lulu, said, "That sounds like fun! Count me in!"

"Me, too!" Lulu said.

So Didi and Stu went outside to gather up the kids. Then they dressed them in their swimming suits and drove off to Aqua World. When they got there, Didi, Lou, and Lulu took the kids while Stu tried to find a parking spot. After several minutes, Stu joined them.

After they had paid admission, they entered the water park. The rugrats gang stared in awe at the huge water park. What was it? The adults took the Rugrats to the kids play area. There were small slides, a shallow pool, a 'fun house', a place were kids were spraying water guns at each other, and a play place that was full of spraying water, dumping buckets of water, and other wet stuff. The Rugrats ran off in the play place while Didi, Stu, Lou, and Lulu sat on a nearby bench.

"Alright," Didi said, "Two of us should take Susie and Angelica out to go on some rides, and two of us should stay here and watch the babies."

"We'll sit here and watch the babies," said Lulu, "You go out with Angelica and Susie."

So Didi and Stu walked off with Angelica and Susie to go on some rides. Meanwhile, the babies sat in the play place, talking to each other.

"I wonder why all the water is coming out here?" Kimi wondered.

"Maybe the world is flooding!" Chuckie suggested.

"Nah," Phil disagreed, "That can't happen!"

"Yeah, well why else would all of this water be coming out here?" Chuckie asked.

"He's got a point," Lil said.

"Yeah," Tommy agreed, "But why don't all these people does something?"

"Maybe they don't know!" Kimi said.

"Well, then I guess it's up to us to stop the world from flooding!" Tommy said.

"Oh, great," Chuckie groaned.

Meanwhile, with Angelica and Susie...

"I want to go down that!" Angelica cried. She pointed to a big, long, black slide.

"Um, why don't you go on that ride instead?" Didi asked, pointing to a short, little kiddy slide.

"I don't want to go on that!" Angelica screamed, I want to go on that!" She pointed to the black slide again.

"I'm sorry, Angelica, but you can't go on that ride," Stu told her. Angelica scowled and allowed Didi to send her down the kiddy slide.

"Now lets go to there!" she exclaimed, pointing to a wave pool where huge waves were crashing.

"I'm sorry, Angelica, but..." Didi began.

"Hey, Deed!" Stu called, "Come here!" Didi walked over to Stu.

"Tube rentals," he said, "Tubes, three dollars! We can rent Susie and Angelica each a tube!"

"I don't know Stu," said Didi doubtfully, "Wouldn't you rather go on the Lazy River?"

"Awe, come on, Deed, they'll be OK. Besides, they can go in the shallow end anyways, can't they?" Stu argued.

"Well, I suppose so," Didi agreed.

Meanwhile, the Rugrats were trying to sneak out of the play place...

"Come on, guys," Tommy said to his friends, "We gotsta stop the world from flooding!"

He lead the gang all around the play place looking for a way out. Finally, they came to a wall low enough for them to crawl over. They climbed over the wall and set off through the gigantic water park. While all this was happening, Lou and Lulu were snoozing in the sun. The babies crawled off toward a ride.

Tommy walked over to the slide, which no one was riding, and peeked down into the blackness. Suddenly, Chuckie tripped and fell into Tommy. They both landed on a tube that began floating toward the entrance of the slide. Kimi, Phil, and Lil grabbed the tube and tried to pull it away from the slide, but it was to late. The tube began down the slide, with Kimi, Phil, and Lil hanging onto the back. Tommy and Chuckie managed to pull them in, just as they were plunged into darkness.

"I'm scared!" Chuckie wailed.

But then they could see light at the end of the tunnel! They speed out of the tunnel into the open part of the slide. They sped down to the pool below them. The tube drifted to the edge where the babies crawled out.

Then, someone spotted the babies.

"Hey, shouldn't you kids be at the kiddy play place?" he asked as he slowly approached them.

But they ran into the crowd and disappeared from view.

The Rugrats crawled around the water park, looking for what might be causing the world to flood.

Meanwhile, with Didi, Stu, Angelica, and Susie, Angelica and Susie got in their tubes and swam out into the deep water. Didi watched them worriedly.

"Don't worry, Deed," Stu reassured his wife, "They're are fine!"

But Didi was still worried. Angelica and Susie had now almost reached the very end of the pool.

"The waves are real big here!" said Angelica

"Yeah! I hope they come on soon!" Susie cried in excitement.

Just then, the waves started.

In the meantime, the Rugrats had found a employee entrance to the main controll room, where people were controlling the 'geysers', water guns, water on the water slides, wave pool, and everything else.

"Turn on the waves!" someone called.

The Rugrats crawled unnoticed through the building. After a while, they came to a door The doorknob was too high for them to reach. Then, a woman came out of the room. The Rugrats sneaked into the room. They looked around. No one was in the room. There was a switch near them that read "Main Water Shutdown".

At the wave pool with Angelica and Susie, Angelica's tube had a puncture! It was losing air! The lifegaurd on duty was listening to music, paying no attention to the pool! None of the other people noticed. Susie was the only one who knew! She tried to grab Angelica and pull her onto her tube, but she was just out of reach! Just then, Susie fell out of her tube! She grabbed on to Angelica's deflating tube, and they tried to swim to the shallow water. Susie's tube floated away, out of reach.

Meanwhile, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Kimi stared at the darkness of the room.

"Maybe this is where the water is coming from," Phil suggested.

"Then we would see it!" Lil told him.

"Well, maybe we can't see it 'cause it's so dark!" Phil argued. Chuckie took a step back and tripped. He fell right onto the shutdown switch!Outside, everything stopped. The water in the water slides disappeared. The waterguns wouldn't shoot. The waves in the wave pool stopped, and the water slowly began to drain. Soon, Angelica and Susie could touch the bottom. They ran to Didi and Stu from the empty wave pool.

At that moment, the Rugrats exited the building.

"We did it!" Kimi cried, "We stopped the world from flooding!" Then they ran back to the play place.

Well, no one ever knew why the water had stopped. The lifegaurd who had been on duty when Angelica's tube had a puncture was fired, and the manager gave them their money back (all well as everyone else's)

"Well, I don't think I'm ever going there again," Didi said.

"I agree," said Stu.

The End

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