The Tweenage Rugrats in: "Status Quo"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was a beautiful summer afternoon. The Rugrats were at the beach enjoying summer. They built sand castles, played beach volleyball, and then
went swimming.

Right now, the Rugrats are in the shallow water up to their waists and playing volleyball. Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, and Kimi, were playing against Susie, Angelica, Phil, and Lil. Tommy's team was winning by two points.

Just then, a wave splashed over them.

"Incoming!" said Phil as the wave spashed onto them.

Now, the Rugrats were soaking wet. But they didn't seem to mind at all. The girls squeezed the water out of their hair and went back to their game.

As Kimi finished wringing out her hair, a sparkle on the sandy floor caught her eye. She bent down over towards it and began to dig at the sand beneath her feet.

"Hey Kimi, heads up!" said Tommy.

Kimi did not seem to hear him and she missed the ball.

"Another point for us!" cheered Lil. She and Phil high-fived.

"Kimi you missed the ball!" said Dil.

Kimi stood back up straight. She was now gazing upon a diamond necklace in her hands.

"What is that?" asked Chuckie.

"Don't ask me" said Kimi. "I just found it in the sand."

"Lucky girl" said Angelica.

A little later, when the kids got out of the water, Kimi showed the grownups the necklace.

"Did you find it in the sand?" asked Kira.

"Yes" said Kimi. "I just found it in the shallow water."

"We'd better find the owner" said Chazz.

A little later, after Kimi had turned the necklace over to the "Lost and Found" stand, she went back to playing with her friends. While the boys continued to play ball, the girls spread out their towels and applied some suntan lotion before lying down on them.

At the end of the day, everyone packed up and drove home.

The next morning, Kimi noticed a package in the mail for her. When she opened it, inside was the diamond necklace she had found. Inside, was a note from the man who worked at the "Lost and Found".

"Since nobody came to claim the necklace, it's yours to keep!"

Kimi could not believe her good fortune. She was now the owner of a diamond necklace.

After reading the note, Kimi put the necklace around her neck.

"Any mail?" asked Kira as she entered the living room.

"Just a package for me from the beach" said Kimi. "Had something to do with the necklace I found."

"I wonder how much it's worth?" asked Kira. "Maybe your grandpa would know."

"But grandpa's in Japan with grandma" said Kimi.

"I was talking about your french grandparents."

"Oh, ok."

Later that day, Kimi knocked on the front door of a house in another part of town. The door was answered by Pierre, her grandfather from France.

His eyes were caught by the necklace she wore.

"Hi grandpa" said Kimi.

"Come on in" said Pierre.

A little later, Kimi showed the necklace to her grandfather.

"What's it worth?" asked Kimi. "Is it valuable?"

"I'll say" said Pierre. "It's a ten carat diamond necklace, worth ten thousand dollars!"

Kimi was shocked, and amazed.

"Excuse me" said Pierre, "I need to make a phone call."

A little later, Pierre and Anita led Kimi into the living room of another house. Sitting at the table, in fancy clothing, was a middle aged woman drinking from a wine glass.

"Welcome Kimberly" said the woman, "my name is Gloria."

"It's Kimi" Kimi corrected her.

"You're Kimberly. Those who call you Kimi are nothing but commoners."

Kimi sat.

"Your grandfather told me that you found a necklace on the beach."

"Yes. I got it in the mail today because nobody claimed it as their own."

"You could have just kept it for yourself when you first found it. That's what many people do."

"Well they're just dishonest."

"Anyways, I'd like to invite you to be the newest member of a group for people with class."

"But I all did was find a necklace."

"Exactly. Now you're the richest twelve year old girl in the state."

"Oh, I wouldn't know that. Angelica's father is rich and Angelica is rich too!"

"Really? Why don't you call them over here?"


A little later, Angelica arrived with her father.

"What is the meaning of this?" asked Angelica.

"Your friend here told me that your father is quite rich" said Gloria. "We'd like to ask you and your friend to become our newest members."

"For what?" asked Angelica.

"Of a special group for people with class. All you have to do is dress fancy and act proper."

"We've already been to etiquette school" said Angelica. "Of course, we weren't treated right there."

"That's alright. Just be here tomorrow afternoon in the backyard."

"Remember that" said Kimi.

"Ok" said Angelica.

The next day, Kimi and Angelica went into the backyard which was decorated with style. It looked almost like a wedding party.

Anita and Pierre earlier had dressed Kimi and Angelica up in a fancy dress with ribbons and crystal shoes. Drew was dressed in a suit and tie with black leather shoes. Kimi's hair was now in a ponytail instead of a pigtail.

A man poured Kimi a glass of grape punch.

"Here you are" he said. "The finest grape punch from France. I'll have you know I used to work as a grape stomper. It was hard work. First you'd pick many buckets of grapes. Then you would stomp on them under your boots. Finally, you'd put the stomped grapes in a machine which squeezes out all the juice."

"That's very interesting" said Kimi as she took a sip of her punch.

"I even added some sugar for extra flavor" said the grape man.

At another section of the backyard, Angelica was talking to a man dressed in a kilt.

"Are you really scottish?" she asked.

"Aye!" said the man.

"I? I am?" asked Angelica.


"I'm not? I what?"


"Quit it with the aye! You don't wanna tell me, then don't tell me!"

Also among the people in the backyard, was a man who owned 12 cadilliacs, a woman who wore rings on all her fingers, a woman with ruby earrings, and a host of others.

Angelica and Kimi had the time of their lives. They ate cupcakes, drank juice, and met lots of new people.

Finally, the ceremony which would make Kimi, Angelica, and Drew new members was being conducted.

Just as Gloria was about to finish, everyone heard a voice.

"Kimi! Angelica! We're here!"

Everyone turned their heads.

Walking across the grass were the other Rugrats, along with Charlotte.

"Are we late?" asked Chuckie.

"Uh no" said Kimi, "you're actually early."

"Ewww!" said Gloria. "Do not tell me you actually invited those things over!"

"But those are my friends" said Kimi.

"And that's my mother!" said Angelica.

"That's my wife!" said Drew.

"Well I don't care!" said Gloria. "You've all forgotten the number one rule about social gatherings:no commoners allowed!"

"But, but..." started Kimi.

Suddenly, everyone heard a voice.

"Alright, nobody move! This is a holdup!"

Three men wearing masks appeared.

"What did they say?" asked Gloria.

"Stick'em up and you won't get hurt!" said Kimi.

Everyone rose their hands as the thieves proceeded to rob them. They even took the necklace around Kimi's neck.

With their guns still drawn, the thieves slowly began to back away.

"Come on everybody!" said Kimi, "we can stop those crooks! Charge!"

"And soil our hands?!" cried Gloria, "you've got to be kidding!"

"Never mind!" said Kimi. She turned to her friends. "Guys, get them!"

Phil, Lil, and Dil grabbed the red carpet across the lawn by one end and flapped it upward, sending one of the thieves flying.

Charlotte grabbed the plate of cupcakes and slammed it into the face of another thief, covering his face with icing.

Chuckie, Tommy, and Susie grabbed the crystal bowl of punch and tossed it onto the third thief, splashing him with juice.

The three thieves escaped, dropping the jewels behind.

Everyone cheered and took back their jewels. Kimi put the necklace back around her neck.

"Good work guys!" she said. She turned to Gloria. "See, my friends got the jewels back. I told you they were good friends."

"Yes Kimberly" said Gloria. "They're very nice. However, that doesn't qualify them to stay at this party."

"Why not?" asked Kimi.

"Because they're commoners!"

"Why you ungrateful snob!" said Kimi. "These are my friends! They may be common to you, but they have the common sense and the courage to do what's right! You and these people on the other hand are nothing but cowards!"

The social people gasped.

"How dare you!" said Gloria. She turned to Pierre and Anita. "You two can tell your granddaughter that as long as she has those people as her friends, she will never be one of us!"

"Why would I want to be like you?" said Kimi. "A bunch of greedy, spoiled, selfish, rotten pigs!"

The social people gasped again.

"All you people care about is money!" said Kimi. "You judge others only by their appearance, the way they dress, and their wealth no matter how good they are to you! What kind of people are you anyway!"

"I have to agree with Kimi here" said Angelica.

"How dare you speak to me that way you little punk!" said Gloria.

"Oh yeah?" asked Kimi. "Yeah, well, you're a weiner!"

"How rude!" said Gloria.

"And another thing!" said Kimi. She grabbed a nearby glass of grape wine. Before Gloria could react, Kimi tossed the liquid into her face.

"How dare you! You and your friend Angelica are both banned from this club, along with your children, and your children's children, and your children's children's children! You may have been born into a rich family, but you're nothing but a tramp!"

Kimi and her friends gasped.

"Now you listen here!" said Pierre, "that's my granddaughter you're talking too! Me and my wife will not tolerate this!"

"I have to agree with my husband" said Anita. "It is true that Kimi and her parents and friends are commoners, but they're something that's even more special; something that is even more precious than all the diamonds in the world -- they're family."

"So you're both taking her side?!" said Gloria, "well fine! You're both banned from this club as well! Now get off my property and don't come back, commoners!"

"Fine then!" said Kimi. She tore off her necklace. "I don't need this anymore! This is what caused all this in the first place!"

She tossed the necklace down and stomped on it, shattering the crystals. Then she and her friends left, along with Pierre and Anita.

As they drove home, Kimi said to her grandfather, "thanks for standing up for me."

"You're welcome" said Pierre.

"I guess this means you guys won't ever try to change the way I live" said Kimi.

Pierre and Anita chuckled. "Oh I don't know about that" said Pierre with a sly grin.

"Oh well" thought Kimi, "at least it's not as bad as being forced to join a group that judges people only by their wealth."

That night, Kimi went outside into the backyard, only to find everyone in the yard, shouting, "Suprise!"

Kimi could not believe what was going on.

Everyone had arranged for a special party for Kimi. Everyone was there, including her boyfriend Ken.

"This is a special party for you Kimi" said Kira. "To give you a class and status of your own."

"Like what?" asked Kimi. "I'm not rich or anything."

"Maybe not" said Chazz, "but at least unlike those other people, you have the ability to do what's right."

"Your father would be proud" said Kira.

"We all have that ability" said Drew. "Even though I love money, I love my family even more."

"What are we waiting for?" asked Stu. "Let's party!"

Everyone had a wonderful time. They had hamburgers and hotdogs, drank juice, had cupcakes, and finally, danced.

As Kimi prepared for bed later that night, she paused to look at the picture of her father which sat on her dresser.

"I may not be rich or have class dad" she said, "but I have wonderful friends and family. And that's the best status of them all!"

The End

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