Favorites & Rejects

By Laura Radatz

One day,when the babies were at Tommy and Dil's house, they found Tommy in a very bad mood. He didn't want to do anything and was no fun. "Tommy, what happened to you?", Chuckie asked. Tommy replied, "I'm sick of Dil! All my mommy and daddy care about is him! The only things they'll say to me are, 'Tommy! No!', 'Be quiet, Dil is sleeping.', 'Dil this', 'Dil that.' What am I, chopped slivers?"

Angelica then says, "Tommy, I think you're in trouble!" "Why?", Tommy asked. "Well, every family has a favorite kid. And now that your family has two kids, your mommy and daddy have to decide which one of you is the favorite. And it looks like Dil's the favorite and you're the reject!", Angelica explained.

"Well, I'll get my mommy and daddy to change their minds!", Tommy said.

He snuck out of the playpen, grabbed a jar of Dil's baby food, and flung it all over the room. Then,he smeared some on Dil's hands and lips so it would look like he did it. And then,he took Dil's baby lotion, handed it to him, hid behind the bouncer, and made Dil squirt it right at Didi's face!

"What on earth!", Stu gasped. "Oh, look at this mess!", Didi exclaimed. "Dylan Prescott Pickles, what has gotten into you?", Stu asked.

Just then, Tommy lost his balance and fell down, revealing himself. He was covered with lotion and baby food. "Tommy did this?", Didi asked. "Deed, I feel guilty; we have almost neglected Tommy!", Stu said.

"Aunt Didi, who is your favorite kid?", Angelica asked. "I love both Tommy and Dil equally," Didi replied.

Didi and Stu made sure they spent more time with Tommy.

The End

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