The Morph

By Kacie Boskey

Tommy and his friends were playing in the sandbox. Dil was in a bouncer nearby. Tommy, Phil, Lil and Chuckie thought it looked like a four-wheeled highchair. Of course, Angelica was also nearby, combing her doll, Cynthia. She was still angry at Dylan for grabbing her doll away from her.

"Should we take our kids sight-seeing this weekend?", Didi asked her husband, Stu. He wasn't sure about it. But, he agreed. They will go to a zoo to look at some animals.

Meanwhile, Lil was looking at something that was behind Dil. It was small, yet bigger than Angelica. It was at least the same size as Spike.

"Um, Tommy?,"Lil managed to say. Tommy replied,"What?" She said,"Does Dil have a giant reptile pet?" "No. But I do see it behind him!," He yelled.

Angelica was annoyed by all this yelling and talking. She ran over to the babies and started to yell at them. But before she could, she also saw the animal. Finally, he came into view. It was a dinosaur! It was a small sauropod with light brown, dark brown, and light peach colored skin. He seemed friendly because he was smiling.

"Please don't be afraid," the sauropod said. They were startled by this. "I am here to give one of you something very special. Is there a Tommy Pickles here?", he asked. Tommy and the others' mouths dropped. "H-how did you kno-o-ow m-m-my-y name?", he stammered. "I just know," he calmly said.

Angelica, although surprised, was a little ticked off. "Then, what's your name?", she demanded. "Littlefoot", Littlefoot said with a frown on his face.

"Well, what's this 'special' thing?", Chuckie asked. "Nevermind. Tommy, come here," Littlefoot said. Phil, Dil, Lil, Angelica, and Chuckie watched as Tommy approached the little dinosaur. Littlefoot held out a blue box."Touch it," he ordered. Tommy, shaking, touched one side of the box. He calmed down when he felt tingling in his hand. He removed his hand. "The power to change is in your flesh", Littlefoot explained. "Change?", all the kids said. "All you need to do is touch a creature to acquire its DNA pattern. Then through concetration and determination, you can become that creature", he continued. "Cool!", Tommy exclaimed. "There are three things I must tell you. Control the animal mind once you're morphed; don't stay in morph for more than two hours; and don't morph anything that you are allergic to",  he said.

"Why can't I stay in morph for more than two hours or morph anything I'm allergic to?", Tommy wondered. "You can't stay an animal for two hours because you'll be trapped. Unable to return to human form. You can't acquire anything that you're allergic to because you'll morph into that animal everytime you an emotion without your will-power", Littlefoot said. "Before I leave, acquire me", he continued. Tommy placed his hand on Littlefoot's head. He went into a trance. Tommy removed his hand quickly. "It is done. Good-bye", he said. As soon as he left, Tommy's friends were talking. Phil asked, "Can we see if this power works?" "I agree," Tommy's friends said at once. So Tommy thought about Littlefoot. His size. His shape. His scales. His color.

Angelica and Dil almost screamed, but didn't. Tommy was changing! His head became a little more square. His eyes became a different size and shape. His hands and feet broadened. Hard claws appeared on them. Light and dark brown and light brown scales covered his body.His body broadened. Finally, a thick, powerful tail appeared. Tommy looked at himself, shocked. "What happened?", he thought. "You morphed. That's what happened", Phil answered. "How'd you know what I thought?", Tommy wanted to know. "We heard it in our minds", Chuckie answered. "I think it's called thought-speak. You can thought-speak to us while in morph. And direct it,too",  Angelica explained. "Well, I better morph out before our mommies and daddies see me like this" Tommy thought-spoke. He, in a few minutes, morphed back into his original form. They continued on with what they were doing before Littlefoot showed up.

When Saturday arrived, Stu and Didi were excited and nervous. Their kids, Tommy and Dil, and their friends never been to a zoo before. When Tommy heard this, he knew it was a perfect opportunity to get more morphs. Stu invited

Betty, Howard, Drew, Charlotte, and Chaz to come along with their kids. So at 11:00 a.m., they left for the zoo, unaware that another dinosaur was following them. This dinosaur was much bigger than Littlefoot. He was a fierce Velociraptor! He was bright orange with a yellow chest and bellow. He also had some black stripes. He was the same color as a tiger. They arrived at the zoo about fifteen-twenty minutes later. About one hour later, Tommy had acquired a wolf, snake, lizard, squirrel, eagle, hawk, racoon, tiger, lion, bear, elephant, alligator, crocodile, cougar, cheetah, and a snow leopard.

The families rested near the cliff in the tourist trail in the woods. They all remembered how their kids got lost in the woods. They'd never let that ever happen to them again. The Velociraptor was nearby. He thought it was the perfect time to attack. He growled and hissed. "What was that?", Angelica whimpered. "It's okay,sweetie. It was probably just one of those wolves back there", Charlotte reassured her daughter. But she,too, was worried. Suddenly, a Velociraptor jumped out and in front of them! Everyone screamed. "Stu!Tommy's going toward that..that....thing!", Didi yelled. Tommy, with a frown on his face, stopped only a few feet from the dinosaur."Rrrrroooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!!!", the raptor roared loudly. Tommy just stood there. He focused his mind on the wolf.

Meanwhile, Stu and Didi called for Tommy. In fact, everyone in the three families called for him. "Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Come back!", everyone yelled.

Suddenly, Didi gasped in horror."What is it?", Betty asked. Didi only pointed. Then everyone gasped. Tommy was changing. His head was becoming dog-shaped. A bushy tail was emerging. Sharp teeth, claws, and a muscular body as well. Soon, Tommy was fully wolf. He leapt at the raptor. The battle seemed lasted for an half an hour and Tommy was winning!. But then, the Velociraptor held out one of his clawed hands and struck Tommy across the face. A red line appeared, stretching from the top of his eye brow to his neck. "Roooaaarrr!",

Tommy roared in pain. The Velociraptor then reared down his head and pushed Tommy in the chest. He fell down. unconscious. Suddenly, Dil started to bounce in his bouncer. He started to roll towards the dinosaur.

Dil fell out of his bouncer on landed on top of the Velociraptor's head! Dil yelped. Tommy regained consciousness. When he saw that his brother was in trouble, he jumped at the raptor. He pushed him out of the way and caught Dil on the back. The dinosaur came back, but slipped. They were too close the cliff. The raptor crashed into Tommy and Dil. The three stumbled over the edge. The others looked over. Tommy, Dil, and the raptor were unconscious.

But, the dinosaur woke up and went towards the brothers. Tommy woke up and started to fight the animal again. The Velociraptor finally gave up fifteen minutes later. Tommy dragged his brother, who now was awake, back up the cliff. He morphed out. Didi was so glad Tommy had saved Dil's life, she gave him an award. They decided to go home.

Tommy made the front page the next day. It was so cool. But Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Angelica decided not to morph ever again. Except when Tommy has to. And Tommy knew that his life will never be normal. He liked it.

The End

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