"Three's A Crowd"

by Sarah

One stormy morning, Tommy and Dil woke up at the sound of a heavy downpour of rain. During the night, Dil had snuck into Tommy's bed because he was scared of the storm. When they woke up, they couldn't get back to sleep so they went to their mommy and daddy's room, only to discover that their parents weren't there.

"C'mon Dil," said Tommy, "They must be up aready". By now Dil could speak to the babies so he answered "I'm ascared Tommy".

"So am I, but don't worry Dil I've been through a lot of storms and they can't hurt you," assured Tommy as he gave Dil a quick hug.

They trudged off downstairs hand in hand and saw that only Grandpa was up. They walked over to him and he picked them up and said, "Morning sprouts". As he took them to the kitchen for breakfast he said, "I haven't seen a storm like this in fifteen years. He then explained to them that their mommy was sick and went to the doctor with their daddy, but they will be back soon.

When Stu and Didi got home The DeVille's, The Finster's and the The Pickles were there dropping of Phil, Lil Chuckie and Angelica. Didi and Stu looked very excited and told everyone that they had an announcement to make. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked directly at Stu and Didi. After a moment of silence Didi exclaimed, "I'm pregnant, I'm having another baby". Every person in that room was silent, you could even hear a pin drop. Then, they all yelled out, "Congratulations!" (All except for Angelica that is) The babies knew nothing about any of this as they were in the living room. Angelica marched into the living room moodily.

"What are you so mad about Angelica," Asked Tommy.

"Well," answered Angelica, "I suppose I'd better tell you dumb babies the news".

"What news," said Chuckie.

"Yeah, tell us Angelica," yelled all of the babies together.

"OK OK I'll tell you, you don't have to yell," screamed Angelica, "The news is that Tommy and Dil's mommy is having another baby"

"What," Gasped all of the babies (except for Dil)

"Tommy," asked Dil tugging at Tommy's shirt, "What does that mean"

"Well, that means that our mommy and daddy are goin'a go the hopsical and buy a new baby and then we will have a new baby brother or sister," Explained Tommy.

"Oh," said Dil looking puzzled.

"But Tommy, what if the baby screams and cries all of the time like Dil did?" questioned Lil" Dil grinned at them (he had heard the story of when he was born many many times).

"Well guys," exclaimed Tommy, "We are just going to have to help my mommy and daddy to take care of the new baby, wheaver it's loud or not".

Nine months later

"So Didi, did you find out if the baby's gonna be a girl or a boy?" asked Betty Deville.

"Well, Lipchitz said it's definitely going to be a boy," said Didi.

"Ha! and you believe them after what happened last time," yelled Betty.

"Well (ha ha) Lipchitz knows best," said Didi.

During the night Didi woke Stu up.

"Stu," she gasped, breathing hard, "It's time, the baby's coming".

"OK lets get you to the hospital," said Stu hurriedly as they rushed downstairs.

They woke Grandpa and asked "Pop, can you look after Tommy and Dil".

"Sure, but why," asked Grandpa.

"Well," answered Stu "Didi's havin' the baby".

"Oh, and pop," warned Stu, "Don't fall asleep this time".

" Now don't you worry," said Grandpa, "Me and the sprouts `ll be just fine".

When they got to the hospital Didi was rushed to a room. She met Dr. Carmichael on the way who followed, ready to deliver the baby.

Ten minutes later Didi was nursing in her arms a beautiful baby girl.

"What's her name?" asked the nurse.

"Isabella Stephanie Pickles," answered Didi and Stu together.

Meanwhile, Grandpa had called all of their relatives and told them the news.

They were all at the hospital in no time.

"When can we see her?" Betty asked the doctor impatiently.

"Right now," answered the doctor.

They all gathered into the room (except for the kids, they were in a playpen looking very confused)

"She's beautiful," whispered Chaz.

"What is her name?" asked Charlotte.

"Isabella" answered Didi, "Izzy for short".

"Could somebody bring Tommy and Dylan in?" asked Didi, "I want them to meet their new baby sister". Stu gathered up all of the babies and took them into Didi's room, he placed Tommy and Dil on the bed with Izzy.

"Tommy, Dylan I'd like you to meet your new baby sister, her name is Isabella," said Didi.

Tommy just sat on the bed and watched, he didn't want to make the baby cry because then she'd never stop. Dil however didn't know what was going on and tried to get some attention from his mom. He crawled up towards Didi, but by doing so, he knocked Isabella's leg. She started to scream and cry and didn't stop. Didi quickly cuddled and rocked her. She didn't seem to notice the tears in Dil's eyes and his sad face.

Four days later Tommy, Dil and Grandpa were waiting for Didi to come back home from the hospital with Izzy. As Stu's car pulled up into the driveway, the two babies rushed over to the car. Didi got out holding Isabella, who was sleeping quietly.

Dil tugged on his mommy's dress which made the baby start screaming.

"No Dylan," cried Didi, "be careful for your new baby sister". At that moment Dylan started to cry. Grandpa quickly went over to Dil and picked him up.

"Now don't you worry sprout," screamed Grandpa over the baby's screams. Dil still continued to cry though.

Later that day Tommy and Dil were playing in their room. Dil was very upset and was still crying. Izzy was quiet though.

"C'mon Dil," said Tommy, "When you were born, this is esactly what happened to me when you came home". Dil stopped crying and looked up at Tommy.

"Well what did you do," asked Dil.

"Well," explained Tommy, "Then daddy gave me my sponsibility and I took care of you no matter what you did, and even more than my friends".

"But I was so so naughty though," said Dil, "Why did you help me instead of your friends".

"Because you're my little brother," replied Tommy, "And whatever you do, nothing can change that".

That night, Didi was saying goodnight To Tommy and Dil when Stu called from Isabella's room.

"Look Deed," he cried, "she's smiling". Then all the attention turned straight to Izzy and Didi quickly said goodnight to Tommy and Dil and rushed in to Izzy's room.

Dil started crying quietly. So Tommy let him sleep in his cot for the night.

"Don't worry Dil," whispered Tommy, "Mommy and Daddy love all of us the same, it's just that the new baby needs more attention and.............".

But no matter what Tommy said, he still cried. Dil cried himself to sleep and Tommy knew that Dil was going through exactly what he went through when Dil was born.

The next day, Phil,Lil, Chuckie and Angelica came over. Just as they walked in the door, Izzy started to scream.

"Oh! That loud baby," Angelica cried blocking her ears. Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Phil and Lil were in the playpen, ready to bust out. Isabella was sitting with them in her baby seat.

"OK guys," said Tommy, "Let's bust out of this playpen and go `sploring". Tommy reached into his diaper for his screwdriver but alas, it wasn't there.

"Look Tommy," said Dil, "Izzy has your scewdiver". Tommy looked at Izzy and in her hand she was holding the screwdriver. The babies walked over there to try and get it back.

"Ah, Izzy could you give us back the stewdriver," Tommy asked as he held out his hand, "Pwease". Izzy just pulled her hand (with the screwdriver in it) back. Dil grabbed the screwdriver from her and ran to the other side of the playpen. Tears were forming in Izzy's eyes and she started to scream again. Didi rushed into the room and saw that Dil had taken the screwdriver away from her.

"No Dil," said Didi, "Let Izzy play with the screwdriver". Didi took the screwdriver and gave it back to Izzy.

"There you go honey," Didi cooed. Dil was sitting in the corner looking very sad.

"Why does she get all the attention," yelled Dil, "It's always Izzy this, Izzy that and mommy never pays any attention to me".

"That's right Dil," said Angelica, "Soon your mommy and daddy aren't gonna notice you, they'll give Izzy all of your toys and put you in the basement to live". Dil looked scared and started to cry.

"That's not true Angelica," screamed Tommy, "Mommy and daddy love me, Dil and Izzy all the same and they always will no matter what!"

"That's what you think," said Angelica, "Oh and Dil, if I was you I'd go and pack some stuff and go down to the basement right now". Angelica ran off laughing.

"Dumb babies," she said quietly.

Dil started to gather up some toys, but Tommy quickly stopped him.

"What are you doing Dil?" questioned Tommy.

"Going to live in the basepent like Angelica said," replied Dil.

"Dil she is only prepending," said Tommy, "When you were born, this happened to me and I'm not living in the basepent". Dil looked at Tommy and the other babies and put the toys down.

"How are we going to get out of this playpen Tommy," asked Phil.

"Yeah, what if we're trapped in here forever," said Lil. Luckily, Tommy had and idea.

"Now guys," he whispered, "All's we gotta do, is make a big pile of toys and climb on them and jump over the playpen wall". So they did just that, and they all got out of the playpen.

"Yay," cried all of the babies.

"Now," said Tommy, "Let's go `sploring".

Just as they were all about to walk off, Izzy started to scream. Didi and Stu both rushed into the room.

"Kids, what are you doing," said Didi as she and Stu put them back in the playpen.

"Oh, she has to ruin everything," yelled Dil madly.

"Dil was pacing the floor when Izzy held out the screwdriver to him. Dil took it and said "Look guys, she gave us the stewdriver". The rugrats gave Izzy a hug and got out of the playpen. They then realised that Izzy wasn't that bad after all.

The End

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