The Tweenage Rugrats in "The Fight"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Tuesday afternoon. The school bus drove everyone home, dropping off the Rugrats at their homes.

Chuckie had a rough day at school and before he got on the bus. He had been teased and tormented by a bully. On top of all that, he had gotten into a fight with the bully. When he got onto the bus, his clothes were dirty, his shoes soiled, and his glasses broken.

Many kids applauded Chuckie as he climbed onto the bus. Kimi covered her mouth with her hands in shock. His friends and girlfriend Samantha were also shocked.

"Chuckie what happened to you?" asked Lil.

"I was in a fight" said Chuckie.

"Looking like that?" asked Dil. (rimshot)

"Who was it?" asked Tommy.

"Some boy named Clint Westwood" said Chuckie.

"I know him!" said Phil. "He was the boy who tormented me when I became involved with Lindsay!"

"I remember" said Lindsay.

"We have to get you to mom and dad!" said Kimi.

"I think a doctor would be better" said Susie.

At the Finster home, Chuckie sat at the kitchen table as Kira dabbed his face with a wet tissue and Chazz pulled off his shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. He also took off Chuckie's glasses and called an eye doctor to get a new pair.

"How is he?" asked Kimi as she entered.

"He's fine" said Chazz. "But we have to do something about these bruises."

"Is there anything I can do to help?" asked Kimi.

"Ow" said Chuckie. "That hurts."

"Hold still Chuckie" said Kira. "Kimi, could you get the first aid kid?"

"Sure mom" said Kimi. She went upstairs to the attic.

"So you got in a fight with Clint" said Chazz. "I never thought I would see the day when my own son would get into a fight."

"What was this fight about?" asked Kira.

"Me" said Kimi as she returned with the first aid kid.

"You?" asked Kira.

"Clint kept making passes at me during the day" said Kimi. "Chuckie stood up for me and he ended up getting a beating."

"Did you see what happened?" asked Chazz.

"No. I ran to the bus as quickly as possible" said Kimi.

"Chuckie I'm so proud of you" said Kira. "But you shouldn't fight."

"Maybe we should give Clint's mother a call" said Chazz.

"But then he'll beat me for tattling on him" said Chuckie.

"Yeah that's the worst" said Kimi.

A little later, Chuckie came into the garage. Kimi was waiting for him.

"What is this about Kimi?" he asked.

"Chuckie, I'm going to teach you self defense for when you get in a fight again" said Kimi.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Chuckie.

"It's called helping" said Kimi.

"Yeah?" asked Chuckie, "well what for?"

"Sometimes Chuckie, people help each other out. That goes for siblings too."

Kimi placed a small wooden board on top of two bricks.

"It's a good thing I know martial arts."

She proceeded to karate chop the board in half.

"Now you try" she said as she placed another board on the bricks.

Chuckie stood before the table. Then he karate chopped the board.

There was a small cracking sound.

"I guess there's only pain, when you don't break the board" said Chuckie.

Just then Chazz came in.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Kimi's teaching me martial arts" said Chuckie.

"Kimi, I don't want you teaching your brother how to fight" said Chazz. "Look at what happened to him today."

"Sorry dad" said Kimi.

"Chuckie, if you really want to stop this bully from picking on you, just do what I did when I had a bully problem" said Chazz. "Years ago, when I was your age, a certain girl teased me all the time. She would put gum on my seat at school, squirt me with the water fountain, and sometimes pull my hair. Then, my father told me to just ignore her. And I did, she never bothered me again. Twenty years later, I met her again."

"What happened?" asked Chuckie.

"One year later, she became your mother."

Kimi started laughing. "You got teased by your first wife? Ha! That's a laugh riot!"

"Just do what I do son" said Chazz.

"Ok" said Chuckie. "I'll do it!"

The next day, Chuckie and Kimi came home from school as always. Chuckie was in an even more battered state than yesterday.

"Chuckie what happened?" asked Chazz.

"I tried to do what you told me dad, but he was standing on my back."

Kira and Chazz took Chuckie into the kitchen and began to apply first aid.

"Maybe I should consider giving Clint's father a call" said Chazz.

Just then, Kimi came into the kitchen.

"Save your dialing finger dad, she's not home. She's at work at the office."

"Who told you that?" asked Chazz.

"Clint's father. I told him to come over to speak to you about Clint."

"That's great Kimi!" said Chazz. "I was just thinking of doing that."

A little later, there was a knock on the front door. Chazz opened it, outside was a man about Chazz's age. He was bald with a brown mustache.

"Hi, Mr. Westwood," said Chazz. "Please come in."

The man came into the living room. "You wanted to speak to me about Clint?" he asked.

"Yes" said Chazz. "He's been picking on my son lately."

"Uh huh" said Clint's father. "Big deal."

"Huh?" asked Chazz.

"So what if kids fight?" asked Clint's father, "they fight all the time."

"But fighting is wrong" said Kira.

"Speaking of fighting Kira, yesterday afternoon, Kimi was teaching Chuckie martial arts."

"I never should have let my dad give Kimi lessons" said Kira.

"Fighting is good" said Clint's father. "It builds strength, self esteem, confidence!"

"Not to mention medical insurance" said Kimi. (rimshot)

"So you're my son's girlfriend" said Clint's father.

"Am not!" said Kimi. "Your son was making passes at me yesterday in school. I don't even like him!"

"Well then...I'd better give him some glasses. Girls like offense four eyes."

"Ha ha" said Chazz, "four eyes. That joke gets really lame. Melinda used to call me that back in school. Of course, she was just teasing."

"Hey, my son told me your son threw the first punch."

"Well that's because he's been teasing my daughter" said Chazz.

"Chuckie, could you come in here please?" asked Kira.

Chuckie came into the living room.

"I'd like you to meet Chuckie" said Kira. "He's the boy your son has been picking on."

"Is that the kid that gave my kid the black eye?"

Everyone was suprised.

"You gave Clint a black eye?" asked Chazz.

"Way to go brother!" said Kimi.

"All I'm trying to do, is to get our kids not to fight" said Chazz.

"Like I told you before, fighting is good" said Clint's father. "So why should I worry about your goofy son."

Chazz opened the front door. "I'd like you to leave now" he said.

"Why don't you make me?" said Clint's father.

"You asked for it!" said Chazz as he grabbed Clint's father by the back of his suit and shoved him out the door.

Outside, Clint's father crashed into the trash cans.

Chazz could not believe what he had just done.

"Way to go four eyes!" cheered Kimi.

"Chuckie, in spite of what you've seen, fighting is wrong. So from now on, don't fight" said Chazz.

"You got it dad" said Chuckie.

The next day, Clint left Chuckie entirely alone. After all, he now knew that Chuckie's dad sent him to the hospital the previous day.

As for Chuckie, he never got into a fight ever again for the rest of his life.

The End

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