The Tweenage Rugrats In: "Clued In"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Thursday afternoon at the Finster's household. The Rugrats were playing "Clue". Susie was babysitting, while Dil was doing his homework. There would be no school tomorrow.

Tommy was Professor Plum, Chuckie was Mr. Green, Phil was Colonel Mustard, Angelica was Miss Scarlet, Kimi was Mrs. White, and Lil was Mrs. Peacock. It was Tommy's turn.

"Ok" said Tommy. "I think Professor Plum did it in the Study with the Wrench!"

He opened the envelope and took out three cards. One was of Professor Plum, the second had the Wrench, while the third had the Study.

"I win" said Tommy. "Let's play again!"

So they started a new game.

Meanwhile, Chazz was going through the mail when he came across an interesting package. It was an envelope with a gold seal. He opened it up and read it.

Dear Mr. Finster,

I would like to invite you, your family, and friends to personally spend the weekend at my mansion, along with my other friends. I'm sure you already know them. They used to work at your wife's inlaw's ettique school. Please be here at about 4:00 p.m tomorrow afternoon.

Reginald Boddy

Meanwhile in the living room, the kids continue to play the board game.

"Well I say Mrs. White did it in the Ball Room with the Candlestick!" said Angelica. She opened the envelope and took out the three cards.

"I win" she said.

So they started a new game.

Soon the kids were almost done their third game.

"I'll say it was Mrs. Peacock in the Dining Room with the Revolver" said Kimi. She opened the envelope. "I win."

By the time it was time for supper, they had all won one game. Chazz and Kira invited them and their parents to stay for dinner.

"Everyone, guess what?!" said an excited Chazz.

"What?" asked everyone.

"Do you know Mr. Boddy?"

"Yes" said Didi. "He took us out for dinner one night."

"That was after Pierre was sent to prison" said Kira.

"Well I got a letter from him today" said Chazz. "And he is inviting us to spend the weekend at his mansion!"

Everyone was excited. So they all agreed to go.

The next day, everyone got into the van and drove off into the countryside to another small town in the state. Finally, they drove past the iron gates leading to a large mansion.

"There it is!" said Chazz. "Let's get our stuff unpacked!"

After Chazz stopped the car, they climbed out and grabbed their bags and went to the front door.

Chazz rang the doorbell.

The door opened. In the doorway was a woman dressed as a maid.

"Good afternoon!" she said. "Please come in! Mr. Boddy is expecting you! The other guests will soon arrive."

As everyone entered, the maid continued to speak.

"It is a great pleasure to see you all!" she said. Then, without anyone noticing, she frowned and muttered, "it would be an even greater pleasure not to see any of you!"

She smiled again. "I'll go call the host."

She went into another part of the mansion.

"Sir, the guests are here!"

She came back into the Hall. "He's coming" she said.

Soon, Mr. Boddy came into the Hall to meet the guests.

"Hello" he said. "I'm sure you all know me. I'm Reginald Boddy, the state's richest man."

"But I thought I was the state's richest man!" said Drew.

"Obviously, the press hasn't heard about me" said Mr. Boddy. "But I wouldn't want any reporters here. If people found out how rich I was, they'd be after my personal belongings and fortunes."

"When are the other guests coming?" asked Chazz. "You know, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, and Mrs. White?"

"I'm already here" said the maid. "I work here remember? I'm Mrs. White!"

"Quite right" said Chazz.

"Once the other guests arrive" said Mr. Boddy, "Mrs. White will prepare a delicious meal for all of you along with my other friends."

"Great" Mrs. White muttered, "more dishes to do!"

She smiled innocently. "Very good sir!"

"Mrs. White, would you please take their bags to their rooms?" asked Mr. Boddy.

"Trash" muttered Mrs. White.

Unfortunately, everyone heard her.

"Uh, there's lots of trash to take out in the morning" she assured them.

"Now Mrs. White, take their bags to their rooms" said Mr. Boddy.

"Very good sir!" said Mrs. White.

Then, everyone heard her say "very good sir!" again. But Mrs. White never moved her lips.

Mrs. White reached into the pocket of her apron and took out a tape recorder and pressed "stop".

"Whoops!" she said innocently.

She put the tape recorder back into her pocket. "Let me take your bags!" she said.

So Mrs. White took their bags upstairs to one of the several guest rooms. It took her an hour to finally finish. By now, Mr. Boddy was with the Rugrats and their parents in the Lounge. They were doing a jigsaw puzzle.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

"Mrs. White!" called Mr. Boddy, "could you get that?"

"Yes. It would be my pleasure!" said Mrs. White. Then she mouthed, "not!"

She opened the front door in the hall. Outside stood a man dressed in a yellow suit with a monocle over one of his eyes. He carried a black briefcase.

"Why hello Colonel Mustard" said Mrs. White. "Let me take your bag."

But as she reached for it, Colonel Mustard pulled out the Revolver from his suit pocket and fired several shots into the air, startling Mrs. White.

Mr. Boddy and the Rugrats and their families came into the Hall.

"You're lucky those were only warning shots!" said Colonel Mustard. "I have no intention of losing my bag to a thief!"

Mrs. White was puzzled. "Thief?"

"Calling me a thief?! I challenge you to a duel!"

"Colonel" said Mr. Boddy, "you called her a thief."

"Disagreeing with me?! I challenge you to a duel too!"

"Colonel, please, put the gun away" said Mr. Boddy. "We have other guests here. You may put your bag upstairs."

As Colonel Mustard went upstairs, the doorbell rang again. When Mrs. White answered it, she saw a woman with black hair and dressed in a red dress and red shoes.

"Well if it isn't the flirtatious Miss Scarlet" said Mrs. White.

"Please take my bags upstairs" said Miss Scarlet. "I almost broke a nail bringing them here."

Mrs. White and the other guests were shocked at the huge pile of luggage

"Miss Scarlet, I think you've overpacked" said Mr. Boddy.

"But I have to bring lots of clothing to wear" said Miss Scarlet. "I also had to bring my makeup kit, my nail polish, and..."

"We get the picture!" said Tommy. "Geez you're even worse than Angelica."

"Insulting a beautiful woman?!" demanded Miss Scarlet as she pulled the wrench out of her purse. "No one insults me and gets away with it! I'll have you know that the last person who insulted me was knocked into a permanent coma!"

"Miss Scarlet!" said Mr. Boddy. "Do not threaten our guests!"

He calmed down. "You will help Mrs. White carry your bags."

"But I'll break a nail!" whined Miss Scarlet.

"It's ok" said Betty, "we'll help!"

It took twenty minutes to carry half of Miss Scarlet's bags upstairs. Just then, the door opened. In came a woman in a peacock blue gown.

"Pardon me" she said, "but I'll have you know that it's very rude to keep your guests waiting out the door after they've rung the doorbell."

"Sorry Mrs. Peacock" said Mr. Boddy. "It's just that we're having a hard time carrying Miss Scarlet's bags up to her room."

"Miss Scarlet bringing lots of luggage? Even ruder! However, it's not rude to lend a helping hand. While you're at it, please take my bag upstairs too."

Mrs. Peacock pitched in to help. Finally, ten minutes later, they finished.

"Man I'm sweating!" said Dil.

"You're not the only one" said Kimi who rubbed the sweat off her forehead.

"Good thing I brought my deoderant" said Chuckie.

Just then, the doorbell rang. When Mrs. White answered it, she saw a man dressed in a green suit with black shoes. He wore a green hat.

"Now that's what I call dressing!" she said.

"Salad dressing that is!" joked Dil.

The man frowned. "Please don't insult me or I'll..."

As he spoke, he pulled out a silver Candlestick.

"You'll what?!" asked Mrs. White as she pulled out the Lead Pipe from her apron.

"Please! No fighting!" said Mr.Boddy. "Mr. Green, let Mrs. White take your bag."

Mr. Boddy handed his suitcase to Mrs. White.

Finally, the last guest arrive an hour later. Outside stood a guest dressed in a purple suit and tie. He was wearing glasses and smoking a cobpipe. The rope was holding up his pants.

"Professor Plum!" said Mrs. White. "Please come in. Also, let me get you a decent belt."

"Thank you" said Professor Plum. "But I forget why I'm here."

"Mr. Boddy invited you and the others" said Mrs. White.

"Oh that's right" said Professor Plum. "Now I remember...I think."

A little later that afternoon, the guests were in the Dining Room. Mrs. White was in the kitchen preparing a fancy meal for the guests.

Back in the Dining Room, all was silent as the guests waited patiently.

Suddenly, the silence was broken.

"Really Mr. Green!" said Mrs. Peacock. "Reading at the table is very rude indeed!"

Mr. Green, who was reading the newspaper said "I've got some news for you! Dinner isn't served yet!"

A confused Professor Plum took one end of the newspaper. "It says in the newspaper that dinner isn't served yet? How odd!"

"Put that paper away!" said Mrs. Peacock. "If you know what's good for you!" She took the knife out of her gown.

"Please! No fighting!" said Mr. Boddy. "Soon, Mrs. White's meal will be ready and we can all eat in peace."

Suddenly, there was the sound of an explosion. It seemed to come from the Kitchen.

Moments later, Mrs. White came in, her clothes covered in soot.

"Dinner's going to be a little late" said said. And she went back to the kitchen.

What happens to the Rugrats during their visit at Mr. Boddy's mansion? Remember the basic "Clue" info:

  • Mr. Green is a bully

  • Colonel Mustard is always challenging people to a duel

  • Mrs. Peacock is always saying "how rude!"

  • Professor Plum is very forgetful

  • Miss Scarlet is vain

  • Mrs. White secretly has a negative attitute about everyone

Also remember that Mr. Boddy is never a suspect in any wrong doing.

To Be Continued

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