The Tweenage Rugrats In:
"Metal-Mouth Angelica"

By Arasin Hughes & Steve Mindykowski

It's the fourth Friday in the school year for kids at Jim Jr. Jr. High. Today, they are having a fall carnival for the students.

"The doctor said that since my teeth are already straightened I can get them taken off tomorrow so that since it hurts so much when they get taken off I won't have to skip school," Chuckie said.

"Cool!" Tommy said.

"Only one more day for Finster to be a geek!" Angelica said.

That same day at Angelica's House...

"No way," Angelica whined, "I am NOT getting braces!"

Charlotte said, "Angelica, you need them. Most of your teeth are crooked. I already scheduled your appointment for tomorrow so you don't have to skip school."

Angelica whined, "But can't you schedule it for a school day? I want to skip school for two days in a row!"

Charlotte responded, "Angelica! You need your education for when you get up to high school. And tomorrow you might even see Chuckie without his braces before anyone else. You are going and that is final!"

The next day in the waiting room at the dentist's office, Angelica was waiting with Charlotte. Shortly after their arrival, Chuckie left the examination room, without his braces on his teeth. When Angelica saw him, her mouth dropped open. She saw Chuckie with out his braces! He looked different than normal.

"Hi Angelica! I didn't know you were going to be here!" Chuckie said.

"Chuckie? Is that you?" Angelica asked.

Chuckie said, "You bet! I can't wait 'till I get to go out with Samantha next Friday!"

Then he whispered, "I heard you are getting braces!"

Kimi said, "Chuckie? What did you say? I didn't hear you. Well, let's go home, Chuckie."

"Good luck with the braces, Angelica!" Chuckie said.

Chuckie, Kimi, and their dad left.

Angelica growled

The orthodontist, Dr. Homer, then asked Angelica to step into his examination room. Angelica walked in and sat down in the chair.

Dr. Homer looked at her teeth and said to Charlotte, "Oh, you are right! She does need braces!"

"OK, But I have a question for you. How much will this cost?" Charlotte asked Dr. Homer.

"Only $50.49 because you and Drew have been here a long time so now is an perfect time for a discount," Dr. Homer said.

They started working on Angelica's teeth, and were done an hour later.

On the way home, they went to Sears to get Angelica a dress to wear Monday for school photos. She got a dark blue dress that she loved.

Angelica said, "Mom, I love this new dress you got me! I just know that everyone will love it at school. Everyone will like it on me because of my braces!"

Later on that night Angelica was talking to Samantha on the phone.

"So, Angelica how's your new braces?" Samantha asked.

"They look so awesome with all my new things for school! They don't even hurt!", Angelica said.

A beep sounded on the line.

Uh, Sam, could you hold on for a sec? Someone is on the other line," Angelica said.

She switched to another line.


"Hey It's me, Kimi! I just wanted to know how your braces feel."

Angelica's said, "Oh hi, and it hurts! Anyway, got to go -- Sammy's on the other line."

"Bye!" Kimi said.

Angelica returned to Kimi on the original line.

Angelica said, "I'm back! That was Kimi"

Then Kimi picked up the phone and heard their discussion.

"Hey did you hear something? Oh well, Kimi is such a brat and a little kid! Do you know any way to get rid of her?" Angelica asked Samantha.

"Of course! Be mean to her!" Samantha said.

Kimi was puzzled! She had been friends with Angelica since she was in diapers!

Kimi said to herself, "I'm definately going to see if she is going to be mean, and if she is, then I'm gonna really be mean to her even if she is nice. Then I will see who the little kid is!"

Angelica and Samantha heard another click on the line.

"Sam, I think the ten year old terror listened in again!" Angelica moaned.

"Theresa Amelia Shane! Get down here this instant!" Samantha screamed.

"Gotta go Angelica, I need to lecture my little sister."

"OK, bye!" Angelica hollered, as Samantha was already yelling.

They hung up.

Then Charlotte came up to her room carrying a smoothie.

"Hi honey. Would you like a smoothie?", Charlotte said.

Saying with a straight, pained face, Angelica said, "Sure mom. My Braces hurt so badly. I guess I'll have to stay home from school for a few days."

Charlotte responded, "No, you need your education as I said before. And tomorrow you get your school photos taken. Anyway its almost 10PM - you should be getting ready for bed."

"OK, I guess," Angelica said.

After her mother left, Angelica got dressed in her pajamas, wrote in he diary, then went to sleep.

She dreamt that the town was flooded, and when she woke up the worst thing happened... she wet the bed!

She had no time to tell her mom and dad; she was already late for school!

So she changed into the clothes for the pictures, rushed down stairs, ate a couple of pieces of toast, and told her parents that they needed to go to Tommy and Dil's house in a hurry.

When they got inside Tommy and Dil's, she found out she was early, so she started to see which dresses and outfits were the best, not including her's.

Then she saw Chuckie and Kimi come in.

She was about to take Samantha's advice when Kimi, in her new blue sparkly spaghetti strap tank and skirt, walked by her pointing her nose up in the air.

Dil saw that too. He and Kimi walked on the bus laughing and talking.

Angelica went to the back of the bus where Samantha was sitting. She smiled and Samantha frowned and asked

"How long do you have those braces on for?"

"2.5 years," Angelica answered

"Go sit some where else... our friendship is over!"

Angelica went and sat in a empty seat and started crying softly.

"Tommy, Angelica isn't with Samantha," Phil said.

"Yeah!" Lil answered.

"She isn't, is right! And she is crying!" Tommy said.

Alarmed, Angelica said, "I didn't like Kimi on the line with Samantha. I guess Samantha didn't like my braces!"

"Off to school kids! Have a good day," Grandpa Lou said.

"Angelica it looks like you were crying!" Kimi said, while laughing.

Angelica kicked her hard in the shins.

Later, it was time for school pictures in the gym.

Next!", the photographer said.

It was Angelica's turn.

He told Angelica, "Now look into the lens and smile."

After he took her picture, he said, "Perfect!"

A bunch of girls giggled.

They went and had a restroom break. While Angelica was putting on make-up in front of a mirror, Lil and Kimi walked in. Kimi walked in front of Angelica and yelled, "Get rid of me, humm? I can't believe you! I've been friends with you since I threw your Cynthia doll on on the roof of the old play house! What do I have to do to get you back? Throw your Emica CD on the playhouse? I hate you! I Hate you Angelica C. Pickles! What kind of friend are you? Huh? Huh?"

Then Kimi started to cry.

"You should be ashamed, Angelica!" Lil scolded.

"Kimi, i'm sorry. It's just... I wanted to be so much like Sam, and well, she doesn't like any 6th graders. Now i'm not friends with her. Kimi please forgive me," Angelica explained.

Then she walked out of the restroom.

"Angelica! I forgive you!" Kimi told Angelica when she caught up to her.

" What? After I said I wanted to get rid of you?" Angelica said.

"Yes! And I promise I won't ever going to tease you about your braces ever," Kimi promised.

Lil said, "But what about Samantha? She is one of Chuckie's friends, you know."

Kimi said, "I'll talk to Chuckie and see if he can talk to Samantha. If she wants to be friends with Chuckie, she'll also have to be friends with Angelica, too!"

To Be Continued

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