Rugrats SquarePants

By Nicky Kozma

(illustrations by the author)

(Note: SpongeBob SquarePants is a popular Nicktoon series created by Steve Hillenberg, who recently cancelled the series, in order to take a break from animation.)

Tommy, Dil, Chuckie, Kimi & their parents went to the beach.

Chuckie: What will we do?

Before someone could answer Stu said-

Stu: Here is scuba diving outfits and cords so you will be attached to my beach plug.

Tommy: What are these things?

Kimi: My mommy showed me this already. They are stuff to scuba dive.

Dil: Divey. Divey.

Tommy: Let's put it on!

Kimi: Yeah!

Dil: Yesy! Yesy!

Chuckie: I don't know you guys. What if we get eaten by a shark?

Tommy: They are attached to here.

They scuba dived.

Dil: Biki Butt!

Kimi: I'm hungry. I see a pineapple!

Dil: Nummy! Nummy!

Tommy: Lets go there!

They went there.

Kimi: It has a window?

Tommy: Let's see what's inside.

They went in. SpongeBob woke up.

SpongeBob: Who are you people?

Tommy: I'm Tommy, my friends Chuckie & Kimi & my little brother Dil.

SpongeBob: I'd like to show you some people too.

Tommy: Who?

SpongeBob: Here's my pet snail gary.

SpongeBob and the rugrats go next door.

SpongeBob: Here is my neighbor Squidward.

Squidward: Get these THINGS away from my house.

They went to next door.

SpongeBob: Here's one of my best friends - Patrick.

Patrick: Hi SpongeBob! Hi SpongeBob's friends!

They went to Sandy's treedome.

SpongeBob: Here's my land friend - Sandy.

Sandy: Howdy SpongeBob! Howdy little land critters!

SpongeBob: Now I have 5 friends from land!

They went to the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob: Here's Mr. Krabs.

Mr. Krabs: Ahoy SpongeBob and little land lubbers!

SpongeBob: 3:00! I got to count the sesame seeds on the krabby patties!

Tommy: What's a krabby patty?

SpongeBob: Something everybody loves! Try one?

Tommy: Great!

SpongeBob: How about a jelly patty?

Tommy: Okay.

SpongeBob: How do you think of it?

Tommy: Even better!

Chuckie: I feel something.

SpongeBob: I'll hang on to you!

Tommy: Let's go up guys!

Sooner or later.

Tommy: We reached the surface!

SpongeBob: Good thing I have a water helmet collection!

Stu: Who are you?

SpongeBob: I'm SpongeBob.

Kira: Pleased to meet you.

Chazz: Yeah.

Didi: Yes.

Stu: It's time for lunch, sports!

SpongeBob: I have a better way to give them lunch.

Didi: Before you ask, I'm Didi, he's Stu, he's Chazz & she's Kira.

SpongeBob: Bye Didi, Stu, Chazz, & Kira! What are you waiting for Tommy, Chuckie, Dil & Kimi?

As SpongeBob & the babies went back in, an iceberg floated across the ocean.

Chazz: Uh-oh.

At SpongeBob's living room...

News Fish on TV: Ahem! There is snow all over Bikini Bottom, Rock Bottom, Tentacle Acres, & Ukelele Bottom! Every store & restaurant is closed,The onbly place not snowing is in Jellyfish Fields! Ek!

Gary, SpongeBob pet snail, meows as he jumps.

At jellyfish fields...

SpongeBob: Ah, Jellyfish Fields... (gasp) ... it's the rare Peanutbutterfish! (faints)

Tommy: C'mon, you guys!

SpongeBob: PB&J sandwiches, woo-hoo!


SpongeBob: Now we only need 10 pieces of bread!

Chuckie: Please cut the crust off for me.

SpongeBob: I can do it with just a karate chop!

Tommy: Cut Dil's crust off, too.

A rain cloud comes by and rains bread.

SpongeBob: It's a miracle!


SpongeBob: Ahh... ...the wonderful taste of naturual jelly, peanut butter, & bread combined.

Tommy: My suit is running out of air.

SpongeBob: We're near Sandy's treedome.

They ran there quickly. They entered the treedome.

Tommy: Ahh... air!

Later on, at night, SpongeBob prepares to leave.

SpongeBob: Well, bye!

Tommy: I guess I'm sleeping here tonight.

Chuckie, Dil & Kimi: We're staying with him!

SpongeBob left the treedome.

Tommy: Let's go in this tree.

Sandy: What are you doing here, land critters?

Chuckie: Staying here for the night.

Sandy: I'll get some videos, I have a visitor section.

Kimi: I'll watch anything.

Tommy & Chuckie: Reptar!

Sandy: I have plenty of those!


Sandy: Time to go to bed!

To Be Continued

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