Rugrats Meet CatDog

By Kacie Boskey

(Note: CatDog is a Nicktoon series created by Rich Hannan.)

It was a beautiful, sunny day. The Rugrats were out in the backyard playing. Susie was showing the babies her new doll house. Angelica was a little too busy trying  to get some cookies from the picnic table.

"Wow! This is really neat!," Tommy said.

"Yeah, it is. My mommy gave it to me," said Susie.

"Neat!" yelled Phil and Lil.

Dil, who was in his little bouncer, spotted something. He grabbed Cynthia. Angelica saw this and ran up to Dil.

"Hey! Give back my Cynthia!" Angelica demanded.

She grabbed Cynthia and struggled to pull her back.

"Mine!" Dil  insisted.

Susie ran to stop the fight.

"Stop! Stop, you guys!", she screamed.

"Stay out of this, Susie!" Angelica told her.

Suddenly, there was a blue, glowing, swirling wind. It appeared just behind Angelica. Dil, startled  and surprised, let go of Cynthia.

Angelica screamed as she flung backward into the strange hole.

"Angelica!", Susie and the babies yelled. "Come on! We gotta help her!", Susie and Tommy said.

"Why?", Phil and Lil wanted to know.

"Ah, come on!", Tommy replied.

The five babies and the 3 year-old leaped into the hole. Spike barked and leaped in with them.

"Spike!" the kids said.

The Rugrats & Spike screamed as they went around in circles. Just then, they finally came to a stop.

"Where are we?", Chuckie whimpered.

"I don't know," Tommy responded.

They found they were in front of a really weird house. It was half bone and half fish on a huge hill. There were some trees and bushes. Not a whole lot, though. The door to the  house squeaked as if someone were opening it.

"Ahhhh! Someone's opening the door!", Chuckie screamed.

Angelica declared, "Someone, or something,"

Phil spotted something. A big, old tree!

"Come on! We can hide behind here!", Phil yelled to the others.

Susie, Angelica, and the babies came and hid behind the tree. They didn't dare look to see who  was coming out. The door handle jiggled open.

"Dog, we're not playing fetch and that's final!", Cat- yelled at -Dog.

"Ah, come on, Cat-," asked -Dog.

Cat- held out a small ball and through it towards the tree, saying, "Oh, look at it bounce."

-Dog ran after the ball. He chased it on the other side of the tree.

"I think the toast is clear," Lil whispered.

-Dog wanted to go around the tree to see something. Tommy and Dog peered from the side of the tree. They screamed when they saw each other.

-Dog said, "Cat-! There's a baby behind the tree!"

"Oh, right. I guess the next thing is 'there is a dinosaur behind the tree," Cat- mocked.

"Cat-, I'm telling the truth," -Dog insisted.

"Tommy, why'd you scream?", Susie asked.

He responded, "There's a dog out there. With brown spots and a blue nose."

The kids stepped from the side of the tree, revealing themselves.

"Yah!", Cat- yelped.

-Dog was right. The children came face to face with the strangest looking animal they've seen. Part cat, part dog.

"Who-who-who are you?" Angelica asked.

"That's what I was gonna ask you!", -Cat said.

"My name's -Dog; this is my big brother, Cat-!", -Dog responded.

"Hi! I'm Tommy. These are my friends, Susie, Phil, Lil and Chuckie. This is my older cousin, Angelica and this is my little brother, Dil."

"Hello," everyone said.

Spike barks.

"Who's that?", Cat- asked.

"This is Spike, my dog," Tommy told him.

Cat- asks, "Does he chase cats?"

"No, he's a good dog; he once adopted a whole litter of kittens." said Chuckie.

CatDog invited the kids to come inside.

"So, you say you're not from around here?", Cat- asked."

That's right," Tommy said.

-Dog and Spike were busy getting to know each other.

Susie told CatDog, "This all started when Angelica and Dil were fighting over a doll."

"We weren't fighting!", Angelica yelled.

"It sure looked like fightin' to me," Phil muttered under his breath.

Cat- declared, "You guys better get out of here because of the Greasers."

Chuckie, afraid, asked, "Wh-who are-are the Greasers?"

Cat- responded, "They're a group of 3 dogs -- two boys and one girl. They're mean.Really mean."

But, it was too late. The Greasers rang the doorbell yelling," Come out, Cat-butt!!!"

The kids looked at Cat-.

"It's them!", he wined.

"We said, 'open up!!!!'", the Greasers yelled.

But, to everyone's amazment, the Greasers screamed and ran away.

Before anyone could celebrate, Tommy asked, "Why did they ran away?"

"Why?", CatDog asked.

"Because when monkeys ran away before getting us, we did not know why until we saw a snarling wolf on the bridge!", he said.

"A wolf?", -Dog asked.

"Yes," Lil insisted.

Suddenly, everyone saw Spike whimper and looking outside. Before they knew it, small dinosaurs ran the walls, with a big mouth after them. A T.Rex!

"Ahhhhhh!!!!", everyone screamed and ran with the dinosaurs.

When they were in a safe spot, the dinosaurs introduced themselves.

"The name's Littlefoot," Littlefoot announced, "and these are my friends : Cera, Petrie, Ducky, and Spike."

"Spike? I have a dog named Spike!", Tommy said, surprised.

"What's your name?", Cera wanted to know.

"I'm Tommy. These are my friends: CatDog, Susie, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil. That's Angelica, my cousin. And this is my brother, Dil."

Afterwards, Littlefoot told them how to get rid of the flesh-eater. For about a minute or two, Littlefoot told everyone what to do. They went to a cliff that had deep water below. Ducky went to distract the Tyrannosaurus while Petrie waited for his time to whistle and the others ready topush the rock down. Ducky screamed as the big animal slid with his jaws open. The two went into the water.

"Ducky!", everyone yelled.  Petrie whistled.

"Push, you guys! Push with all your might!", Littlefoot ordered.

They all started to push. Suddenly, the T.Rex crashed into the cliff, with Ducky unconscious on its snout.

Tommy screamed as he fell down on top of the animal's mouth. Petrie flew down and attacked the hunter's eyes. Roaring in pain, the T.Rex scratched its eye and leaped onto the big rock. Cat- and Littlefoot yelled in horror. Ducky jumped off to help push. But not Tommy. He was trying to hang on the creature's nose. Cera leaped over her friends and collided into the rock in midair. The rock slipped. The Tyrannosaurus roared as it fell. Tommy struggled to climb on the nose to jump. Petrie tried to fly away. But, the creature's jaws snapped shut. Tommy's blue shirt and Petrie's legs got stuck in its mouth. They fell back.

"Heeeellllllllllp!!!!!", they cried.

But, the rock hit the carnivore's belly. They plunged into the deep water. Littlefoot dove in and pulled the two back up. After a few hours, they went home.

"Maybe we'll see each other again one day,"  Cat- said.

Tommy and his friends stepped into the blue hole and went home.

"There you are. It's time for your nap," Didi said.

She had no idea that the kids were gone.

The End

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