Tommy's Scar

By Kacie Boskey

It was a lovely day. Tommy and his friends were playing in the kitchen. They didn't seem to notice that a glass was on the table."How are we gonna get the cookies,Tommy?", Chuckie asked. "We could pile on top of each other", Tommy responded. So, the babies did so. Phil and Lil on the bottom, then Chuckie, then Tommy, and finally, Tommy's brother, Dil. But before Dil could reach the jar, the kids started to fall over. No one was hurt, but then Tommy crashed into the table and knocked over the glass. A broken piece was coming straight for his face."Tommy, look out!", Tommy's friends cried. But before Tommy could dodge the piece, it hit his face. A cut appeared on his left eye.Tommy let out a cry of pain."Tommy,Tommy! Are you okay?", Lil asked. But he didn't answer. Tommy's friends helped him get to the living room, where the grownups were. When Didi noticed that Tommy was covering his left eye with his hand, she knew something was wrong."Stu !Come here!There's something wrong with Tommy!",she screamed. Stu came up. Didi looked at Tommy's injured eye.

She was shocked to see that the eye, indeed, had been cut. She and Stu took Tommy to the docter. A few weeks later, Lil, Phil, and Chuckie, who was carrying Dil on his back, came to see Tommy. "Hello,Tommy", Phil said. When Tommy turned around to face his friends, to their horror, there was a black mark on Tommy's left eye. The same place where the glass struck him."What is that mark on your face?",Chuckie wondered."What mark?" "The one on your eye.", Lil said. Just then, Angelica appeared in the room. She nearly jumped when she saw the black mark on her cousin's eye.Then, she said,"Where did you get that scar, Tommy?" The babies looked at her, confused."What's a scar?", Phil asked."It's a mark that is sometimes left behind after a cut. So, where and what did you cut it on?""In the kitchen. A broken piece of glass cut my face." With that, Angelica went back to the living room. She was watching "Shirley-Lock Holmes". Dil still looked confused. He didn't understand why his big brother had that mark on him."Tomby?""Oh, hi, Dylan.", Tommy said."Yo, Tommy, aren't we gonna play or what?", His friends asked Tommy was very uneasy about this "scar" on his face. He didn't think he was the same Tommy since that day when his left eye was cut. Plus, he didn't see as good as he used to when he got the injured eye. But, he didn't tell his friends. So, he thought he should tell them."Hey, guys?", he asked."What?""There's something I need to tell you." So, Tommy told them about how he can't see very good with his left eye."Do you need glasses?", suggested Chuckie."No, I don't. I don't know what's wrong.", Tommy said. Soon, the babies thought that the scar was bad luck."If it is bad luck, what am I going to do?",Tommy asked, alarmed."Maybe we can try to get rid of it", Phil and Lil told him. So, for quite a while, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Dil tried to get rid of the black scar. Then, Susie came over to visit. She found the babies in Tommy's bedroom."Hello", Susie called to them."Hi, Susie", the babies responded. "What's wrong with Tommy?",she asked."A few weeks ago, a broken piece of glass cut my left eye. Now I have a scar and it's bad luck", Tommy said."Bad luck? Angelica! Did you.....?",she yelled."Believe me, Susie, I did not tell them that", Angelica said to Susie and left."That's right. We think it's bad luck.", Lil said. Susie was a little surprised by this."You guys, a scar isn't bad luck." "It isn't?" Susie said, "No, silly. There's nothing wrong with having a scar." Tommy was still unsure about this."Then why can't I see so good out of this eye", he said, pointing to his left eye."I don't know, but I do know it'll get better.""Are you sure,Susie?", Phil wondered."I'm sure."

Again, weeks passed. And Tommy's scar hadn't disappeared. He began to worry."What if I'm stuck with this "scar" forever?", Tommy cried."I don't know", Chuckie said. Dil also seemed worried about the scar on Tommy's face. Tommy looked at himself through a glass. Angelica soon appeared."Angelica, will my scar go away?", Tommy asked her." Angelica was in one of those moods, but she answered, "You're stuck with it for the rest of your life!" Tommy and his friends gasped! They didn't realize a scar is permanent. Then, Tommy thought that a scar wasn't that bad. He and his friends realized this. They still went on adventures, but now were more careful. And they enjoyed it.

The End

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