The Tweenage Rugrats In: "Fair Exchange"

By Dwayne Anderson

The students of Jim Jr. Junior High School were gathered in the auditorium of the school. Today was another meeting of the students with the staff.

"All right kids" said Principal Skinner, "Today, I am announcing an exchange program for our school with another school. This time around, instead of being exchange students in another country, one lucky student will be an exchange student at another school in another city in this country. One of our students will go to this other s hool, while one of their students comes to this school. This year, the school is known as Hazelnut High in the town of Hazelnut, Illinois."

"Mmmm" Phil said to himself. "Hazelnuts."

Principal Skinner reached into a hat full of names of the students.

"And the lucky student from this school is...Angelica Pickles!"

Angelica could hardly believe her good fortune!

Later that day, after school, Angelica packed her bags up. Tomorrow, she would be leaving by plane to Hazelnut.

Meanwhile, in Hazelnut, a girl with read hair and glasses, about Angelica's age, packed her bags.

The next day, after Angelica took the bus to Hazelnut, the students were once again gathered in the auditorium.

"Kids, lets welcome our exchange student for the next month" said Principal Skinner.

A thirteen year old with with long red hair and glasses came onto the stage.

"Hi" she said. "I'm Pepper Ann Pearson. Nice to meet you all. You all look like a nice bunch of people."

"Kids, lets give Pepper Ann a round of applause" said Principal Skinner.

The kids applauded.

Meanwhile, at Hazelnut High, the principal of the school had assembled a similar meeting in the auditorium.

"Let's welcome our exchange student from Jim Jr. Junior High School."

Angelica came onto the stage.

"Hi, I'm Angelica..." she started.

"That's enough, thanks Angelica" said the principal. "Kids, let's give Angelica a round of applause."

The kids applauded.

At Jim Junior, after recieving a tour around the school by Tommy, Pepper Ann went to the class where Angelica had attended the previous day.

And at Hazelnut High, Angelica went into the class where Pepper Ann attended.

To Be Continued

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