Chuckie's Flashback

By Laura Radatz

It was supper time at the Finster house. Chuckie and Kimi were sitting in their high chairs and Kira had just served them their supper.

"Here you go, Fifi," Kimi said as she gave some food to Fifi.

"Kimi, that's your food, not Fifi's food!" Kira scolded.

She and Chaz had forbiden Chuckie and Kimi from offering Fifi food.

"Kimi, you know we're not supposed to give Fifi our food!" Chuckie said.

"I was just giving her a little bit," Kimi said.

Chuckie sighed. Would Kimi ever learn?

Then Chuckie smiled, picturing his best friend, Tommy. Chuckie knew that Tommy was eating his own supper right then, and had probablly offered some of it to his dog, Spike. Tommy's parents, Stu and Didi, also had a rule against feeding table food to a dog. Tommy, however, was like Kimi and tried to sneak food to Spike when his parents weren't looking. Tommy's brother, Dil, would snesk food to Spike, too, being he always liked to do whatever Tommy was doing. Chuckie never had been able to convince Tommy or Kimi to listen to their parents and not feed Spike and Fifi their food.

"Chuckie, watch what you're doing!" Kimi said suddenly.

Chuckie looked down just in time to stop himself from spilling his food on the floor.  

"I think supper is over," Kira said, and Chaz nodded.

Kira put Chuckie and Kimi in their playpen. Chuckie was feeling very sleepy, so he lay down on the floor and closed his eyes. Suddenly, Chuckie's eyes snapped open again. He wasn't in the playpen any more. He had obviously gone back in time, since he was laying in a crib, and he hadn't slept in one for a long time.

His stuffed bear, Wawa, was beside him. Oddly enough, Chuckie wasn't even aware that he'd gone back in time. He didn't even remember his other life, back in the present. This was the only life he knew. Just then, Chuckie's mother, Melinda, came into the room.

"Good morning, sleepy head!" she said. Chuckie giggled.

"Melinda, Stu's on the phone!" Chaz called suddenly.

"Oh my gosh! Could it be? This early?" Melinda said, mostly to herself.

She quickly dressed Chuckie and put him in the playpen. Then, she dashed for the phone.

"What's going on, Wawa?" Chuckie wondered aloud. Of course, Wawa didn't answer.

Then, suddenly, Melinda let out a joyfull shriek, "AAAAAAAAUGH! I DON'T BELIVE IT!"

Chuckie was nearly deafened. "That was scary!" he said to Wawa.

Almost before Chuckie could bat an eye, Melinda and Chaz had left, and his grandma, Shirley, had come to take care of him.

Eight days later, Melinda and Chaz got Chuckie up early and they all drove to their friends the Pickles' house several miles away. The Finsters let themselves in, and a few minutes later, a car pulled up. All, including Drew & Charlotte's two year old daughter, Angelica, came into the house.

Didi, Chuckie noticed, was holding a small bundle.

"What is that?" Chuckie asked Wawa.

Didi knelt down to Chuckie's height. "Chuckie, I'd like you to meet our new baby, Tommy. Tommy, this is Chuckie Finster," she said.

"Hi, Tommy," Chuckie said.

"Uckie! Uckie!" Tommy replied.

The grownups, of course, thought that was just baby talk, but Chuckie knew that Tommy had been trying to say Chuckie. Tommy was small, but for once, Chuckie wasn't afraid. Melinda had explained to him that Tommy had been born before he should have, so he had had to stay in the hospital for eight days, and he was very small.

Chuckie knew that, one day, he and Tommy would become best friends.

"Chuckie! Chuckie!" a voice suddenly called. Chuckie's eyes snapped open.

"Chuckie, have you been taking a nap?" Kira asked.

"No!" Chuckie said.

Kira laughed.

Then, Chuckie looked over at Kimi. She was fast asleep. "I wonder what memory she's dreaming about?"

Chuckie whispered to Wawa.

The End

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