The Tweenage Rugrats in, "Foreign Exchange"

By Birch Griesse

The students are assembled in the auditorium for a special assembly.

Then Principal Jim Skinner cleared his throat for attention and said,

"Attention class! It is time to pick someone for our Foreign Exchange! So be on your best behavior and you may be picked. This year's foreign place is Paris, France. So if you're picked as the Foreign Exchange student, you will spend two months in Paris, France."

Principal Skinner finished and the students clapped.

A week later it was time to pick the Foreign Exchange student. Principal Skinner stood in front of the students with a bucket on a table on stage.

"Ahem!" he announced, "It has been a very tough decision, picking the  Foreign exchange student. In fact, there were a few students I just couldn't  decide about. So, I'm drawing names from a bucket."

Principal Skinner pointed to the bucket beside him.

"Now it's time to draw a name," he said.

He reached into the bucket, pulled out a slip of paper and read the name: Bret Sampson (not to be confused with "Bart Simpson").

"I, uh, can't make it," said Bret, "I, uh, have to, um, do something."

"All right," said Principal Skinner, pulling another piece of paper from the bucket, "Kimi Finster!" Kimi couldn't believe her ears!

Meanwhile in Paris...

"René!" called a French woman to her son, "We get your new clothes, now?"

"Oui, Maman!" René answered.

"Bon," René's mother said, "We will go then."

René and his mother went to the local boutique and bought René some new clothes. He was to be the Foreign Exchange student from France.

Back in America...

It was time for Kimi to leave to France. She would be staying with René's mother, and René would be staying with the Finsters. Kimi was nervous but excited too.

"This will be so fun!" Kimi cried as Kira and Chazz drove to the airport.

"We are so proud of you Kimi!" Kira said, "We always knew you could do it!"

"This will be the first time I've been to France in ten years!" Kimi cried excitedly.

Finally they arrived at the airport. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, Susie, and even Angelica were there to say good-bye.

"Bye, Kimi!" Susie said as they walked through the airport.

"We'll miss you!" Dil told Kimi as she got her ticket checked.

"Be sure to write!" Chuckie called wiping a tear from his face.

"I'll only be gone for to months!" Kimi called back as she went through the metal detector at the security gate.

In France...

"Are you ready to have fun in America, René?" René's mother asked.

"Oui, Maman!" René answered, "America will be very fun!" Finally they reached

the airport.

"Adieu, René!" René's mother called as he boarded the plane, "Bon voyage!"

"Adieu, Maman!" René replied, "Au revoir!"

René's plane flew the long flight to America.

When he finally arrived, the Pickles, the Carmichaels, the DeVilles and the Finsters were there to meet him.

"René?" Kira called. René ran over to Kira.

"Bonjour!" he cried, "Parlez vous français?"

"Oui, René," Kira answered, "I also used to live in Paris."

Then Kira introduced him to all of her friends.

"And this is Dil Pickles and Stu Pickles and..."

"Stewed and Dil Pickles! Haute cuisine!" René exclaimed, "Good food!"

Kira giggled.

"No, René, Stu and Dil Pickles. They are names!"

"Oh," said René. The Finsters drove René to their house. They showed him around.

Then it was time for supper. Chazz fixed spaghetti to eat.

"Bon appetit!" Chazz said as he laid out the food, "Dig in!"

Every one ate the food right up.

Back with Kimi...

Kimi's plane flew the long flight to France. When she arrived, René's mom was there to meet her.

"Kimi?" René's mother called. Kimi ran over to her.

"Hi!" said Kimi, "Do you speak much English?"

"Yes, Kimi" René's mom answered, "I studied it in university."

René's mom drove Kimi to her house. She showed her around.

Then it was time for supper. René's mom fixed spaghetti to eat.

"Here you are," René's mom said as she laid out the food, "Bon appetit!"

At Euro Reptar...

In the Ooey Gooey World ride, Coco LaBouche was escorting kids into the Ooey Gooey cars.

"Zis job stinks!" she complained.

"Madame LaBouche," said Jean-Claude, Coco's assistant, "I have news for you."

"Spill it, you imbecile!" Coco cried.

"Ze Kimi kid is here, Madame," Jean-Claude replied.

"After ten years of working in this over-sugared, slime-filled dump, it is payback time!" Coco snickered.

Just then a splash of slimey, green goo splattered Coco dress.

"Ugghh!" she groaned.

Back in America...

It was ten o'clock, time for Chuckie and René to go to bed. That night Chuckie had a strange dream...

Chuckie and Kimi lay asleep in Paris -- on the Ooey Gooey world ride!  Chuckie opened his eyes. Everything was black. He looked over at Kimi and gasped. Kimi looked different! She had her hair in three pigtails, and was wearing purple cowgirl boots, a yellow jumper with a kitty on it, and a pink shirt. She was a baby! He looked down at himself. The same thing had happened to him. Then he saw two big shadows behind Kimi. He cowered at the back of the Ooey Gooey car, watching as the two shadows carry Kimi away.

Chuckie woke up. He looked at the clock. It was midnight. Helooked over at Kimi's bed and saw René.

"Kimi's gone!" he thought.

Then he remembered René. He laid his head back down on his pillow and wondered if the dream meant something.

To Be Continued

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