The Tweenage Rugrats In: "A Really Green Christmas"

By David Davis

It was a windy December 22nd in the Pickles' home. Tommy and Dil were mopping around the house because they were bored.

Dil: Tommy I am bored, there is nothing to do.

Tommy: I know looks like we will just have to watch the news all day since the cable went out.

In the kitchen were Didi was making Strawberry and banana smothies and Stu was fixing his self made Tiger Toaster, Didi glanced in the living room were Tommy and Dil were mopping.

Didi: I cant stand to see them mopping.

Stu: Me nether, what should we do.

Didi thought for a moment.

Didi: Stu, ive got it. What havent we done in about a decade.

Stu: Buy diapers. (chuckles)

Didi: No silly, go on a trip.

Stu: Your right, we will go on a trip.

Didi: But were should it be.

Stu: How about Toronto?

Didi: Too cold. Las Vegas?

Stu: Too hot, I've got it! Ireland!

Didi: Right, you know Tommy and Dil is 25% Irish.

Stu: Then that's were will will go. But lets let it be a surprise.

Didi: Your right, let's also invite all our friends.

Didi called everyone. She informed them of their plans. However, many of these people were unable to go, due to various reasons such as no passport, no money, they're having relatives for the holidays or they're going somewhere else for the holidays. Luckily

Didi: Stu, I guess it's just us.

Then, on a Christmas Day...

Didi: Tommy Dil, wake up.

Tommy: Mom, its 5:00 in the morning.

Didi: I know, Dil what is todays date?

Dil: Christmas.

Didi: Guess what, instead of the regular Christmas we are going on a trip.

Tommy: Were, Mom.

Didi: Ireland.

Dil and Tommy: Ireland?

Didi: Yes Ireland, you know that you guys are 25% Irish.

Tommy: We are!

Didi: Come on and get dressed your father, grandfather and Lulu are already ready.

By 5:45 everyone was ready. Grandpa was warming up the charter bus that they rented.

Dil: Dad why do we have such a big bus, Its only the five of us.

Grandpa: Correction sprout, the twenty-eight of us.

Dil: Twenty-eight

Tommy: You mean the Carmichaels, DeVilles, Finster and Uncle Drew, Aunt Charlotte and Angelica.

By 6:04 every one was on the bus.

Charlotte: Didi what airport are we going to, WinterHaven or Ocean Shores.

Didi: I booked us for our flight at 7:00.

Mean while Angelica and the rest of the kids were looking at her globe.

Tommy: Angelica wheres Ireland?

Angelica: Its up your ...

Edwin: Its right next to the United Kingdom which is about 50 degrees up from France.

Buster: Hey Edwin give it up, your on a vacation have some fun. Dont lecture us on the nearest square route to Paris.

Alisa: Ah, leave him alone. Remember what Aunt T said -- 'Everyone is different".

Grandpa: Come around sprouts and listen to the story Im about to tell yah, long ago in the land of Ireland there lived a young man named Jeffrey O'Reily who was the richest person in Ireland. But this O'Reily fello was greedy to. He wanted to be even more wealthyer than he was. So he took other people's money. One day while he was walking in the Cathrine Pita Holmes park this fairy came up to him and said "You've been bad and know I will put you on a curse to make you a little small person. "Will I still have my money he asked?" Sure, but the first person who steals your pot O gold will be rich and you shall vanish. Well sprouts Jeffrey made sure that nobody stole his money only if they found it at the end of the rainbow.

Now the kids were sleep.

Stu: Wake up sleepy head (in an Irish voice) were here.

Kimi: wow I can't believe we are in Ireland!

Phil: Hey whats that over there pointing at a greenish shadow.

Tommy: Hey dad, can we go exploring around.

Stu: sure, just come back to the cabin by 5 o clock sharp.

The kids trot off to explore around. Suddenly Phil steps in a pot of gold. And all of a sudden this Mysterious Man comes out of the Clover Bush.

Man: What you wee little sprouts doin wit me gold, ya dont want me to poof into thin air do ya?

Angelica: Who are you and do you know that you are weeer than us?

Man: O'Reilly, Jeffrey O'Reilly. The richest leprucaun in these Irish woods. What brings you around these woods.

Susie: We are just exlporing around.

Jeffrey: Heres what I want ye kids to do, go back to ye camp site and lookm under each of yer pillows.

The children do as they are told and each find 10 Irish gold coins and a letter.

Have eh nice trip in Ireland visit all our beautiful landmarks and Monuements If ye are wondering what ye gold coins are for. Ye are the only people who did not ask or steal me gold. The gold Is for Truth and Honesty. You can use ye money for the anual Irish O'Reilly festival coming up so ye wont have to pay It.

Come back soon ye bunch of Rugrats.

Jeffrey O'Reilly

Chuckie: I knew Jeffrey had to be a good guy.

The End

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