The Rugrats Adventure

By Peter Heardgahna

Tommy and Chuckie were sitting in Tommy's playpen at Tommy's  house. They were board and were trying to think up something to do.

"Let's play with blocks," said Tommy.

"No, let's play a game of role the ball," said Chuckie.

It was a hard decision.

"I know, why don't we do an adventure?" asked Tommy.

"What's an adventure?" asked Chuckie.

"It's where you do something that you never done before," said Tommy.

"Too scary for me," said Chuckie.

"And I already know of something that we never done before, going outside and seeing how many clouds are in the sky," said Tommy.

"That's silly," said Chuckie.

"Ah, c'mon, it will all work out," said Tommy.

Tommy took the screwdriver out of his pocket then he opened  the playpen with it then he and Chuckie snuck outside.

Spike was rolling around in the middle of the lawn. Tommy and Chuckie stood at the edge of the sment patio then they started to count clouds.

"1, 2, 3, I lost count, let's start over," said Tommy.

"1, 2, I lost count again, your turn, Chuckie," said Tommy.

"1, 4, 6, 846, I can't do it either, this is just too hard," said Chuckie.

All of a sudden, Tommy and Chuckie felt someone grabbed them. They looked at saw that it was Stu.

"Okay kids, we're going to the beach," said Stu.

While Stu carried Tommy and Chuckie out front to the car, Tommy said, "Alright, the beach, maybe we can do some underwater adventures there."

Meanwhile, at Phil and Lil's house, Phil and Lil were sitting in their playpen. They were board and they didn't know what to do.

"Let's go play in the mud," said Phil.

"No, let's go eat some bugs," said Lil.

It was a hard decision.

"I know, why don't we go on an adventure," said Phil.

"Okay, where?" asked Lil.

"To the world's biggest mudhole," said Phil.

"No, let's see what kind of bugs live inside houses, we only know what kinds of bugs live outside houses," said Lil.

"No, mudhole," said Phil.

"No," said Lil.

"Oh why don't we do your idea because I already decided that we go on an adventure," said Phil.

Phil and Lil tipped over their playpen so they could get out.

"Okay, let's start in our mommy and daddy's room because I once saw a big box full of bugs in there," said Lil.

"Great idea," said Phil.

Phil and Lil snuck up the stairs and into their parents' room.

"There it is, the box is over there," said Lil pointing at a small jewlery box on top of the dresser.

Phil and Lil went over to the dresser.

Phil opened the drawers into steps then Lil climbed up them.

Lil got the jewlery box then she opened it.

Lil rumaged around inside the box to see what was in there.

"Ooh, Phillip! Look what I found. I found a long wirey worm," said Lil, pulling a necklace out of the jewellry box.

"Can I eat it?" asked Phil.

"No, I will eat it," said Lil.

"Can't we at least break it in half?" asked Phil.

"Kind of hard, so why don't you just let me have it?" asked Lil.

"No away. Mine! Mine! Mine!" said Phil.

Phil pulled an earing out of the jewellry box. He thought it was a wirey bug of some kind. Just as he was about to eat it, he felt somebody grab he and Lil. They both looked, it was Betty.

"Hey, what do you pups think you are doing in there? There is nothing in there for you," said Betty.

As Betty carried Phil and Lil down the stairs and out to the car, she said to them, "We're going to the beach."

Howard, Chazz, Susie, Randy, Lucy, Drew, Charlotte, and Angelica were in the front yard waiting for them.

They all got into Howard's car while Tommy, Dil, Stu, Didi, Grandpa, Boris, Minka, Spike, and Fluffy all got into Stu's car and drove off to the beach.


Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Angelica were sitting in the middle of the crowd of grown-ups.

"Chuckie and me did something new this morning," said Tommy.

"What did you do new, climb up and down the stairs 10 times, then go to the moon and back?" asked Angelica.

"No, we went on our first adventure," said Tommy.

"Well, that's an adventure," said Angelica.

"Yes it is, but not the one we went on, we counted how many clouds are up in the sky," said Tommy.

"We went on an adventure too," said Phil.

"We saw what kind of bugs live inside houses," said Lil.

"Dicko," said Dil.

"And that is why we came to this beach, so we can all go on an adventure together," said Tommy.

"Right," said Lil.

"Right," said Phil.

"Uh, right!" said Chuckie.

"Don't be scared, Chuckie," said Tommy.

"Rite," said Dil.

"RIGHT, but it is my adventure," said Angelica.

"Uh, uh, it was our idea," said Tommy.

"So one of the babies has to choose the adventure," said Tommy.

"Yeah," said Phil and Lil.

"And I say we see what is underwater," said Tommy.

"No, I was going to suggest going down to the far end of the beach where no baby has ever gone before," said Angelica.

"Oh, that's an even better idea," said Lil.

"Maybe we can find a bunch of bugs down there," said Phil.

"No, this adventure was not chosen by a baby," said Tommy.

"And I'll just stay he with the grown-ups while the rest of you do your adventure," siad Chuckie.

"C'mon, Chuckie," said Tommy.

"Forget it, 1 adventure is good enough for one day," said Chuckie.

"Are you sure?" asked Tommy.

"Oh, alright then," said Chuckie.

Tommy snuck behind the cooler where Dil's stroller was hidden.

Tommy pushed the stroller in froht of the cooler.

"Okay, now let's get our supplies," said Tommy opening the cooler.

Tommy filled the stroller full of food from the cooler. Tommy closed the cooler then he put Dil in the stroller with the food.

When no grown-ups were looking, the Rugrats started off on their adventure.

A few minutes later, the Rugrats heard someone say to them, "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

At first the Rugrats thought it was a grown-up. They looked and saw that it was only Susie.

"We're going on an adventure," said Tommy.

"Wow, that sounds like fun, can I come too?" asked Susie.

"Okay, sure," said Tommy.

The Rugrats continued their adventure.

A minute later, they ran into Fluffy.

Fluffy got mad and tried to scratch everyone.

"First enemy on this adventure," said Tommy.

"First enemy on all our adventures," said Chuckie.

Luckily, Spike came and Chazzed away Fluffy.

The Rugrats continued on their adventure.

A half hour later, some of the Rugrats were starting to get tired.

Phil and Lil got so tired that they fell asleep on the ground. The other Rugrats didn't notice and they just continued on.

A few minutes later, the other Rugrats passed an ice-cream stand.

Angelica stopped. The other Rugrats didn't notice and they continued on.

Angelica scraped her foot around in the sand and luckily she found a $1.00 coin burried in the ground. She used it to by an ice cream cone at the stand.

After Angelica finished her ice-cream, she reached into her pocket and took out Cylthia.

"Dumb babies, think there is something interesting at the  ther end of the beach," Angelica said to Cylthia.

Meanwhile, the other Rugrats came to a forest.

"What's in that big forest, I wonder?" said Tommy.

"Maybe some wild animals which I am too scared of," said Chuckie.

"Not in this forest," said Susie.

"Beebu," said Dil.

"Well, let's go in it anyways, maybe it's a shorcut to the other end of the beach," said Tommy.

The 4 Rugrats went into the forest.

Meanwhile, a bunch of Indian police ran over to Phil and Lil.

All the Indian police stopped and so did all the Rugrats.

"Vei," said the Indian police pointing at Phil.

What the Rugrats didn't know is that in native dialect, "vei" means "you're under arrest".

The Indian Police ran over to Phil then they arrested him then they carried him away.

Five minutes later, Lil woke up. She looked and saw that everyone else was gone.

"Hey, where is everyone?" called Lil.

Lil continued running towards the other end of the beach.

When she got to the ice-cream stand, she ran into Angelica who was playing with Cynthia.

"Angelica, have you seen Phil, Tommy, Chuckie, and everyone  else?" asked Lil.

"No, I thought you were with them," said Angelica.

"That's what I'm wondering, I don't know what happened," said Lil.

"Neither do I, we were walking up towards the other end of the beach until I ran into this tempting ice-cream stand and I guess the they didn't notice me sneak off on them," said Angelica.

"Well, let's go find them, if we don't, we can go to the other end of the beach ourselves," said Anglica.

Angelica and Lil ran towards the other end of the beach.

Meanwhile, the Indian police had carried Phil all the way into the middle of a big huge forest. There was a great big cage there with a circle of rocks around it.

The Indian police locked Phil in the cage then they each sat on a rock.

"Fi lou bedo a nomonlay u," said one Indian.

"Bee by nosolaw scalt Phillip," said another Indian.

"Lay pal bade," said another Indian.

The Indians are talking about buring Phil in a fire because they think he stole some priceless treasure of theirs.

"Faroo desooplay beyon," said another Indian.

"Settled ti tee," said another Indian.

One of the Indians got up and started a fire below the cage.

Just as the Indian was about to start the fire, a voice yelled, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?"

Phil looked and saw that it was Tommy.

"Balf ly peep on dee," said the Indian that was starting the fire.

"You can't put our friend on fire, he is our friend and we have the right to keep him," said Tommy.

What Tommy just said made the Indian who was starting the fire really mad.

"Bay bo blots in clay gots," said the Indian who was started the fire.

"There you are," said a voice.

Tommy looked and saw that it was Didi. The rest of the family and a policeman were there with her. Didi picked up Tommy, Stu picked up Dil, and Chazz picked up Chuckie.

"These are illegal Indian police and the reason why I call them illegal is because they don't have a police licence and they may not know English but I know Indian language," said the policeman.

"They stole The Valuable Treasure from me and my police department 6 months ago and there it is on top of that cage that the baby is in and I will take The Valuable Treasure once I arrest these illegal Indian police," said the policeman.

"Bal oo be palm tray abee codee," said the policeman in Indian language.

"Ake bee ooo ou ee i a becko feeb tria," said the Indian who was starting the fire.

"And I have no idea why these Indian police tried to accuse Phil of stealing The Valuable Treasure," said the policeman.

The policeman arrested all the Indian police then they took them away to jail.

Betty happily ran over to the cage then she opened it then she picked up Phil.

"Woof!" said Spike.

"Bippo," said Dil.

"But we still haven't found Lil and Angelica," said Didi.

"Well, whatever happened to that policeman we called to help us find the kids?" asked Stu.

"He had to arrest those Indian police," said Didi.

"So I guess we have to find them ourselves," said Grandpa.

"I didn't notice that Phil and Lil were gone until I saw Phil in the cage," said Tommy.

"Same with us," said the other 6 Rugrats.

"Die," said Dil.

"And Angelica is gone too," said Chuckie.

"Well, I guess adventures may be fun, but you still have to watch that you have everyone with you," said Tommy.

"Right!" said Chuckie.

Meanwhile, Lil and Angelica finally made it to the other end of the beach.

There was a bigger crowd of grown-up people there than there were back at the first end.

"It's just another beach here and now we just have to wait for Tommy and the others to catch up," said Lil.

"They didn't fall behind you dumb baby, they got ahead of us," said  Angelica.

"So I guess we may have not discovered this place ourselves because Tommy and the others might have already benn here," said Lil.

"Of course we didn't discover it you dumb baby, look at the crowd around you and all the people, I'll bet they been partying here for years," said Angelica.

"Hey, did you just call me a dumb baby?" asked a voice.

Angelica looked and saw that it was a mean teen-aged boy.

"Uh, no! I was talking too..." said Angelica who didn't get a chance to finish what she was saying.

"Don't lie to me, I have really good hearing," said the teen-ager.

"Uh oh! It sounds like Angelica's in trouble now," Lil said to herself.

"Now come here and I'll beat you up because I reall feel insulted for what you called me," the teen-ager said to Angelica.

"And I wish my daddy was here," Angelica said to herself.

"Help! Help!" yelled Angelica.

Just as the teen-ager was about to beat up Angelica, a voice said, "Did I just hear somebody call help help?"

Angelica and the teen-ager looked and saw that it was Batman. Robin was with him.

Batman and Robin flew down then they started beating up the teen-ager.

Angelica and Lil watched the teen-ager get beat up.

Five minutes later, the teen-ager ran away crying like a baby.

"Now I guess we can actually call him a dumb baby because babies cry and big kids don't," Lil whispered to Angelica.

"Yeah!" Angelica whispered to Lil.

"Thank you for calling help help and if you ever need our help again,  just call help help again and Robin and me will come by," Batman said to Angelica.

Batman and Robin flew off.

"Goodbye!" called Batman as he and Robin flew off.

"Bye," Angelica clled waving at them.

"Now let's go find the rest of those dumb babies," Angelica said to Lil.

"There you are," called a voice.

Angelica lloked and saw that it was Didi. She was holding Tommy. Again, everyone else was still with them.

"How did you 2 get all the way to this end of the beach?" asked Didi.

Howard picked up Lil.

Drew waled over to Angelica.

"I'm glad you're alright, princess," Drew said to Angelica while hugging her.


Didi was still carrying Tommy, Stu was still carrying Dil, Chazz was still carrying Chuckie, Betty was still carrying Phil, and Howard was still carrying Lil.

"So, I see you 2 made it to the other end of the beach in one piece," Tommy said to Lil and Angelica.

"Yeah, I'm glad we did, what happened to you?" said Lil.

"At first we all thought that we were all still together then we wondered into this forest then in the muiddle of the forest we ran into some strange grown-ups and Phil was in a cage there and that is when we realised that he and you 2 had some how snuck away from us," said Tommy.

"We went for ice-cream," said Angelica.

"You 2 got ice-cream, why couldn't we have some too, or at least me?" said Phil.

"I didn't even have any myself," said Lil.

"Yeah right, liar," said Phil.

"Well anyways, I'm glad these grown-ups found us right when we ran into those strange grown-ups then these grown-ups took us out of the forest and to the other end of the beach where we discovered you 2," said Tommy.

"So I guess adventures are fun and we did discover something," laughed Chuckie.

"And I'm glad you now like adventures, Chuckie, because I am planning that tomorrow we go on an adventure to the other side of the galaxy," said Tommy.

"Oh no, please!" wined Chuckie.

"And one more thing, Angelica and me were also rescued by Batman," said Lil.

"Yeah, and Robin," said Angelica.

"Ooh, neato, I want to be rescued by them too," said Phil.

"Well call help help and they will come to you right away," said Lil.

"Help! Help!" called Phil.

It didn't work.

"Maybe it will only work if there is actually something wrong," said Tommy.

The End

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