Another Rugrats Poem

By Peter Heardgahna

It all started with the young 1-year old baby

Tommy Pickles

He started to grow up with his mom, his dad, his dog, and his grandpa

His mom Didi

His dad Stu

His dog Spike

His grandpa Lou

And as Tommy got a little older, he started to make some friends

First there was the unbrave Chuckie for the sake of the brave Tommy

Then their came the twins



But then came the MEAN most meanest baby of all time ever who wasn't

no baby to be a 3-yearold little girl, Angelica Pickles

The four babies would play together happily

But Angelica would bully them rather sadly

It seemed like life was going awful badly

Until the babies finally gt use to it and formed the Rugrats TV show

Kids all over the world watched this show everyday, it was so great

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