Tommy Is Sick

By Laura Radatz

One night, long after everyone was in bed, Tommy started crying very loud. Stu & Didi suddenly awoke. They rushed to Tommy and Dil's room. When she got there, they found him crying. They tried every Lipschitz technique that they knew, but it did no good. Then Tommy threw up and started to sweat. Didi put her hand on Tommy's forehead, and felt Tommy burning up. They raced out of the room and dialed 911. The paramedics examined Tommy and then told Stu & Didi that Tommy had appendicits and they would have to be rushed to the hospital to have his appendix removed. So Tommy was immediately rushed to the hospital and soon into the operating room.

A few hours later, Didi, Stu and Dil all went into the recovery room to see Tommy.

"Hello sweetie!", greeted Didi.

"How are you doing, Champ?" greeted Stu.

"Tomby?" said Dil.

"Hi Dilly," Tommy replied.

The next day, Didi brought Phil, Lil, Chuckie, and Dil to the hospital to visit Tommy.

"Hi Tommy! We bringed you some get well presents!", said Chuckie.

"We bringed a Reptar bar!", said Phil and Lil.

"I bringed some pretty flowers!", said Chuckie.

"We bringed this bone to you also. It's from Spike," said Phil.

"He couldn't come with us," said Lil.

"Tebby!", Dil said as he handed Tommy his teddy bear.

"Thanks Dilly!", said Tommy.

"This card is from all of us! Susie made it for us since she knows how to write. She told us what it says. It says: 'Tommy, get well soon! Love, Susie, Phil, Lil, Chuckie, Spike, and Dil,' " said Chuckie.

Dil handed Tommy a piece of paper with scribbling on it.

"Tomby, better! Dil, Spike," said Dil.

"Thanks Dilly! "said Tommy.

A few weeks later, Tommy went home. The entire gang waited back at his place to welcome him home, and Tommy got a hero's welcome.

The End

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