The Tweenage Rugrats In,
"The Amazing spider-Boy"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was Thursday afternoon at Jim Jr. Jr. High School. In Mrs. Guppy's science class, it was "Show and Tell" day.

Mrs. Guppy placed a small plastic container on her desk.

The students gathered around her desk as she opened the container.

Inside was a small black spider with red and green markings.

"What is that?" asked Chuckie.

"It's a new species of spider" said Mrs. Guppy. "I found it at the science lab down at the university. They allowed me to borrow it for educational purposes."

"What does it do?" asked Tommy.

"It was created by combining the DNA of three different spiders. There's the agility and increased sight of the Wolf spider, the ability to spin webs from a Garden Spider, and the strength and sensitivity of a Tarantula."

"A super spider?" asked Phil. "Boy, would I love to sink my teeth into that!"

"Ewww!" said everyone as they backed away from Phil.

"Phil, I am trying to teach everyone about this new spider" said Mrs. Guppy.

"Why? It's gone!" said Chuckie.

Mrs. Guppy was shocked.

"What?" she asked.

"Look! It's not there anymore!" said Kimi.

"Maybe it can camaflauge like the Crab Spider!" said Tommy.

Just then, the bell rang.

"There's the bell" said Mrs. Guppy. "See you all tomorrow."

Chuckie felt something on his hand. But before he could look, he felt a pricking sensation on that hand.

"Yeow!" he cried as he shook his hand.

All eyes were on him.

The spider fell back into the container, thrown from Chuckie's hand.

Mrs. Guppy quickly closed the container.

"It bit me!" cried Chuckie as he grasped his hand.

Everyone gasped.

"Calm down Chuckie, I don't think it's poisonous" said Mrs. Guppy.

"I hope you're right" said Chuckie as he continued to hold his hand. On his hand were two slightly swollen red dots.

A little later, Chuckie came home from school with Kimi. He hadn't had a good day. First, he had missed the bus. Then he was robbed of his lunch money by a bully. And now this.

Kira came to meet them.

"Welcome home kids!" she said.

Then she noticed the two spots on Chuckie's hand.

"Chuckie, what is that?" she asked pointing at them.

"It's nothing mom."

"I'm quite a good judge of nothing" said Kira. "And that is most certainly something."

"Relax mom" said Chuckie. "It's just a spider bite."

"Spider?!" cried Kira.

A little later, Lucy Carmichael was at the Finster household.

"Can you describe the spider?" she asked.

"Well, it had eight legs, it was black, and had red and green markings" said Chuckie.

"And it was from the university's science lab" added Kimi.

"Ahhh, a super spider" said Lucy. "I've heard all about them. They're perfectly harmless."

"Yeah, this is Chuckie we're talking about" said Kimi. "A teeny little spider can't hurt a guy like him!"

"If it was a Brown Recluse or a female Black Widow, it certainly could!" said Lucy.

Just then, Chazz came into the room.

"What's all this talk about spiders?" he asked.

"Chuckie got bitten by one at school" said Kimi.

"What?!" cried Chazz.

"Relax dad" said Chuckie. "It wasn't poisonous. I feel fine."

But later, at dinner, Chuckie began to feel queasy.

"Excuse me" he said. "I'm don't feel so good."

Chuckie stood and went to his room, staggering along the way.

"Maybe the spider is poisonous!" Kimi thought.

Chuckie spent the rest of the day in bed. He didn't get up until 8:00 the following morning.

However, Chuckie noticed something strange when he put on his glasses, his vision was blurry. But when he removed them, he could see perfectly.

At breakfast, Chuckie noticed that his spoon was stuck to his wrist. When he pulled it off, he noticed threads of silk stuck to it.

"That's odd!" he said to himself.

Kimi could not believe what she was seeing.

A little later, at school, Chuckie was opening his locker, but when he pulled down on the lock to open it, it came right off his locker. And it was still

"That's strange" he said to himself.

Chuckie's friends could not believe their eyes.

In the cafeteria, Chuckie was eating with his friends at a table when suddenly, a strange feeling came over him. He felt as if something was about to happen.

Samantha, his girlfriend, slipped on some spilled juice. Quicker than lightning, Chuckie caught her and proceeded to catch everything on her tray.

"Wow! Great reflexes" said Samantha as she took her tray.

Later, in Math class, Chuckie was doing his math assignment with his classmates.

Just then, the door opened. In came a seventh grader who handed the teacher some papers.

Suddenly, Chuckie's pencil flew out of his hand. As he reached to grab it from the air, several long strands of silk flew out of his hand and grabbed the papers.

Everyone looked up from their assignments.

When Chuckie pulled on the strands to remove them from the papers, the seventh grader went flying, right out through the window!

Everyone looked at Chuckie with disbelief.

"Oops" he said.

A little later, Chuckie was outside, when suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Hey Finster!"

He turned, to see the student he had thrown out earlier. It was Jason, the same bully who had stolen his lunch money the other day.

"Sorry, I don't have any lunch money today" said Chuckie.

"You bruised me when you threw me out the window!" said Jason. "Now I'm going to bruise you!"

Several of Jason's friends came up behind him.

Soon, a large crowd of students surrounded them. Jason, his friends, and Chuckie began to fight. Chuckie noticed that he was able to easily dodge Jason's attacks.

"Help him Kimi!" said Tommy.

One of Jason's friends charged up behind Chuckie. Chuckie could feel it coming. He leaped up into the air and flipped like a ninja.

Everyone awed.

Jason punched at Chuckie again, but Chuckie leaped backwards, right at the jungle gym.

To everyone's amazement, he stuck to the walls.

"What are you doing up there?!" demanded Jason.

"Staying away from you" said Chuckie.

Kimi made her way through the crowd.

"Hey Jason!" she said. "Nice clothes. Did your boyfriend give them to you?"

Everyone laughed.

Jason charged at Kimi, but Chuckie leaped down from the jungle gym. He put his hands forth. Multiple strands of thread shot from his hands and stuck to the bars over the swings. He swung back on the threads and knocked Jason out of the way, just as the threads snapped.

"Thanks Chuckie!" said Kimi.

Jason and Chuckie began to fight again. Chuckie grabbed Jason's arm as the bully attempted to punch him.

Jason groaned in pain.

Chuckie punched Jason in the stomach. But to everyone's amazement, he went flying over the heads of the crowd and landed on the ground behind them.

Everyone cheered, except Jason's friends.

"Geez Finster, you are a freak" said one of them.

They ran away.

"Chuckie, that was amazing!" said Lil.

For the rest of the day, Chuckie noticed that everyone was now calling him cool. Usually kids treated him like a nerd, but now he was actually popular!

At home, Chuckie told Kira everything. Kira called Lucy over.

A little later, Lucy came over. Chuckie told her everything.

"It's possible that when that spider bit you, its DNA combined with your DNA and gave you the abilities of a spider."

"Can the DNA be separated?" asked Chuckie.

"Yes" said Lucy. "Why don't I schedule you for an appointment tomorrow evening?"

"Sure ok" said Chuckie.

Lucy left.

Later, Chuckie met his friends on the street.

"Susie's mom says that when that spider bit me, its DNA combined with my DNA and now I have these powers."

"Just like that superhero in the comics: Spiderman!" said Dil.

"With those powers, you can become a superhero!" said Kimi.

"I already tried being a superhero years ago. Remember when I got my plastic globe back from Angelica."

"Yes" said everyone, except Kimi and Dil.

"I wasn't there" said Kimi.

"Me neither" said Dil.

"Chuckie, you got real powers now!" said Phil. "You can become like Spiderman!"

"Well" Chuckie began, "I can spin webs and crawl on walls. Plus I can sense danger, have keen agility, and super strength!"

"You forgot the fangs, the eight legs, the abdomen, and the hair" said Phil.

"Phil, Chuckie can't get those" said Tommy.

"I'm still not so sure guys" said Chuckie.

"Come on, Chuckie!" said Kimi, "You can do it!"

At lighning speed, Chuckie spins his web from his wrist onto the top of the lightpost, then swung on it. Then, as he swings towards another light post, he does it again, and again.

"Yes!" he says. "I can do it!"

"One more thing Chuckie" said Kimi, "all new superheroes need a sidekick."

"Spiderman doesn't have a sidekick" said Chuckie.

"Well you're just a boy" said Kimi. "I will be your sidekick. I'll call myself Strong Girl!"

"Great name Kimi!" said Chuckie. "It suits you! And I'll call myself, Spider-boy!"

Everyone cheers.

A little later, the kids were walking down the street when they stopped by the bank. They noticed five men wearing ski masks robbing the place.

"Uh oh" said Kimi. "Looks like a crime in progress! Come on Chuckie, let's stop them!"

Kimi and Chuckie ran into the bank and burst through the doors.

"Hey, what's going on?!" demanded one of the crooks.

"Look out everyone!" said Kimi. "Here comes Spider-boy and Strong Girl!"

The crooks laughed. "You're just a bunch of kids! Get'em boys!"

The other crooks charged at Chuckie and Kimi.

Chuckie shot some webbing up towards the ceiling and swung on them, kicking two of the crooks as he swung by. Then he turned and shot more webbing, grabbing the guns of two more crooks. Kimi clobbered the remaining man. Two of the bad guys came charging from the sides. Kimi flipped up and punched them both in the face, knocking them down flat.

At last, all five crooks were unconcious on the floor. The police soon arrived and took them away.

"Thank you Spider-Boy and Strong Girl!" said the teller. "We are lucky you came!"

That night, at the Finster house, as Chuckie and Kimi were eating dinner, Chazz came into the dining room.

"Kira, look at this headline on the front page" he said.

He showed her the headline, complete with a picture of Chuckie and Kimi.

"Young Duo of Superheroes Foil Bank Heist"

"Kimi, Chuckie, what is going on?" asked Kira.

"Me and Chuckie are superheroes" said Kimi. "Chuckie is going to use his spider powers to fight the bad guys like the real Spiderman! I'm just his sidekick."

"Don't you think you should leave it to the pros?" asked Kira.

"Relax mom" said Chuckie, "nothing happened. What could possibly happen?"

The next morning, Don MacDonald, the editor of the town paper was reading the headline.

"Unbelievable! This pair of super criminals roaming the streets!" he said. "It's not everyday that these... super juvies make the news, if ever! Who are we going to see next? The Mega Diaper Babies?"

"But sir!" protested his secretary, "those two kids foiled a bank robbery! They're heroes! How could you call two innocent children criminals? That's barbaric!"

"And another thing sir" said a reporter, "the paper sold out in three editions!"

"Three editions?!"

"They are famous sir" said the reporter.

Later that afternoon, everyone was gathered at main street, along with the citizens of the town. Right now, a parade was beginning to march down the street.

Stu was excited. Recently, he had invented something that resembled a glider. It was like a surfboard, only it could be used on an ocean of air. The previous week, he had sold it to pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. Today, it would be displayed in the parade.

"This is going to put my name on the map!" said Stu.

"You say that for everything you make" said Drew. "And so far, it hasn't happened yet!"

"You'll see brother" said Stu. "Tony Hawk is an experienced skateboard superstar."

Tommy said, "Wow! Tony Hawk! Maybe we'll get to see him in the parade today!"

Suddenly, Chuckie felt as if something bad would happen.

"Chuckie what's wrong?" asked Tommy.

"Spider sense tingling," said Chuckie.

"Hey look!" a man pointed up into the sky. "What's that?!"

Everyone looked to where he was pointing.

Up in the sky, was a figure completely dressed in green, riding Stu's Air Surfboard.

"It's my glider!" said Stu. "Soon Pickles Toys will be put on the map!"

"You wish!" said Drew.

Everyone watched as the figure in green flew through the air on the glider. Even the people in the parade stopped marching and looked.

Chuckie's spider senses detected danger.

The figure in green reached behind his back and pulled out a round object representing a pineapple.

"Oh no!" cried Kimi. "It's the Red Hobgobblin!"

The Red Hobgobblin tossed the pineapple down towards the street.

"Special Delivery!" he shouted with glee.

"Chuckie, do something!" cried Lil.

Chuckie ran through the crownd and onto the street. The crowd watched as he shot webbing from his wrists and grabbed the pineapple bomb. Then he swung the web around until it snapped, sending the pineapple bomb flying, right at the Red Hobgobblin. Before he could react, it hit him in the face and bounced up into the sky where it exploded.

Dazed by the blow, the Red Hobgobblin and his glider veered down to the street.

The crowd broke up as he landed.

"Impressive Spider-boy!" said the Red Hobgobblin. "But you are no match for the Red Hobgobblin!"

Kimi joined Chuckie's side. "Well how about Strong Girl?!"

"Hey look everybody!" said an excited man. "It's those two kids from the newspaper!"

Everyone cheered.

The Red Hobgobblin pulled out two more pineapple bombs. "Eat these kids!" he laughed as he tossed them.

Chuckie caught them with his webbing and swung them around. Kimi grabbed a baton.

"Batter-up!" she said as she hit both of the pineapple bombs back at the Red Hobgobblin. They bounced off him, knocking him down. The bombs flew into the sky where they exploded harmlessly.

"Rotten little brats!" said the Red Hobgobblin. "I'll show you who's boss!"

He leaped onto the glider and flew into the sky. As he prepared to throw another pineapple bomb, Chuckie shot some more webbing at the glider where it stuck, stopping the glider in flight.

Kimi grabbed the threads and climbed up to the glider.

"You're brave young lady!" said the Red Hobgobblin. "Brave, but fool..."

But before he could finish, Kimi punched him. A fistfight occured on the glider. Finally, Kimi delivered a mighty kick which knocked the Red Hobgobblin off his glider, sending him tumbling to the street.

Kimi guided the glider down to the street.

The crowd was in an uproar, applauding like crazy.

The Red Hobgobblin stood. Chuckie responded by shooting webbing at his mask, blinding him. Then he shot more webbing at a "Stop" sign and pulled it down, right onto the top of the Red Hobgobblin's head.

Dazed, the Red Hobgobblin stumbled around until he regained his balance.

"Hey Kimi!" said Chuckie. "Catch!"

Chuckie shot webbing at Kimi who caught it in her hands. Then Chuckie pulled back, pulling Kimi with him. She flew right at the Red Hobgobblin and delivered a mighty kick to his mask, knocking him down flat.

Kimi pulled the webbing off her hands.

"Now let's see who's under that mask!" said Chuckie.

Kimi pulled off the mask, revealed a dazed skateboard pro.

Stu was shocked. "Tony Hawk?"

Talking like a drunkard, Tony said, "I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for those medding kids."

A police officer came through the crowd. "Tony Hawk? Every week, you're the number one topic we talk about at the police station. You're a legend! We've been issuing plenty of citations to skateboarders, who were skateboarding where they didn't belong, and they all thanked you for their marvelous tricks."

"Why thank you" said Tony.

The officer held up a hand.

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Which one of you wants to know?" asked Tony.

"He's still dazed" said Kimi. "Maybe another clobbering with straighten him up."

Tony could not believe what he had heard.

"Officer, arrest me! Just get me away from those kids!"

As the officer cuffed Tony, he said to Chuckie and Kimi, "we've been tracking this criminal mastermind for months, and you two have just caught him!"

Don MacDonald, the editor of the paper had seen everything. "I guess they really are heroes" he said to himself.

"Tell me about it," said Stan Lee, the creator of Spider Man. "He'll make a great Marvel comic book."

"Sorry Stan, I have first dibs on the rights of Spider-Boy," said MacDonald.

"You and what army?", said Stan.

"Uh, gotta go," said MacDonald, as he runs off.

"Now that's excelsior!", said Stan.

That evening, Chuckie was at the hospital. Lucy was removing the spider DNA from his body with highly advanced equipment. Normally, it was an expensive operation, but the university, citing this as an accident, was willing to pay to get the old Chuckie back.

Soon, the operation was complete.

"It's done!" said Lucy. "Welcome back Chuckie!"

Chuckie held out his wrists. No webbing came out. He tried to climb the walls, but he couldn't stick. He also noticed that his vision was blurry.

Lucy gave him his glasses. "You mustn't forget these" she said.

Chuckie put them on.

"It's good to have you back Chuckie!" said Kimi. "Let's go home!"

Since Chuckie and his friends had walked to the hospital by themselves, they would be walking home.

"Well" said Chuckie, "even though I no longer have powers, it was good while they lasted."

"Chuckie, from now on, let Kimi do the Superhero work" said Tommy. "She may not have powers, but at least she's real strong."

"You can say that again" said Kimi.

"Ok" said Tommy.

"Nevermind" said Kimi. "I don't think we need to hear it again."

When they get home, they watched a video of an old 1960's Spiderman episode, with a familar theme which they sing along to:

Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.

Is he strong? Listen bud,
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Spiderman.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spiderman, Spiderman
Friendly neighborhood Spiderman
Wealth and fame
He's ingnored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider man!

The End

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