The Tweenage Rugrats Save the Park

By Dwayne Anderson

It was a beautiful summer day at the park. The Rugrats were playing a game of tag. Chuckie was "it".

According to the rules, when someone was found, they had to stand by the jungle gym. So far, Chuckie had found Angelica, Susie, Lil, Tommy, and Dil. All that was left was Phil and Kimi.

It took him a few minutes to find Phil. He was hiding under a bench.

Finally, he found Kimi in the tree.

"Well that's everyone" he said. "I won!"

"Let's play again!" said Kimi. "That was fun."

This time, Susie was it.

Just then, the Rugrats saw a middle aged man dressed in a suit and tie.

"Good afternoon kids" he said.

"Uh...good afternoon sir" said the Rugrats.

"I'm here to inform you all that I am a business man. My name is Dick and I'm also a developer."

"Hi Dick" said the kids.

"What brings you here?" asked Susie.

"Your happiness kids" said Dick. "And the fact that I am building a megaplex shopping mall here!"

"Wow!" said Angelica, "a shopping mall."

"When are you going to build it?" asked Tommy.

"Tomorrow afternoon."

The kids cheered.

"Just as soon as we clear away all this land" said Dick.

The kids stopped cheering.

"Tear down the park?" asked Dil.

"You can't be serious!" said Lil.

"Half the town grew up here!" said Chuckie.

"Like I really care" said Dick. "The bulldozer rolls tomorrow at noon!"

Dick walked away.

"Tear down the park?" asked Kimi. "Who does he think he is?"

Later that day, Susie was lying on her bed looking up at the roof.

"I can't believe tomorrow, there will be no more park" she said. "What's a kid to do? Nothing!"

"What's stopping you?" asked a voice.

Susie sat up with a start. Stand next to her bed was an elderly black lady.

"Oh don't be afraid Susie" said the woman. "I'm your guardian angel. My name is Rosa Parks."

"Rosa Parks?" asked Susie. "Aren't you the woman who started the boycott on buses?"

"Yes" said Rosa. "I went to prison for it, but it was all worth it in the end."

"Rosa, the park is going to be torn down tomorrow at noon" said Susie. "What can I do?"

"The right thing" said Rosa. "Get your friends together and protest. Just like we blacks did years ago! Together, you and your friends can do anything!"

Rosa disappeared.

Susie stood from her bed and grabbed her Alisa's cellphone. She called Tommy, Chuckie, Dil, Kimi, Phil, Lil, and Angelica.

For the next few hours, the kids worked on their plan. Tomorrow, they would make a stand.

The next day, shortly before noon, Dick was making final preparations on his phone. In fifteen minutes, the bulldozer would roll.

Suddenly, he saw something up ahead.

The Rugrats were holding up signs and marching around. Susie was shouting in a megaphone.

"What do we want?" she asked.

"Our park!" said the kids.

"When do we want it?"


"What do we want?" she asked again.

"Our park!" said the kids.

"When do we want it?"


This chant was repeated over and over again.

Dick could not believe his eyes.

Soon, other people came into the park, including the parents of the kids.

"Kids, what are you doing?" asked Stu.

"What's it look like?" said Tommy. "We're making a stand!"

"We're not going to let that guy tear down the park!" said Chuckie.

"Tear down the park?" asked a woman. "That guy is mad!"

"Why this is where I met my wife!" said a man, "when we were kids!"

"And that's where I fell off the swings which later gave me this metal cap in my skull!" said another man.

"Hey kids, give me a sign too!" said a woman.

"Soon, everyone was protesting the destruction of the park."

"Like it or not" said Dick, "the bulldozer will be here in one minute."

"Now wait just one minute Mr.!" said Betty, "you can't tear down the park!"

"This is our park!" said Kimi. "And we'll never give it up!"

"Oh yeah?" snickered Dick. "This park is city property!"

"City property?!" said Susie. "That means WE own the park! The citizens of this city had paid to build it many years ago. And we continue to pay for it today to keep it clean and well-maintained! How can you own a place you don't use? How can you own the feel of the air as you swing on the swings?"

"Or the feel of metal on your pants as you slide down the slide?" asked Phil.

"Or even the fact that this park is where many friendships started?" asked Kimi.

"All this and much more, is not just city property, it's OUR property!" said Susie.

Everyone cheered.

Just then, the bulldozer rolled up. A man came out.

"It's about time!" said Dick. "Now tear down this worthless place!"

"Worthless!" said Didi, "this is a place where we all get together for picnics!"

"You just can't seem to see any of this!" said Chazz.

The bulldozer man took out of his pocket, a wad of bills and tossed them to Dick.

"Sorry Dick" he said. "I'm refunding your money. This park is where I met my wife when we were just kids! I just can't do it!"

"Gee that's real romantic" said Dick. "But if you won't, I will!"

Dick goes to the bulldozer and attempts to drag the operator out.

"Sir, you're not authorized to use it!", said the operator.

Dock said, "I don't care! I want a megamall right here and right now!"

"Face it Dickie!" said Kira. "We're all against you!"

Dick frowned. "Fine then! It's yours! Keep this worthless property! I'll just have to build the mall somewhere else!"

Dick stormed away.

Everyone cheered.

"We did it!" said Chazz.

"And it's all thanks to our kids" said Betty.

"Nah" said Tommy. "It was all Susie's idea."

"Thanks guys" said Susie.

"Now lets all celebrate with a barbeque at Arnold's Restaurant!" said Stu.

Everyone cheered.

They celebrated for the rest of the day. Stu grilled hamburgers and hotdogs while the other grownups set up numerous picnic tables. The kids continued to play their games.

As the kids went off to eat, Susie said, "thanks Rosa!"

Rosa appeared to Susie again. "See what happens when you and your friends work together? You can accomplish anything!"

After Rosa disappeared, Susie went off to join the others for a hamburger.

The End

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