The Tweenage Rugrats In: "The Prom"

By Arasin Hughes & Dwayne Anderson

The rugrats are racing on their bikes to the library .

"Hey wait up!", Kimi shouted to Dil (who was way ahead of Kimi), but Dil would not stop.

"I can't! I can just about pass up Phil!", Dil shouted back.

They turned into a garbage alley that was full of garbage.

The next thing the rugrats heard was a scream and a crash. Kimi had crashed into a wall and landed on some concrete. Immediately Kimi started crying.

Lil rushed to Kimi.

"Kimi are you ok?", she said fast.

Kimi answered, "Just go get help!"

So Lil rode her bike to Kimi's house very quickly.

When she ran into the house, Kira asked "Lil, what's wrong?"

"Kimi got hurt at 871 Jeopardy Lane; she smashed into a wall and fell on concrete." Lil said as quickly as she could.

"What?!" Kira said nervously.

She had almost fainted. Chazz started calling everyone's parents.Then all three of them hopped in to the van and drove to 871 Jeopardy Lane. After they got there, they popped their bikes into the van, then they went to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital The Pickles and Deville's were already there. Then after a half an hour later the doctor said that Kimi's right arm and thumb were broken.

When she came out she also had some cuts and bruises on her.

Tommy heard Chuckie whisper "I was supposed to look out for Kimi since she is younger."

The next day.....

"Erg!! I hate this cast! It is so annoying and itchy," Kimi said.

The phone rings; Kira answers it.

"Kimi, phone!!" Kira yelled to Kimi upstairs.

"Hello? Hi Ken. Yea I did. You are? But I have to go with someone! Goodbye!" said Kimi angrily.

Ken said on the phone, "Hey. I heard you broke you're arm. Well I am going out of town on the day of the junior prom and I am so sorry!"

Kimi jumped on her bed and began to cry.

Chuckie knocked on the door.

"Kimi can I come in?", he asked .

"I guess so," Kimi said.

When Chuckie came in he said, "Kimi! Why are you crying?"

"I have a broken arm and no prom date !" Kimi sobbed.

"But what about Ken? He's supposed to be your date!" Chuckie said.

"I have to go out-of-town!" Kimi mocked.

"Oh, wow! How rude!" Chuckie said hugging Kimi.

Meanwhile, at The Pickles house...

"Dil!! Where is my new baseball shirt?" Tommy asked

" Uh, what shirt?" Dil asked nervously

" The one that I bought yesterday at... wait a sec, I saw my shirt on your bed!" Tommy yelled.

"Um, Tommy, well, yesterday in mom and dads room, the paper shredder ripped your shirt," Dil said real nervously.

Tommy said, angrily, "Why I ougta pound you! I paid good money for that shirt! $23.75, Dil! I was gonna wear the shirt when we go to the baseball game. Maybe Kimi can pound you. I was talking to her and I feel really bad for her because Ken has to go away on the fifteenth.That's the same date as the prom. And who are you going with?"

"Trixie Mae, the most dreamiest girl around!" Dil said dreamily

"Stop dreaming Dil or else I might get your crib." Tommy said laughing.

Dil said, "Tommy, I now know all your baby pictures that are hidden some where that you don't know. By the way, who are YOU going with?"

"I don't have any one to go with," Tommy said.

Dil said, "Why don't you go with Kimi? She doesn't have any one go with. And you LOVE her anyway."

"Dylan Prescott Pickles I don't love her." Tommy gritted through his teeth. Then he said, "But I am going to the dance with her."

" Ooh! Tommy's got a girlfriend!" Dil laughed.

Later that night, Tommy called Kimi.

The phone rang a few times before somebody picked it up.

"Hello?" Kimi asked

"Hey, this is Tommy, and I was wondering if you could be my date for this friday?" Tommy asked.

"Why, sure," Kimi said.

That friday, everyone was having fun at the prom and dancing. Everyone was happy all exept Dil. Trixie Mae had been Ken's little sister!

A shy brown girl walked over to Dil and said, "Hello? My name is Emily James and I was wondering if you could dance with me."

That was all it took to get Dil in love again!

Dil stood and began to dance with Emily James.

Even though Kimi was having a good time, she was secretly unhappy. With her boyfriend out of town for the day, she felt as if a part of her was missing.

Even though she was a little angry at Ken, she began to wonder why he left.

"Maybe it was an emergency?" she thought.

Later, as she was getting herself a glass of punch, Kimi met Ken's younger sister Trixie.

"You must be my brother's girlfriend" she said.

"How did you know?" asked Kimi.

"Ken talks to me a lot more recently, but mostly, he talks about you."

"Why did he leave town today?" asked Kimi. "I really wanted to go to the prom with him."

"It was a family emergency" said Trixie. "His cousin got involved in a car accident. Now he is in a cast like yours and can't move for a while."

Kimi now understood why Ken had left. It really was an emergency.

"I know it may seem impossible" said Kimi, "but do you have a cell phone with you?"

"Why yes" said Trixie. "You can call my brother up right now. I know the number of the hospital."

She gave the phone to Kimi and told her the number which Kimi proceeded to dial.

Meanwhile, in another part of the state, Ken was sitting next to the bed where his cousin Karen lay. Like an egyptian mummy, she was wrapped up in casts.

Just then, Ken's cell phone began to ring.

"Hello? Oh hi Kimi! Yeah I'm just visiting my cousin. She was in a similar accident to yours. I won't be here much longer anyway. Sorry I couldn't take you to the junior prom. I really wanted to, but hey, there's always the senior prom in grade 12. I'll make it up to you when I get back. Bye."

He hung up.

"Well" Kimi thought to herself, "at least now I know he had a good reason to leave town."

Just then Tommy said "Hey Kimi,Tomorrow my mom is going to the hospital for a copy of Dil's birth certificate for soccer
and Basketball.Do you want to come?"

"Why'd you ask me?" Kimi asked

"Because it is the same hospital as the one ken's staying over with his cousin, Karen!" Tommy exclaimed

"Sure! Thanks alot!" Kimi said smiling

"Anytime!" Tommy said


"Hey Ken!" Kimi said as she saw Ken geting pop from a machine.

"Kimi! Your here!", Ken said very happily.

They hugged.

"Thanks for coming! I didn't see your parents here," he exclaimed.

"Oh, Tommy and Dil's mom; Dil needed extra copies of his birth certicficate," Kimi explained.

"Kimi do you want to dance?" Ken asked Kimi .

They danced and Kimi knew the piece that was missing wasn't anymore.

The End

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