Tommy & Dil's New Grandmother

By Laura Radatz

Part 1: "First Comes Love..."

One evening, the Pickles family decided to go out for supper. The gang got into the car and drove off. This would be Dil's first time at a restaurant.

"Eating a western's going to be fun, huh, Dilly?" said Tommy.

"Fun! Fun!" Dil replied.

As soon as they got there and out of the car, Tommy & Dil took off exploring. Then, of course, Dil grunted and said, "Poopy!" With Tommy and Dil away from his parents, Tommy wonders what to do. Naturally, they cried, but out of earshot for the grownups to hear. Just then, a woman walked over to them. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and she was wearing earrings.

"Oh, aren't you two just adorable!" she said.

Tommy stopped crying, but Dil continued to weep. He kept crying until the old woman figured out what was wrong. She said, "Oh, you poor thing! You need your diaper changed, don't you? Well, lets see what we can do."

She picked up Tommy and Dil, and walked over to ladies room, bought a diaper out of the vending machine, and changed Dil's diaper. Then, they left to find their parents. She walked by Stu, Didi, and Grandpa's table. When Didi saw a strange woman holding Tommy & Dil, Didi screamed. The woman walked over to the table and smiled at Didi. The woman asked, "Are these yours?"

"Yes, they are," said Didi.

The woman explained the situation: "I heard your babies crying, so I followed the crying to them. One of them, the older one, I'm sure, stopped crying, but the other countinued crying. I finally figured out that he needed his diaper changed, so I bought a diaper and changed him. Oh, I'm sorry! I haven't even introduced myself! My name is Lulu. I never married, so I don't have any children or grandchildren, but I sure wish I did. You children are adorable!"

Didi replied, "Thank you so much, Lulu. I'm Didi Pickles, and this is my husband, Stu, and his father, Lou. And of course, you met my sons, Tommy and Dil."

"No trouble at all, " said Lulu.

Then, Stu and Didi noticed Grandpa and Lulu looking into each other, as if they were in love. They recognised such a look, as they'd seen it before on each other's faces when they had first met. Grandpa and Lulu had fallen for each other!

After that night, Grandpa continued going out with Lulu. Quite some time later, Lulu came to the Pickles' house. Stu and Didi thought this was strange, because Lulu had never come over to their house before. Lulu said hi to Spike (whom she liked instantly), went to the kitchen, and sat down at the table, where Grandpa is about to make a very important announcement.

Grandpa said, "Well, Lulu and I have some news -- we're engaged!"

Lulu continued, " Lou proposed to me today!"

"Congratulations!" said Stu and Didi.

Tommy and Dil were also in the kitchen. Tommy said, "we're going to get a new granny! Won't this be fun?"

"Fun! Fun!" Dil replied.

Part 2: "...Then Comes Kittens"

And now it's time to start planning the wedding. Drew, Charlotte, Angelica, and Fluffy came over to Stu and Didi's house.

Grandpa introduced them: "Lulu, I'd like you to meet my son, Drew, his wife, Charlotte, and his daughter, Angelica."

"Hello there" said Lulu.

They all said "Hi".

Lulu then spies Fluffy: "And who is this adorable kitty?"

Angelica said: "That's Fluffy, the most beautfulist kitty in the world!"

Lulu introduced herself to Fluffy, who just angrily hissed at her. Then, Fluffy did something that nobody had ever seen her do before. Fluffy bit Lulu. Lulu then screamed.

"Don't worry, she's got all of her shots; I'm terribly sorry," said Charlotte.

Just then, Fluffy didn't feel too well. She was moaning and groaning. She was even pulling her own fur out.

Lulu took this situation as if Fluffy was her own pet: "Okay -- Drew, try to calm Angelica down; Charlotte, get Fluffy bundled up. Didi, call the vet to tell her we're on the way; Stu, watch the kids; and Lou, keep Spike busy so that he doesn't get in the way! Alright, you guys get going to the vet. I'll stay home and watch Spike and the babies."

A little while later, the others returned home.

"Well, what's the news?" Lulu asked.

Didi explained, "The news isn't good at all. Fluffy is acting very, very, very ill. She is staying there overnight for observation and possibly surgery, though the vet has doubts that Fluffy would make it."

Drew said, "I hope Fluffy pulls through okay -- for Angelica's sake. I remember when I got Fluffy from the Daisy Hill Kitten Farm, after Angelica was born. After looking at the kitten, I though they would make a great pair, so I got it. Since then, Angelica became very attached to Fluffy; I don't know what will happen when Fluffy dies."

Then, they began planning the wedding. Angelica was going to be the flower girl, Didi's the maid of honor, Charlotte's the brides maid, Stu's the best man, and Drew's the groomsman. They still had alot of planning to do, of course.

Just then, the phone rang. Didi answered it. A little while later, she hung up, with great news to share: "Well, that was Charlotte. Fluffy is going to be just fine. What had happened was the vet had taken a couple of x-rays. She saw something supcious looking somewhere in Fluffy's stomach. So they operated. They ended up deliverying four kittens by C-Section. The kittens were so big, that Fluffy couldn't deliver them normally. That's why Fluffy was acting so strange. Two of the kittens were stillborn, but the other two survived. The vet said that the cause of death for the first two was that they had to wait to long to be born. The others weren't ready to be born yet, so thats why they survived. All four kittens are girls. Pop and Lulu, Charlotte, Drew, and Angelica would like to give one of the survivng kittens to you as a wedding present."

"We'd love to have a kitten." Grandpa and Lulu answered.

"We will name her Faith, because we all had faith that Fluffy would be alright," said Lulu.

Stu then asked Drew, "What are you going to do with the other kitten?"

Drew answered, "I don't know -- does Boris and Minka like cats?"

Didi replied, "They already have a kitten, 'Brothy', after Susie's cat, Chowder, gave birth a few months ago, though I'm sure they can use another one."

Charlotte then asked, "But what about your cat, that Susie gave to you after Chowder became a mommy?"

Didi said, "'Gumbo' was Dil's present, so that both our sons would have a pet of their own. I'm sure Faith and Gumbo would become fast friends."

"But Deed, you said that when we adopted that poodle after Spike ran away, and we ended up buying 50 pounds of dog food a week!", said Stu.

Didi said, "That was different, when we were replacing a pet. I don't know what's going to happen this time, but I have good faith about Faith."

Soon aftterward, Boris and Minka got another cat of their own, as having pets makes them feel less lonely when the family's not around. And of course, the more, the merrier.

Grandpa, Lulu, and Faith were all very excited about the wedding, and the kittens, that would truly make them a family.

The End

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