Rugrats -- As Told By Ginger

Started By Jessie G.
Continued By Kamaria Broussard & Nicky Kozma

Illustrations by Jessie G.

(Note: As Told By Ginger is a Nicktoon series from the producers of Rugrats.)

Part 1: Getting Ready

RingRing! ! Went Ginger's phone. She picked it up and said hello.

"Hey Ginger! It's Dodie. What were you going to tell me today?" Asked Ginger's friend Dodie.

"Well, this morning I went to my mom and asked her if I could borrow $2.50 for lunch today." Ginger started.

"Yeah, you got that far. So what happend?"

"My mom said she thought I should start a job, and guess what she recomended." Ginger asked her.

"Umm, to help out at the senior center like last time." Dodie guessed.

"No, she wants me to start babysitting. And before I could get out of it she told me some friends of hers probly would be intrested in having me as their babysitter. They only have two kids, but five friends usually come over! Sometimes SIX!" Ginger was in a worry mode now, "What am I going to do?"

"Don't worry, me and Macie will just come by and help out. Uh, who's the family? I might know them." Asked Dodie.

"Mr & Mrs. Pickles. Their kids are named Tommy and Dil, Tommy's 1 year old and Dil is like two or three months. The oldest of all the friends and them is Tommy's cousin Angelica who's three."

Ginger replied, "So were talking toddlers."

"Pickles .. Pickles," Dodie repeated, "Nope, never met them."

During the same time Tommy and Dil were over at Chuckie & Kimi's house playing ball in the playpen.

"Hey you guys, my mom just told me that all of us, and Phil, Lil & Angelica are gona go to some girls house to be babysat." Tommy told them.

"What's babysat mean?" Chuckie asked.

"I think it means when when someone sits on a baby, or maybe when someone else, like a grown up sits like a baby," Kimi replied to Chuckie's question. Chuckie gulped.

"I sure hope we don't gets sat on," Chuckie said to them.

"I don't think our mommies and daddies would let anyone sit on us," Tommy confirmed him, "Right?" Tommy asked a little worried.

"Don't worry! We're to big to be sat on!" Kimi reassured them. "Unless of course our baby sitter is a sumo westler."

Tommy and Chuckie gulped as Kimi tossed Chuckie the ball.

"Fwat Tomby!" Said Dil. Tommy gulped again.

"Gee thanks for the encoragement Dil!" Chuckie grew angrey at him.

"Fwat Tomby! Fwat Uckie! Fwat Imi!" Sqeaked Dil.

"Yeah, fwat Tomby, fwat Uckie, fwat Imi and fwat Dil," Chuckie murmured.

By this time Dodie and Macie had both come over to Ginger's house preparing her for babysitting. Unfortunatlly none of them had a younger baby brother or sister and Carl and Hoodsey were both too old.

"Ok, we went threw changing diapers, nap time, story, now what about when they're bored?" Ginger asked.

"Uh, put then on a nap?" Dodie guessed.

"Or read them another story?" Macie tried.

Then Ginger had a terrible thought.

"What if they sneak out of bed and draw on the wall?"

"Tell your mom you bought new wallpaper?" Dodie suggested.

"Or what about Courtney? What if she suddenly decides to come over? I can't tell her to go home!" Ginger almost paniked.

"I thought Courtney was out of town." Macie replied to her panik.

"Uh, it could happen?" Ginger replied dumbly.

"Cut the Mc Donalds act Ginger, next we need to hide the breakables, toddlers, from what I've heard love to break them," Dodie confirmed.

They went threw the house stowing away breakables.

"Angel lamp?"


"Fragile Vase worth $200?"


"The penguin statue on top of the TV set?"

"Don't wan't it to explode, don't we?"

Finally the house was baby-proof.

The girls rested for the hour wait. Carl was at Hoodsey's house, so they didn't have to worry about them.

While Ginger, Dodie and Macie were getting ready for the babies, the babies were getting ready for them.

"So what do we do if they try to sit on us, umm, Lil?" Tommy picked randomly among his friends.

"Cry, scream and advoid being squishered in anyother way." Lil recited. "Angelica, if the babysitters are paying to much attenton to the phone and not to us, then the phone rings and it's our parents, what do we do?" Tommy challenged her.

"Easy as cake! Yell and scream as loud as you can!" Angelica answered.

"Gee, being babysat sure sounds like hard work for my throut," Chuckie told Kimi.

Kimi giggled and looked at Tommy, "Okay, how 'bout this one Tommy. If the babysitters make us go take a nap to early, what do we do?"

"Cry a lot till they come back to the room and till they take you out of the crib." It sounded as if he knew it by heart.

"Yep, I thinks we're ready! What 'bout you guys?" Kimi asked.

"Yup!" They all said.

Part 2: Arriving

Ginger went to opened her door, to see who was ringing the door bell repeatedly. She opened her door and saw Angelica take her finger off the button.

"I thoughts you said she was gona be a sumo westler, Kimi!" Phil whispered to Kimi.

"She was only GUESSING Phillip!" Lil snapped at him.

"Shush guys! We needs to save our voices for the crying and yelling," Tommy told them.

"Why Tommy? Angelica never seems to need to," Asked Lil.

The babies giggled. It was true, Angelica talked so much, AND screamed a lot. She was pretty good at it. Angelica turned around. Since the babies were trying to get along this time, Angelica tried to get along, since she knew babysitters were a pain.

"Me? I don't scream and cry as much Dil!" Angelica snapped back at them.

"When she's right, she's right," Phil said to the other babies.

Ginger let them inside.

"Here's Tommy & Dil 's bag. It has a phone number to reach us at, a little snack, two stories, extra diapers, bottles, extra clothes just in case, a few toys and sleeping bags." Didi told the girls as she handed Dil to Dodie and the bag to Macie. Betty introduced the twins to Ginger, before giving her a bag with items similar to Tommy & Dil's. Then Kira introduced Ginger to Chuckie and Kimi. She gave Ginger their bags, and  Chuckie & Kimi a kiss.

"And I'm Angelica!" Angelica told Ginger while batting her eyes.

"Angelica had clothes, a snack, toys and sleeping bag." Charlotte told her,

"Bye-bye sweety! Kiss-kiss!" She gave Angelica's stuff to Ginger.

The ladies left with their husbands to the party.

Ginger and the others went in to the guest room where the babies would sleep; the babies followed.

"Oh no! It's the bed room!" Lil told them.

"Should we start crying Tommy?" Kimi asked him.

"Not yets, we need to see if they're putting us down for a nap first," Tommy replied.

"Come on kiddies! Lets go to the table and eat din-din!" Dodie said, trying to sound like the babysitter she had when she was five.

"Uh, yeah. Din-din, yum-yum!" Ginger tried to play along.

Chuckie's left eyebrow raised. He asked Tommy, "What's din-din yum-yum?"

Tommy shrugged his shoulders.

"I think she's talking 'bouts dinner," Angelica replied, then she made a face and said, "It better not be yucky vegables!"

Angelica and the other babies grimaced.

"I dunno 'bouts you guys, but at the first sight of vegables, I'm gona try the nextest plan, escapin'," said Kimi; the other babies all nodded in agreement.

But the babies noticed they weren't going to the table, the babysitters had them sit down in front of the TV. Ginger handed them their snacks for dinner and Macie inserted a DVD for them to watch on TV. The began to watch the movie "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs"; of course, Chuckie screamed and hid behind Kimi when ever he saw the evil queen.

"I guess this babysitting stuff can be okay sometimes," Angelica said to Tommy.

Tommy nodded his head in agreement and smiled when Chuckie came out from hiding when the dwarfs sang another song.

Phil and Lil shook their heads sadly, "Too bad for those dwarfs that they had to meet Snow Kite, she cleaned their house and left no buggies or dirt!"

"You know, babysitting isn't as hard as they say it is," Ginger said.

Dodie was about to say something, when the door bell rang.

Ginger looked at her watch and said, "Well, they can't possibly be back yet, It's only been an hour."

Ginger got up and answered the door, when she opened it, she saw Courtney and Miranda.

"Courtney! Miranda! What a surprise!", Ginger said.

Macie replied, "First more babies, now more babysitters. The more the merrier."

Courtney said, "We were planning on going to the movies, but Miranda asked me to invite you ladies along with us. But since you're all too busy babysitting, maybe we can get together next time."

Miranda replied to Courtney, "Why not have them bring the babies along?"

Courtney answered, "Great idea, though we'll have to go to a film that's okay for them."

Ginger, Dodie and Macie picked up the Rugrats.

Ginger said to the Rugrats, "Let's all go out to the movies!". Then, she said to her friends, "I hope their parents don't mind."

Miranda answered, "No, they won't mind. They won't mind at all."

Miranda, then, grinned fiendishly at the Rugrats. Tommy & Kimi gulped.

Ginger asks, "Courtney, do you mind holdin' Dil?"

Courtney replied, "Not at all. Hello little boy."

Dil barfed on Courtney.

Courtney said, "Ginger! He threw up on me!"

Dil starts to cry.

"Now's Dil's cryin'. What do i do?", said Courtney.

"Um, here, I'll hold him," said Ginger.

The girls look through the movie listings in the local paper.

Macie asks, "So, what movie do we plan to see?"

Dodie replies, "Somethin' that doesn't have violence or bad words."

"How about that movie, Courtney?", said Miranda.

Courtney replied, "Too violent. Ginger what about that movie?"

"That's a perfect movie! Great idea Courtney!", said Ginger.

They then take the Rugrats to the movie theater. Soon enough, they arrive.

Part 3: At The Movies

Ginger said, "I'll get snacks."

"Me and Macie will get the tickets," said Dodie.

"Get 12 tickets, okay?"


Courtney said, "Miranda, go with Dodie and Macie. Ginger, let's go inside and buy sodas and popcorn."

"Okay, Courtney."

Dodie said, "Got 12 tickets, Ginger."

"Good; let's take the kids inside.Who's the oldest kid?"

"I am," said Angelica.

Ginger said, "Okay, Angelica. Stand right here. Oh, okay; I'll cut the miltiary act. Let's go in and watch our movie now."

The ladies and the Rugrats then enter the theater.

Courtney asks, "Miranda, you don't mind if i sit next to Ginger, do you?"

Miranda replied, "No Courtney, go ahead. I'll just have to sit next to Dodie and Macie."

Macie said, "I'm allergic to what you're wearin' so you'll have to sit next to Dodie."

Miranda replied, "Yeah, sure, whatever."

After the girls have gotten their seats, Dodie notices that something important is missing.

Dodie asks Ginger, "Did you bring the kids?"

Ginger answered, "Of course I did, Dodie. why?"

Dodie begins to panic, "Oh, my gosh, we lost the kids!"

Courtney said, "We gotta find the little ones."

"Let's hurry up so we won't miss the movie," said Miranda.

Angry, Ginger said, "Miranda,don't you know anything about babysittin'? The kids are more important than some dumb old movie."

Courtney said, "Ginger's right, Miranda, let's get lookin'! C'mon Miranda. Like, hurry up."

"Comin' Courtneeey," said Miranda.

Dodie said, "Quit layin' on the floor and c'mon!"

"This has the makings of a tragedy written all over it," said Macie.

They looked all over the theater for the Rugrats. Then, Courtney discovered them, as they were walking up the aisle.

"There they are!", said Courtney.

The girls them managed to grab all the Rugrats, hugging them as if they were their own. The only Rugrat still on the loose was Dil.

"Uh,Tommy, why is she huggin' us?", said Chuckie.

Tommy said, "Maybe cause she's worried bout' us."

"Guys, I think i've got diapie rash down to my knees!", said Phil.

"I need a new diapie," said Lil.

Ginger found Dil.

"There you are," said Ginger.

All the Rugrats are crying.

Miranda said, "Ginger, they're cryin'!  What do we do?"

Dodie replied, "Maybe they're wet. Let's take them to the bathroom, before they make us loose our hearing."

They all proceeded to the rest room, where they removed the Rugrats' diapers and underwear, finding out that they didn't need any changing.

"I really don't see what's wrong with the kids. They're obivously not wet," said Macie.

"Let's take them home," said Dodie.

Ginger said, "Good idea; they're probably hungry, and we didn't bring any baby food."

Part 4: Back Home

When they got home, the Rugrats were hungry. The girls were getting the Rugrats' food ready.

"Hey look, you guys; they're gettin' our food," said Tommy.

"Good, cause i'm hungry now," said Phil.

Dil was kicking Lil.

"Ouch, Dil! Tommy when we're done eatin', can we take Dil back to the hopsicle?", asked Lil.

Tommy said, "No we can't. Hey where's Kimi?"

Macie then noticed something wrong with that picture.

"Um, Ginger, didya notice that Kimi's gone?", said Macie.

"Okay, let's not panic," said Ginger.

Macie said, "I'll check the backyard. Courtney and Miranda will look in your bedroom."

Dodie said, "I'll check the bathrooms."

Ginger replied, "I'll check my mom and Carl's bedrooms. I just hope she didn't go into Carl's bedroom -- who knows what's in there!"

Ginger then found Kimi in the hallway.

"Kimi, there you are. time for dinner," said Ginger.

While Ginger had Kimi in her hands Kimi tried to go out of her hands.

Kimi saw the dinner.

Angelica saw it too.

Angelica said "Dumb babies! You have better food than me!".

Ginger said "I'm going to tell both of our moms about your behavior young lady!".

Angelica gulped.

While Ginger and her friends talked in the bathroom, Kimi finished her dinner first, very fast. Tommy, Phil, Lil, Dil and Chuckie soon followed. Eventually, Angelica finished her supper, but not until long after the Rugrats finished hers. Angelica cried.

Part 5: Exploring

The Rugrats went in Carl's doghouse.

"Okay Angelica - EAT YOUR FOOD!" Tommy yelled.

Lil said "Oooohh! An X-shaped worm!".

Phil said "An eyeball!".

Tommy said "Grandpa teeth with dry grapes?".

Part 6: New Search

When Ginger and the rest came out they found that they are missing.

"We better find them quick it's almost their bedtime!" Ginger said.

It took about the minute before they found Dil, Tommy & Chuckie. Later, Lil & Phil were found. Then, Angelica. It was a challenge finding Kimi, as she eluded Ginger for a full ten minutes.

"5 seconds to your bedtime 10 minutes till mine and my friends." Ginger said.

Chapter 7: Dear Diary

10 minutes later, Ginger opened her diary.

She wrote-
Dear Diary,

I'm kind of getting the hang of this.

I want to babysit them till I retire.

How could I babysit for forever?

I'd babysit to the bones.

Infinity years.


Macie said "What are you doing?"

Ginger said "Writing in my diary."

Chapter 8: Ten Years Later

Lois came home and said "Ginger you babysitted a long time go home and I will give you 50.50.

"We had a good time Ginger." 11-year old Tommy said.

The End

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