The Tweenage Rugrats in: "The Crystal Ball"

By Dwayne Anderson & Birch Griesse

Prologue -- At The Fair

It was Friday evening at the county fair. The Rugrats and their dates were having the time of their lives at the carnival. Each of the Rugrats had a date, except Kimi, Angelica, and Susie.

They played all sorts of games. They threw darts at targets, used water guns to fill balloons with water, tossed a ball at a target to make a man fall  into water, and every other game.

Soon, they came to a circus tent-like hut. A sign read "Have your future revealed before your eyes for just $5."

"This looks interesting" said Tommy. "Come on everybody, lets go in!"

The Rugrats entered the hut. Inside, was a young woman dressed as a gypsy.

"Welcome!" she said. "I've been waiting for you. Have a seat and have your future told what will happen in ten years."

"Alright" said Tommy.

"Of course, I can only see one person at a time" said the gypsy.

"You go first Tommy" said Chuckie.

"Ok" said Tommy. He walked up to the table where the gypsy lady sat and sat down.

"Here, you pay first. It'll cost you $5."

Tommy handed her a five dollar bill.

"Excellent!" said the woman as she took the money. She uncovered a genuine crystal ball.

"Gaze into the crystal ball, to see your future!"

Tommy gazed into the crystal ball. An image of the future began to take shape.

Part 1 -- Project Nessie

The crystal ball reveals an image of ten years in the future at a scientific labratory. A crowd of people was gathered in the lobby which was a large room with a height of twenty meters.

"Ladies and Gentleman, what you are about to see is no less than  undenialable proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists" said the speaker.

The curtains pulled open, revealing a large clear glass tank filled with water. Inside, was a creature that resembled a dinosaur with flippers and a long neck.

"It really is the Loch Ness monster!" said a man.

"This is incredible!" said a woman.

"Well that concludes the procession" said the speaker as he closed the curtains. Everybody took their leave.

The tank was moved to the outdoor labratory where a group of scientists waited for study to begin.

The door opened. In came another scientist.

"Ahh, professor Tommy Pickles!" said another scientist, "so good of you to come."

"What is that thing?" asked Tommy.

"That is the Loch Ness Monster. We are about to begin study on it. We are going to see its feeding habits, its behavior, and its other actions. Then it'll be put into a zoo."

"Why?" asked Tommy.

"Because the world doesn't know anything about this creature. Who knows, this creature could even be dangerous to humans."

"That can't be" said Tommy. "I was taught to believe that you can't judge a book by its cover."

"Maybe so professor. But we'll never know until we study it."

The scientists proceeded to begin study. They fed the creature and studied  its behavior.

"Amazing" said a scientist. "It behaves just like a dinosaur from the Jurassic Era!"

At another end of the tank, Tommy put on scuba gear and dived into the tank.

"What's Professor Pickles doing?" asked a scientist.

"Who knows?" said the other scientist.

Tommy swam to the creatures side and began to tickle it. The creature began to giggle.

"Amazing" said a scientist. "He seems to have tamed the creature!"

"It looks so friendly" said a scientist. "But how do we know when it'll attack him?"

"Relax" said another scientist. "That won't happen."

Later that evening, Tommy sat at his table eating supper.

"Something troubling you dear?" asked his wife Tonya.

"How can the scientific world be so cruel?" asked Tommy. "Taking a supernatural creature out of its natural habitat and putting it into a lab?"

"And then putting into a zoo" said Tonya. "It's the most barbaric thing I've ever heard."

Tommy finished his meal. "I'm going to go on a hunger stike in protest."

He stood and walked to the kitchen. "First I'm going to strike the chocolate cake, then I'm going to dive-bomb the cheese log!" (rimshot)

Later that night, Tommy lay in bed with his eyes open. Tonya was fast asleep. Tommy couldn't sleep. He couldn't stop thinking of the Loch Ness Monster whom he had named Nessie. He had to do something. He got out of bed, dressed, and tucked his covers onto Tonya and kissed her.

"I'll be back soon" he whispered. "There's something I need to do."

A little later, Tommy stood before the outdoor tank containing Nessie.

"What is it Nessie?" asked Tommy.

Nessie whined.

"You're homesick?"

Nessie nodded.

"If only there was a way to take you back home. But how?"

He thought and thought. And then, it came to him.

"I got it!"

A little later, Tommy flew over the tank and lowered a platform attached to the helicopter with rope. Nessie climbed onto the platform and sat still. Tommy raised the helicopter back up and flew off towards Scotland.

Hours later, he arrived at Loch Ness at the crack of dawn. He lowered the helicopter until it touched the water. Nessie jumped into the water and swam down below the surface.

Tommy flew down to the beach and landed the helicopter. As he stepped out, several uniformed men came out from behind the bushes and pointed their guns at him.

"Hands up professor! You're under arrest for the theft of an unstudied specimen!"

Two men grabbed Tommy and dragged him into the helicopter. They flew back to America.

Hours later, Tommy found himself on trial.

"We bring in Tommy Pickles who is charged with stealing an unstudied specimen from the labratory" said the prosecutor.

Tommy sat in the witness stand.

"Tommy Pickles, how do you plead?" asked the judge.

"As loud as I can sir!" said Tommy. (rimshot)

"Guilty or not guilty?" asked the judge.

"Guilty sir" said Tommy.

"Do you have anything to say before I pass sentence?"

"Yes sir" said Tommy. "I just want to say that I did what I believe was the right thing to do. The Loch Ness monster belongs in his natural habitat, not in a labratory. We can't just take him out of his natural habitat and put him in a zoo for the public to see him. Just because we don't know anything about him doesn't mean he's dangerous. I also just want to say that its wrong to take wild animals out of their natural habitat and putting them into labs. Sorry if I offended the scientific world sir."

"I'm touched Mr. Pickles" said the judge. "I agree with your statement. Therefore, I'm dismissing this case."

"What!" shouted the prosecutor.

The crowd cheered.

Later that day, a law was passed which forbid the scientific world to take wild animals out of their natural habitat. The story gained public interest and was published in magazines and newspapers.

The next day, Tommy was awarded the Nobel prize for his actions.

Back in the present...

"Wow!" said Tommy. "Is that what my future will really look like?"

"It certainly is" said the gypsy. "Ok now, who's next?"

"That would be me" said Chuckie as he stood and sat at the table as Tommy stood and rejoined the others. He handed the gypsy $5 and gazed into the crystal ball.

Part 2 -- President Finster

The image of the crystal ball reveals a room with three separate tables. Sitting at the right table is Chuckie, now a Michigan governor, dressed in a suit and tie. At the left table is another young man. At the center table was the deliberator. Each table had a microphone on it. An audience of people sat in chairs watching.

"Our first issue, is pollution" said the deliberator. "This goes to you, Governor Finster. What is your solution to pollution?"

Chuckie thought for a while, then he started speaking into the microphone.

"My solution to pollution will help your constitution. So send the contribution, and start the revolution!"

Everyone laughed, except Chuckie's oppenent.

"Could we please get serious here?" he asked.

"Quiet" said the deliberator. "Charles here is on a roll."

"I am?" asked Chuckie as he stood. He checked his seat, but didn't find any rolls.

Everyone laughed.

"If there were any rolls around here, you'd eat them!" said Chuckie's oppenent.

Everyone booed.

"Now Governor Finster, what is your solution to pollution?"

"To get rid of pollution, just shut down all the factories that produce it."

Everyone applauded.

"What about you Mr. Thomson?" asked the deliberator. "What is your solution to pollution?"

Mr. Thomson thought, but he couldn't answer.

"I don't know."

"Mr. Thomson, are you saying you're in favor of pollution?"

Everyone booed.

"No that's not it!" he said.

"Get him out of here!" said the deliberator. "You lose Mr. Thomson. I'm voting for Charles!"

Everyone cheered as Mr. Thomson was dragged out of the room.

That evening, on CNN, the story was broadcast over America.

"Since proving that he is in favor of pollution, Mr. Thomson is dropping to nothing in the polls. Recently this evening, he was sent to the hospital for bruises after being attacked by an angry mob. Meanwhile, Michigan governor Chuckie Finster rose in the polls and just a few minutes ago, voting began. Lillian DeVille, CNN, Washington."

The next morning, a paper was published with the front page title "Finster wins by a landslide".

Later that day, Chuckie was sitting at his seat in the Democratics party. He wore a suit and tie with the American flag on them. As their new leader, Chuckie was to make a speech for his people. As the former leader of the Democratics made his final speech, Chuckie began to prepare his speech.

"Forget the speech" he told the former leader. "Just leave a sign:"This space for rent!" He chuckled to himself.

The former leader chuckled. "Good luck with your new position." He took his leave.

"As the Democratic party's new leader, I will rule that everyone should take pride in this great country by waving an American flag" said Chuckie. "I know the previous leader banned them, I will allow them."

Everyone waved a flag of the USA in the room.

"Speaker still rules the flags must be removed" said the judge.

"Ok your honor" said Chuckie. "We'll remove the flags, even if it mean I have to take off my shirt."

"Speaker rules the flags can stay!" (rimshot)

Soon, everyone around the country was waving a flag of the United States. Chuckie became so popular with the people, his people nominated him for president. He quickly rose in the polls and was elected.

As he sat in the president's chair, the phone rang. He picked it up.


"Mr. President, your wife is here to see you" said the secretary.

"Send her in" said Chuckie. He hung up.

The door opened. In came Samantha.

"So good so see you as this country's leader honey" she said.

"Thank you dear" said Chuckie. "I've been president for only a few hours, and already, I've solved many generations worth of problems."

"That's great" said Samantha.

Chuckie picked up the phone. "Hello secretary, send in Mr. Dullard."

"Right away sir" said the secretary.

Just then, the door opened. In came Mr. Samuel Dullard, the vice president whom Chuckie had appointed. Prior to this, Dullard was a congressional representative for the southern California town of Ocean Shores.

"You called for me Mr. President?" he asked.

"Yes" said Chuckie. "I've decided that I want you in my cabinet."

Mr. Dullard smiled.

"Right between the toothpaste and the dental floss!" said Chuckie. (rimshot)

"Just kidding, I really would like to appoint you to my cabinet."

"Thank you Mr. President" said Mr. Dullard. "You're too kind."

Just then, the door opened. In came a beautiful girl with black hair tied back in a ponytail with pink ribbons.

"Congratulations big brother" she said.

Samatha gave Kimi a hug. "How's my favorite sister-in-law?"

"I'm your only sister-in-law" said Kimi. (rimshot)

"Mr. President, what have you achieved so far?" asked Mr. Dullard.

"I've eliminated unemployment."


"Everyone is building homes for the homeless."

"What about wars? Isn't anybody fighting?"

"Nope. All of the countries are friends."

"Mr. President, I don't think many generations worth of problems can be solved in just a few hours."

"Sure they can."

"It is true" said Samantha.

"I'm amazed" said Mr. Dullard. "You really are a good president."

Just then, the phone rang. Chuckie picked it up. "Hello...uh huh. I'll be right over." He hung up.

"What was that Mr. President?" asked Mr. Dullard.

"I have to go to South Dakota. I have a date with history."

"I have to get going too" said Kimi. "As an FBI agent, I have to go report for duty to Chief Robin Banks. I'll see you later Chuckie!"

Kimi took her leave. Chuckie left too.

A few days later, Chuckie stood before Mt. Rushmore. His face was being carved next to Abraham Lincoln.

We then return to the present.

"Wow, I'm a world leader" said Chuckie.

"Certainly" said the gypsy. "Next!"

Chuckie stood and joined the others while Phil sat at the table.

"What's in your future?" asked Samantha.

"Some government job" said Chuckie.

Phil paid the gypsy and peered into the crystal ball. An image began to take shape.

Part 3 -- Meet the Parents

It was a beautiful evening. Phil was at the beach with Lindsay. Tonight was their 10th anniversary. It had been 10 years since their first date. Here they were on the beach tossing rocks on the sea, watching them bounce on the water. Then they lay on the sand.

"Beautiful evening isn't it?" asked Lindsay.

"It certainly is" said Phil. "Especially for our 10th anniversary."

Lindsay giggled. "I love this romance material" she said.

"Me too" said Phil.

Lindsay cuddled up to Phil. "I love you Phil" she said.

"You too" said Phil.

They both drew their lips closer and closer, until suddenly...

"Lindsay! Time to go!"

"Darn" sighed Lindsay. "That's my dad. It's time for me to go. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok" said Phil.

"I mean, over at my place for dinner. I think it's time you met my parents."

"Ok" said Phil. "I'll see you tomorrow at your house, even though I've never seen your house."

Lindsay gave Phil her address and left.

A little later, Howard and Betty sat at the kitchen table having a late night snack.

"He and Lindsay make such a lovely couple don't they?" asked Betty.

"I agree" said Howard. "I think it's time they committed."

"Committed what?" asked Phil as he entered.

"Oh startled us. We were just talking about you and Lindsay...but, not in a gossipy way of course! Tell him Betty."

"As a matter of fact" said Betty, "We were saying Phil that you and Lindsay have been dating for ten years. I think it's time you two got married."

"What are you saying?" asked Phil.

"Son, you've gotta marry that girl" said Howard. "You've been dating for ten years, you're in love, and you want to spend your life with her."

"Of course I do" said Phil.

"Just look at Lil" said Betty, "she's been married for one year and she has twin two month old boys. You should do the same as her boyfriend did one year ago."

"How?" asked Phil.

"Just give her a diamond ring. Make sure you propose to her in a romantic approach. She won't be able to say no if you play your cards right" said Howard.

"Or you could ask your sister" said Betty. Pay her a visit tomorrow and ask her."

"Ok" said Phil.

The next morning, Phil went over to Lil's house. Her husband Timmy had left for work, leaving Lil to nurse her twin sons.

"Why so quiet?" asked Lil.

"I was did Timmy propose to you?"

"It was romantic. He took me on a gongola ride and then gave me a worm. On it, was a diamond ring. Why do you ask?"

"I'm thinking of asking Lindsay to marry me. But I don't know how."

"Do something really romantic for her before you ask her and give her the ring. You'll find a way."

"Ok" said Phil. "I'll do that. Thanks Lil!"

A little later, Phil went to the jeweler's shop and bought a silver diamond ring. He put it into his pocket where he would keep it until the big moment.

That afternoon, Phil arrived at the address Lindsay had given him.

"Wow!" thought Phil. "I didn't know Lindsay's parents were rich!"

He walked up to the door and knocked on it.

Lindsay answered the door.

"Hi sweetie!" she said. "Come on in!"

Lindsay led Phil into the mansion and into the living room where her parents sat.

"Hi sweetheart" said her mother.

"Who's this young fellow?" asked her father.

"Mom, dad, this is Phil, my boyfriend of ten years."

"Nice to meet you" said Phil.

"Ten years?" asked Lindsay's father.

"Don't be rude dear" said Lindsay's mother.

Phil's attention was turned to a large window-like structure filled with dirt and with worms.

"Ahhh, I see you've noticed my worm farm" said Linday's father. "I've had it ever since I was a boy."

A young woman came into the living room. She had red hair and blue eyes. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties.

"Hi Jessica" said Lindsay.

Jessica noticed Phil. "Who, or what is he?"

"He's my boyfriend" said Lindsay. "I invited him over."

"Who cares?" said Jessica.

"Pay no attention to Jessica" said Lindsay. "She's always like this. She's recently been through a tough divorce. She claims her husband left her for another woman, but I'm suspicious of her. I mean, where did we get all this money all of a sudden?"

"Probably from the settlement" suggested Phil.

"You could be right" said Lindsay. "But let's keep silent about it."

"What do you think of Phil, Jessica?" asked Lindsay's father.

Jessica did not answer.

"Don't take it so hard Phil" said Lindsay's father. "I know Jessica is rude, but it's not her fault. Several weeks ago, her husband of two weeks left her. I hope that when my younger daughter gets married, her marriage will last a lifetime. Of course, it has to be the right man."

Lindsay's mother whispered to her husband, "Phil could be the one for Lindsay. After all, they've been seeing each other for ten years."

"I think so too" said Lindsay's father.

He picked up an urn from the shelf over the fireplace.

"You see this Phil? This urn contains the ashes of my father."

"Why? Was he a heavy smoker?" (rimshot)

"No. After he died, he was cremated and his ashes placed in this urn. Wanna see?"

"Certainly" said Phil as he took the urn.

Suddenly, Phil lost his balance and tripped over an untied shoelace, sending the urn flying, right into the ant farm, shattering both the urn, and the glass protecting the ant farm.

"Oh no!" screamed Lindsay's father. He rushed over and began to pick up the ashes. But they spilled through his fingers.

"I'm really sorry" said Phil.

"No, that's ok" said Linday's father. "It was bound to break sooner or later."

Lindsay's father noticed that his ants were beginning to crawl all over the place. Phil gave chase and dived after them. He picked them up in his hands and threw them back into their farm behind the shattered glass.

"I'll have to fix that" said Lindsay's father.

"Well let's just put all this trauma behind us and go eat dinner" said Lindsay's mother.

A little later, dinner was served.

"Oh boy! Spaghetti and meatballs!" said Phil.

"Tonight's your lucky night" said Lindsay's mother. "Lindsay told us you like spaghetti."

"I certainly do" said Phil. "This stuff reminds me of the worms me and my sister Lil used to eat."

"Please! We're eating!" said Lindsay's father.

"I didn't know you had a sister" said Lindsay's mother.

"Of course" said Phil. "We are twins. She's already married and has twin boys."

"That's nice" said Lindsay.

"Excuse me" said Phil. "Where's the bathroom?"

"Upstairs" said Lindsay.

"Thanks" said Phil as he stood and went upstairs to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, after finishing his duty and blowing his nose, Phil came back to the table.

Jessica sat at the table after spending some time in her room putting on her make-up. She was smiling, but when she saw Phil, her smile faded.

"Is he going to eat at the table with us?" she demanded.

"Of course" said Lindsay. "I did invite him over."

"I think she hates me" Phil whispered to Lindsay.

"Don't take it so seriously" said Lindsay. "She's always like this."

Lindsay's father poured himself a glass of wine. "Want some Phil?"

"Sure" said Phil as he extended his glass towards Lindsay's father.

Lindsay's father poured Phil a drink. Then Phil began to drink.

Jessica sat down at the table. As she passed Phil, her feather boa tickled his nose. She then proceeded to sit in front of him, completely ignoring him.

Phil's nose itched from the feather boa. Suddenly, he sneezed, sending his wine right into Jessica's face.

Jessica screamed.

Lindsay started laughing.

"Sorry" said Phil.

Jessica fumed.

"He seems so polite" said Lindsay's mother.

"Thanks" said Phil. "Although I did blow my nose on the wrong towel."

Everyone looked at him.

Phil looked puzzled. "What?" he asked.

"I can't believe you invited that monster over here!" said Jessica.

"Jessica! Don't be rude!" said Lindsay's father.

"He's so disgusting!" said Jessica.

A little later, Lindsay's father climbed up a ladder leading to the swimming pool in the backyard.

"Phil, did you adjust the temperature to make it warm?" he asked.

"Yes sir" said Phil.

Lindsay's father dived off the diving board into the pool. Jessica followed in her pink swimsuit.

"What the...?" screamed Lindsay's father.

"Yow! It's cold!" screamed Jessica.

Phil looked at the dial thermometer. It was pointing into the blue area instead of the red area.

"Oops!" he said. "Sorry!"

Jessica and her father fumed.

A little later, Phil went into Lindsay and Jessica's bedroom where he found Lindsay reading a book.

"Interesting book?" asked Phil.

"It certainly is" said Lindsay.

Phil picked up the book from Jessica's dresser and read it.

"What's this?" he asked.

"That's my sister's diary" said Lindsay.

"No, what's this?" asked Phil.

Lindsay took the book and read the page. "Oh my god!" she whispered.

Lindsay closed her sister's diary, after ripping out the page. "My sister is a crook!" she whispered. "My suspicions were right!"

Phil's face went pale.

A little later, Lindsay walked into the family room of the mansion, to see her father and sister sitting on the couch.

"Lindsay, we need to talk to you about something" said her father.

"What is it?" asked Lindsay.

"It's about Phil" said her father.

"What is it?" asked Lindsay.

"I came in here, and every ant from my and farm is gone!"

"Well Phil does eat bugs" said Lindsay.

"What!" exclaimed her father.

"And then he turned down the temperature on the swimming pool!" shouted Jessica.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it" said Lindsay. "Everybody makes mistakes."

"Don't give me that attitude sis! That boyfriend of yours is a monster!"

"Stop it Jessica!" shouted Lindsay.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Lindsay's mother answered it.

Outside stood a young woman in her early twenties, with black hair tied back into a pony tail with pink ribbon.

"Hi mame. I'm Kimi Finster, a friend of Philip."

"Please come in Kimi" said Lindsay's mother.

Jessica, Lindsay, and her father came into the front hall. Phil came in from the kitchen.

"Nice of you to come Kimi" said Phil.

"I'm here to see Jessica" said Kimi.

Jessica stood before Kimi. "Why?" she demanded.

"The game's up Jessica!" said Lindsay. "We know where you got the money for this family!"

"What are you talking about?" said Jessica with a wicked smile. "You have no proof that I have something to do with it."

Lindsay pulled out the page from Jessica's diary. "Recognize this?" she asked.

"That's a page from my diary!" shouted Jessica.

"I know" said Kimi.

"What's going on?!" demanded Lindsay's father.

"The money's going right back to where it belongs" said Kimi.

"Why?" asked Jessica with a wicked smile. "Do I owe you money?"

"Very funny" said Kimi as she pulled out of her pocket a wallet-like notepad and opened it revealing her id.

"FBI" she said.

Before Jessica could react, Kimi grabbed her arms, forced them behind her back and forced her to her knees.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say could be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you."

"What are you doing?" shouted Jessica.

"Jessica Hutchinson, you're under arrest for fraud, embezzlement, and grand theft" said Kimi as she handcuffed Jessica.

The door opened. In came two more police officers with their guns drawn at Jessica.

"Where's the Chief?" asked Kimi.

"Right here" said Robin Banks as he entered.

"Perfect timing Chief" said Kimi.

"Kimi, you and I have been good friends for ten years. Just call me Robin."

Kimi finished handcuffing Jessica. "Reminds me of the times when me and Robin joined forces in the past to save the town's largest diamond from thieves."

"Those were the days" said Robin.

"Excuse me" said Lindsay's mother. "Why are you here?"

"I recieved a phone call from Phillip Deville and Lindsay Hutchinson when they found a page from her diary that revealed that Jessica had stolen her husband's fortune and transferred all his money to the family's bank account. Now we'll see to it that the money is returned to its rightful owner" said Kimi.

"Phil!" shouted Lindsay's father. "How could you do this? And how dare you involve Lindsay!"

"I admit it!" shouted Jessica. "I only married Frank for his money! I never loved him! Then I stole his money, and sold the house and kept the money!"

"That will be used in court against you" said Robin.

"Like I always say" said Kimi. "The FBI always get their man."

Phil was puzzled. "Lindsay's sister was a man?" (rimshot)

Lindsay started laughing.

Kimi, Robin, and the officers led Jessica out of the mansion to the cars outside.

"Have a pleasant evening" said Kimi. She closed the door.

Lindsay's father turned to Phil with fury.

"This is all your fault!" he said. "Now Jessica is going to prison!"

"Your daughter was a thief" said Phil.

"I knew that money came from somewhere" said Lindsay.

"First you break my grandfather's urn! Then you destroy my ant farm! Then you turn down the temperature on the swimming pool! And now, my daughter is off to prison, all because of you!"

"I was involved too" said Lindsay.

"Get out of my house Phil" said Lindsay's father. "And stay away from my daughter!"

He wrote a check and gave it to Phil.

"$10,000?" asked Phil.

"That's right" said Lindsay's father. "Now stay away from my daughter!"

"No deal!" said Phil. He tore the check into two pieces. "Lindsay may be worth $10,000 to you but to me she's not worth anything in money! I love her!"

"Oh Philip" cried Lindsay as she embraced him. Tears of happiness fell from her eyes.

"Fine then!" said Lindsay's father. "We're no longer family. Get out of this house Lindsay, and take your stuff and boyfriend with you! You're out of the will!"

"I don't care!" said Lindsay. "All your family generation ever cared about was money!"

Phil and Lindsay took their leave.

"You didn't have to be so gruff honey" said Lindsay's mother.

Lindsay's father walked into the living room, not even answering her.

A little later, at the beach, Phil and Lindsay sat on the sands looking up at the moon.

"Phil I know you're upset about what my father said to you" said Lindsay.

"But it doesn't matter. All my family ever cared about was money and fancy jewelry. But I don't need money or fancy jewelry to be happy. I just want you!"

Phil didn't answer. He lowered his head.

"What's wrong?" asked Lindsay.

"Nothing" said Phil. He raised his clenched fist. "I just don't know what to do with this."

He opened his hand. In his palm, was the silver diamond ring.

Lindsay gasped. "Is that for me?"

"If you want it" said Phil. He took it out of his palm.

"Lindsay...will you marry me?"

"Yes!" said Lindsay as she embraced him. Phil slipped the ring onto her finger.

Back in the present...

"Wow" said Phil.

"Next" said the gypsy lady.

Dil sat at the table as Phil stood and joined the others.

"What's in your future?" asked Lindsay.

"You'll just have to wait and see" said Phil with a smile.

t was Dil's turn to see his fortune. He stepped up to crystal ball and paid the gypsy five dollars. Then he gazed into the crystal ball.

Part 4 -- The Funny Show

Dil stood on a stage. He wore a blue and white striped flannel shirt, and red and yellow plad flannel pants. He wore a bright pink flower with a yellow center. A lot of people wearing funny looking clothing.

"Good evening," Dil said. "Tonight I'm going to do something a little differenent than usual. I'm going to do a 'cooking' show. I'm going to make Funky Wunky Chicken and a Silly Willy Milkshake to go with it. I'll need two people from the audience to help me. Who wants to help?"

Everyone in the audience stood up and waved their hands in the air.

"Alright," said Dil "How about you?"

Dil pointed to a woman in a red dress. The woman walked up on the stage."

So, what's your name?" Dil asked the woman.

"Kathrina," the woman told him.

"Alright, Catrina," Dil began.

"It's 'Kathrina' not 'Catrina', sir," Kathrina told Dil. The audience giggled.

"It's 'Dil' not 'Sir', Catrina," Dil joked. The audience burst into laughter.

"Never mind," Kathrina sighed.

"Any ways, Catrina, you're going to be the chicken, ok," Dil said to Kathrina.

The audience laughed again. Kathrina turned red.

"Ok, now I'm going to need someone to be the main ingreedient in the milkshake," Dil told the audience.

The audience giggled.

"How about you?" Dil pointed to a heavyset man with blue hair.

The man jumped from his seat and ran on stage. He stood there and smiled.

"What's you name?" Dil asked the man.

"I'm Freddy," the man told him.

"Alright, Teddy," Dil said.

Freddy let out a huge laugh. Everybody stared at him for awhile. Then they all laughed.

"Ok, well, are you two ready to 'cook'?" Dil asked. Kathrina and Teddy nodded.

"Alright, Catrina, it's time to get you ready to eat," Dil laughed. The audience giggled.

"First, we'll need to 'dress' you," Dil told Kathrina. The audience laughed. Dil pulled out cart, filled with clothes.

"Ok. Time to dress you," Dil said. He put a very strange outfit on Kathrina.

"Now time to put you in the oven," Dil pointed to a large box. Kathrina crawled into the box. The audience was laughing so hard, some of them fell out of their seats.

"Ok, Teddy, all we need to do with you is stir you up," Dil gestered to a huge bowl. "Climb in."

Freddy climbed into the bowl, and Dil pretended to stir him up.

"Now that your ready, Freddy, let's check on our chicken," Dil opened the box, and Kathrina climbed out.

"Well, that wraps up tonights show, see next Saturday," Dil said.

Back to the present:

"So, I'm a comedian!" Dil said. The gypsy nodded.

"Next," She said. Lil paid the gypsy five dollars and looked into the crystal ball.

Part 5 -- Job Interview

Lil was nervous. Today she was in Atlanta for an interview to be a CNN news reporter. She was wearing a tight pink powersuit. She looked at her watch.

"Time to go," She realized.

She drove to the place where her job inerview would be held.

"Oh, I hope I'm accepted!" Lil thought, worriedly.

To make a long story short, she was. Recently graduated from the University of Nebraska's School of Broadcasting, she walked in jobless, and walked out a CNN news reporter. Lil was so happy. So was her boss. Lil always covered the best, juiciest stories. Ever since she was hired the company had been making millions more than before. At first Lil's boss thought it was just luck, but then she realized, Lil was really an amazing reporter. One day the boss called Lil up and asked her to come to her office.

"I'll be right there!" Lil promised. She drove to the boss's office. When she arrived, she entered and sat in a wooden chair before her boss's desk.

"Hello, reporter Lillian," the boss adressed Lil.

She had puffy brown hair and wore a maroon powersuit, along with ten tons of make-up.

"You are doing an astoundingly good job as a reporter. In fact I am thinking about giving you a raise! What do you think of that?"

Lil was amazed.

"That would be wonderful," she said.

"Very well," said the boss, "You may leave now."

Lil drove home. A few weeks later she was called by her boss again.

"We want you to cover the story of the election of Chuckie Finster for president!" Her boss told her. Lil couldn't believe Chuckie had won the election.

"Come to the studio in an hour so we can film your live report, OK?" the boss didn't even wait for Lil to answer.

"Great, see you then," she said.

An hour later Lil was sitting in the studio giving her report.

"This is Lillian DeVille reporting to you live from The White House," she said, "Today, Charles C. Finster III, governor of Michigan, was elected president of the US."

Back to the present...

"So, I'm a reporter!" Lil said. The gypsy smiled as Kimi stepped toward the crystal ball.

Kimi gave the gypsy five dollars, and peered into the crystal ball. An immage slowly took shape.

Part 6 -- The Call

It was 4:00 in the morning and Kimi lay sleeping in bed until... Urgent message! Urgent message!... her FBI radio went off. Kimi's eye's fluttered open. She pressed a red button on her radio.

"Hello," she said sleepily.

The Chief is calling her.

"Agent Kimi, this is Chief Robin Banks. A jewelery store has been robbed. Not a single item, but one ring, was left. Report to headquarters immediately."

Kimi shot out of bed, threw on her clothes, and drove to the FBI headquarters. When she arrived the case was explained to her in more detail, then she and several other agents acompanied by Robin Banks went down to the jewelery store. At the store, the angents asked questions, and searched every nook and cranie for clues, then made a list of suspects. After that, they went back to headquarters to study the clues in the lab. They worked until their eye's were redder than fire, but they found nothing. Robin dismissed them. He stopped Kimi as she was heading out the door.

"Be here early tomorrow," he told her.

Kimi nodded. That night Kimi lay in bed, when she suddenly thought of something. She jumped out of bed and, not taking time to get dressed, threw on her bathrobe over her nightgown.

Then she ran to headquarters, not thinking to drive. She looked carefully at all of the clues.

"I knew it!" she cried.

Then she ran to a log cabin across the street from her house. She peeked in the window. She gasped at what she saw. Inside were two muscular looking men. A table near them was laiden with jewelery. Kimi grabbed her radio and pushed the red button.

"Chief, this is agent Kimi. I think I caught the crooks."

Kimi told him to come armed, with several agents. Then she gave him the address. The house was soon surrouned. Kimi broke in and held up her gun.

"Hands in the air!" she commanded.

Kimi cuffed the crooks and read theim their "rights".

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you can't afford an attorney, one will be provided to you without charge before questioning. You understand it?"

"Yes, ma'am," said the crooks.

After the two men were proved guilty, Kimi was surrounded by reporters wherever she was.

"How did you know it was them?" they would ask. So Kimi would tell them,

"Well, they live near me and I had heard them talking about it before. I also saw them outside the jewelery store whispering the day before the robbery. Lastly, the finerprints found at the crime scene exactly matched some fingerprints I had collected from a beer bottle right in front of their house."

Back to the present...

"Wow!" Kimi exclaimed. "I'm an FBI agent!"

"Certaintly," said the gypsy, "Next!"

Outside the tent, Kimi said to Tommy, "Isn't Susie next?"

Tommy said, "She went to the bathroom. She'll be right back."

"I guess it's Angelica's turn, then," said Kimi.

Angelica entered the tent. Angelica handed the gypsy a five. She sat down and peered into the crystal ball as a picture formed.

Part 7 -- Model Magic

Angelica stood behind a curtian. She wore the latest fashion, newly desined by designer S. Carmichael. A girl with curly blonde hair walked backstage.

"Break an egg, Angie," she said, giggling. Angelica glared at her.

"Oh, eggs, very funny, Emma," Angelica said sarcasticly.

"Your UP," Emma reminded her.

Angelica glared at her again before strutting down the runway. When she reached the end and posed for a little bit while people took her picture, then headed back. She walked backstage and signaled for the next model to go out on the runway. Then she headed to the dressing room to change into her next outfit. In the dressing room Angelica began changing into a purple and green dress.

"Hi Angelica," said a voice. Angelica whirled around, startled. Beside her stood a woman with wavey brown hair.

"Oh, Carol, you startled me," Angelica sighed.

"Sorry, Angelica," Carol apolgised, "I just wanted to wish you good luck."

"As if I need it," Angelica joked.

Carol giggled a little, then left. Angelica finished dressing. She got ready to walk the runway again.

Later that day the fashion show finally ended. Angelica got ready to leave. She changed into her normal clothes. She walked out of the building strait into a crowd of reporters.

"Out of the frying pan and into the fire," Angelica thought. She sighed.

"Mrs. Angelica, how does it feel to be the worlds most loved supermodel?" one reporter asked.

"IT WOULD FEEL A LOT BETTER IF YOU LEFT ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!" Angelica yelled at the top of her lungs.

Then she managed to reach her car and drive home.

"How was you day, sweetheart?" Angelica's husband, Andy asked.

"Same as usual," Angelica replied glumly.

"If you don't like your job, honey, why don't you quit?" Andy suggested.

"I can't afford to quit, Andrew, you know that," Angelica sighed.

"Maybe you could find a new job," Andy said hopfully.

"I'll look for one," Angelica said a little more brightly. The next morning Angelica flipped through the paper, looking for a new career. She found nothing.

That night Angelica was more angry and glum than ever. She decided to let out her anger on a canvas, since painting was her favorite past time. When Angelica finished her picture, she looked at it happily. She had just found her new career. The next day Angelica was able to sell her painting to an art museum. Then she started on another.

Back to the present...

"I'm gonna be a model, AND a painter!", said Angelica.

The gypsy said, "Next!" Susie, who just got back from the restroom, gave her $5. The gypsy then reads Susie's future.

Part 8 -- The Fashion Show

Susie sat at her desk in a small clothing store she owned. She drew a picture of a new article of clothing she was designing. Recently, she had designed a new dress that supermodel Angelica Pickles wore at a fashion show.

Just then, the door to her office opened. In came a young woman in her mid twenties with brown hair and blue eyes. She wore a red dress with blue sandals.

Susie recognized her. It was Elizabeth Cromwell, her competition in fashion. Elizabeth and her husband each owned a fashion shop downtown. Her husband was into clothing made from animal skins while Elizabeth designed clothing from the finest silk.

"Hello Elizabeth" said Susie. She showed Elizabeth her new design. "How do you like it?"

"Great" said Elizabeth. She grabbed the canvas. "And to think, I designed  it!"

"Elizabeth! That's my design! Give it back!"

"See you at the fashion show tonight!" laughed Elizabeth as she left with the canvas.

Susie sat at her desk too stunned to speak.

"Great!" she said in frusteration. "Now what am I going to design for the show tonight?"

Just then, she heard the bell ring at the front of her shop.

"A customer!" she said.

She stood and ran out of the office and to the cash register where she met a young woman with long blonde hair in a ponytail.

"I know you!" said Susie. "You're Phil's girlfriend Lindsay!"

"That's right" said Lindsay. "Now I'm his fiance."

She showed Susie the silver diamond ring.

"That's a beautiful ring" said Susie. "Didn't the jewelry shop get burglarized last night?"

"Yes" said Lindsay. "Check the newspaper to read about it. Some rookie FBI agent solved the case and brought the criminals to justice."

"I'll be sure to check later" said Susie.

"Anyways" said Lindsay, "I came in for a wedding gown."

"Great!" said Susie. "I'll sell you a wedding gown I designed myself!"

The transaction was completed and Lindsay left with the dress.

Susie went into her office and picked up the newspaper from the other evening.

On the front page was a picture of a young woman dressed in a black military general's uniform complete with a general's hat. The bold type read, "Rookie Agent Busts Jewel Theft". The story was written by Lillian Deville.

"I know that girl" said Susie. "That's Kimi!"

She proceeded to read about Kimi being awarded a medal of honour by  President Chuckie Finster at a ceremony at the White House.

She also read about a young woman who had embezzled money from her  ex-husband who Kimi also captured and brought to justice. Credit was given to Phillip Deville and Lindsay Hutchinson for helping Kimi capture the embezzler woman.

"For a rookie, she's quite a good agent!" said Susie.

Also in the story about the jewel theft was an interview with Professor Tommy Pickles, a nobel winning scientist who analyzed the evidence, but found nothing. Tommy had told reporters that even he couldn't solve the case  despite his intelligence.

"I'd better get to work on a new fashion design" said Susie. "There's a fashion show tonight! If I don't get something done, I'll go out of business!"

She looked through all of her other designs on canvases. Then she got an  idea.

"I'll just use one I've already made! I could get Angelica to model it and help save my career. That'll make Elizabeth sorry for stealing my designs!"

Soon, it was time to close up. Susie closed up her shop and started to drive home. It was 7:30. The fashion show was in one hour.

"Maybe I'll stop at the shop my competition owns and see what they're up  too."

She stopped the car at the shop.

"What the...?"

She saw Elizabeth coming out of the shop with a piece of paper which she proceded to throw into the garbage bin. Then she climbed into her car and drove away.

Susie was curious. She climbed out of the car and closed the door behind her. Then she walked up to the garbage bin and looked in. Eventually, she found the paper and took it out.

"Why would she throw it out?" she asked herself.

She went back to her car and climbed in. Then she looked at the piece of paper.

She gasped. "I don't believe it!"

The piece of paper had a bunch of numbers on it that recognized.

"That's my shop's bank account!" she said. "Elizabeth and her husband are draining my shop's finances!"

She quickly drove home and inserted the paper into her fax machine which was delivered somewhere downtown.

Meanwhile, in another house downtown, Kimi sat on her couch watching television. Sitting next to her was Ken, her fiance and partner in the FBI.

Suddenly, Kimi saw a piece of paper come up from her fax machine.

"What's that?" asked Ken.

Kimi stood and took the paper from the fax machine. She studied it. Written on the paper was "Susie Carmichael

"It's from Susie!" she said. "Apparently another fashion shop is stealing the funds from her shop!"

"We'd better get to headquarters and show this to Chief Banks" said Ken as he turned off the television. He and Kimi ran out of the house with the paper and drove to headquarters.

A little later, Kimi and Ken entered Robin Bank's office.

"Chief, you'd better look at this fax I got" said Kimi as she handed it to Robin.

Robin took the paper and studdied it.

"Looks like we got us another embezzelment case" he said. "Get dressed and be prepared to corner the crooks at the fashion show! And call up our newest agents and tell them to prepare for their first assignment."

"Yes sir, right away sir!" said Kimi. She and Ken left the office and went to their dressing rooms to get changed.

Several minutes later, they came out of the dressing rooms. Ken was wearing a black suit and tie with black leather shoes. Kimi wore a black military general's uniform complete with the cap. She had been promoted to team leader for her part in solving the jewel shop theft the previous night.

Kimi then picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Meanwhile, at a nearby apartment, Phil and his fiance Lindsay sat on the couch watchin a movie when suddenly, the phone rang.

Phil picked it up. "Hello?" he asked.

He listened for a while. "You got it. We're on our way."

He hung up. "Lindsay, we should go report to headquarters for duty. We've just recieved our first assignment."

Lindsay turned off the VCR. "I'm so excited!" she said. "Let's go!"

They walked out of the apartment and locked the door behind them.

Phil and Lindsay were the FBI's newest agents. For their part in solving the mystery of the embezzling woman who was really Lindsay's sister, they had both been offered jobs with the FBI which they accepted. After intense training, they were now rookies.

Soon, Phil and Lindsay dressed in their uniforms and met Ken and Kimi in the office of Chief Robin Banks.

"Your assignment is to capture a husband and wife team who have been embezzling money from Susie Carmichael's fashion shop."

"No problem boss" said Ken.

"Kimi will be the team leader" said Robin. "You will all follow her orders and trust in her leadership. Good luck!"

The four agents left the office and followed Kimi to the car outside. They began to drive to the theatre where the fashion show was being performed. It was 8:30 p.m.

At that very moment, at the theatre where Angelica worked, the auditorium was crowded with people who sat in chairs to watch the fashion show.

Sitting at a desk near the stage were two reporters, one was Lil. Susie came up onto the stage with Angelica. Angelica was modeling a new dress that Susie had designed. The people awed at her and applauded. After the two reporters had questioned Susie about the dress, she walked off the stage  with Angelica.

Elizabeth came onto the stage wearing the dress that Susie had drawn the design for. Her husband Harold came onto the stage with a rack full of clothes.

Soon, the two reporters began to question the clothes.

"These clothes are made from the finest quality animal skins" said Harold.

Everyone gasped.

"Don't worry folks" said Harold. "I do not tolerate cruelty to animals in my shop."

Everyone sighed with relief.

"I obtain my high quality merchandise by driving through the countryside and picking up what's on the side of the road."

Meanwhile at that very moment, the FBI car carrying the four federal agents pulled to a stop outside the theatre. Kimi came out followed by Ken, Phil, and Lindsay.

"Let's get to work" said Kimi. "Onward!"

The four agents walked up the steps towards the theatre following Kimi. The bouncer outside stopped them and explained that no one else could enter the building since the doors were now locked.

Kimi, Ken, Phil, and Lindsay responded by showing their ID.

"Pass on through officers" said the bouncer. He opened the doors and allowed the four agents to enter.

Soon, the four agents entered the lobby. They came to the door which would lead to the theatre auditorium.

"Ken, try the door" said Kimi.

Ken turned the knob, but it wouldn't turn.

"Kimi, the door is locked!"

"Then we'll all ram it!" said Kimi. "On three!"

The four agents backed up to the wall.

Kimi began to count. "One, two, three!"

The four agents charged at the door.

Back in the auditorium, people were applauding. Elizabeth turned to Susie with a wicked smile.

"People seem to like my style better. Looks like your career is over."

"That was my style you stole!" said Susie.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. Everyone stopped applauding.

Down the stairs to the stage ran Kimi, Ken, Phil, and Lindsay who proceeded to pull out their guns.

"Hold it right there!" said Kimi. "We're FBI officers!"

"Nobody move and we won't get hurt!" said Phil.

Kimi, Ken, and Lindsay looked puzzled.

"Phil you got it wrong" said Ken.

"Ok" said Phil. "Everybody move, and we won't get hurt!" (rimshot)

"You got it wrong again" said Lindsay.

"We will get hurt?" asked Phil.

"What is going on here?!" demanded Elizabeth.

"You officers are interupting a fashion show" said Harold.

"You're under arrest" said Kimi.

"What for?" asked Elizabeth.

Kimi took out the piece of paper that Susie had faxed to her. "How about embezzlement?"

"I thought I threw that paper out" said Elizabeth.

"You did" said Susie.

"We're putting you two out of business" said Ken.

"Now who's career is over?" asked Susie.

As Elizabeth and Harold were led out of the room in handcuffs, the judges awarded the best fashion design award to Susie.

"Thank you! Thank you!" said Susie. "Thank you all!"

The next day, Susie's business boomed and she began making a higher profit than usual. Harold and Elizabeth's shop closed and was torn down. Susie was now the most famous fashion designer in town.

Back in the present...

"That's cool!" said Susie.

"Is that everybody?" asked the gypsy.

"Yes" said Susie. "That's everyone."

"Thank you all for your time. Have a nice day, and a wonderful future," said the gypsy.

Susie walked out of the tent and joined the others.

"I'm going to be a famous fashion designer!" she said.

"Great!" said Angelica.

"I wonder if the future will really be like what we saw?" wondered Tommy.

Suddenly, they heard a voice. "Somebody stop that man! He stole a purse!"

The tweenage rugrats turned and saw a young man running across the ground.

Suddenly, another young man was seen chasing after the other man.

"It's Robin!" said Kimi.

Robin dived at the man, caught him around the legs, and tackled him to the ground.

"And he takes out the kingpin!" said an excited Kimi.

A crowd of people gathered around the crowd. Robin stood up as several police officers came and took the purse thief away. One of them shook Robin's hand.

"Congratulations Mr." he said. "We could sure use someone like you on the force!"

"Thank you sir" said Robin.

Kimi approached the crowd and started making her way through. Robin heard her voice and saw her approaching the front of the crowd.

"Alright everybody" said Kimi, "move aside. Best friend coming through. That would be me!"

"Hey I know you!" said the police officer. "You're the girl who helped this man stop the theft of the town's largest diamond several days ago!"

"She certainly is" said Robin.

"You two make quite a team" said the officer. "One day, you two may join this country's team of law enforcement. Maybe even, join the FBI one day."

"You can be sure of that" said Kimi.

Back outside the crowd, the other tweenage rugrats were amazed at what they heard.

"I guess it is possible" said Tommy.

"We'd better get going home soon" said Susie. "It's almost 10:00. Almost curfew time."

As the crowd broke up and returned to their games, Kimi joined the others and together, they walked out of the carnival grounds.

"We got a great life ahead of us" said Tommy. "We got a great future to look forward too!"

Epilogue -- The Reunion

Ten years later, the predictions of the gypsy woman came true.

Tommy went on to Oxford University, studied Science and became a science professor in a lab. He married Tonya and several weeks later, the scientific world revealed the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. Tommy released it, and was arrested for his actions, but he was quickly aquitted. He went on to win the Nobel prize and work in an FBI labratory. And whenever he wasn't working in the lab, he's usually travelling around the world on vacation, freelancing on the side for National Geographic. Over the years, he hasn't lost his sense of adventure.

Chuckie moved to Flint, Michigan, where he became an auto worker at GM, while studying law at night school. Later, he became a politician and was elected governor of Michigan. He was later elected leader of the Democratic party. He married Samantha and eventually gained popularity with the people and was elected president, the second president to come from The Great Lake State, after Gerald Ford.

Dil became a comedian and quickly became famous, after his first nationwide appearance on David Letterman. Every once in a while, he would do something different, such as the cooking show with Kathrina and Freddy.

Lil graduated from the University of Nebraska's School of Broadcasting and became a reporter. She married Timmy and had twin sons. Her company made millions through her success.

Robin Banks went back to school, and after graduation, joined the police force. Years later, he was promoted to Chief of the FBI. Some time later, Kimi joined the FBI. Her first assignment involved the capture of Jessica Hutchinson, who had embezzled money from her ex-husband. Next, Kimi played the main role in capturing two jewel thieves. For her excellent work, she was promoted to team leader. She married her partner Ken.

Phil and Lindsay joined the FBI after assisting in the capture of Lindsay's sister. Under Kimi's leadership, they captured two embezzlers that had been draining the finances from Susie's fashion shop. They married on the same day Kimi married Ken.

Angelica married Andy and became a supermodel. She didn't like the press bothering her, so she started another career in painting and became a success.

She still models clothes made by Susie Carmichael.

Susie went on to become a famous fashion designer. She developed a rivalry against Elizabeth Cromwell and her husband. She assisted the FBI in the capture of Elizabeth and her husband when she found out that they had been embezzling the funds for her shop. She went on to become famous across the town. Also, she hasn't forgotten her family roots -- she volunteers once a month as a paramedic, and, in her spare time, writes scripts for television, including a couple for the Dummi Bears show. Just like her mother, Susie was a Jill-of-all-trades.

We now join the grownup rugrats one year after these events at a nightclub.

Tommy, Phil, Angelica, and Kimi sat at separate tables with their spouses. Susie sat by herself at another table. Chuckie had some work to do at the White House, but was watching the show on television with Samantha who days ago, had given birth to a boy. Lil sat at the front with her television crew, recording the show so that people at home could watch it. Her husband Timmy sat with their twin boys at another table, which were now fourteen months old.

With Phil and Lindsay were twin girls both one month old. With Angelica and Andy was a three week old boy. Sitting with Tommy and Tonya, was a three month old boy. And with Kimi and Ken was a two month old girl.

It now appears that the Rugrats now have Rugrats of their own. Who knows what kind of adventures THEY will have.

The show starts.

"And now folks" said the host of the nightclub, "here he is, world famous comedian, Dil Pickles!"

Everyone applauded with a frenzy. Dil walked onto the stage and took the microphone. At the side of the stage, was a man sitting on a stool. In front of him were drums and cymbols.

"Greetings folks" said Dil. "Get ready to laugh!"

Everyone sat still, waiting for the show to start.

"Before I begin, I will advise you all to rub ultra-glue invented by my brother Tommy onto your necks. Why? It's to keep you from laughing your head off!"

The man sitting at the drums and cymbols performed a drumroll and rimshot.

Everyone laughed.

"The other day, I met a man fishing. He told me he hadn't had a bite. So I bit him!"

The man performed another drumroll and rimshot.

Everyone laughed.

"I gotta tell you folks, that joke certainly was in bad taste."

There was another drumroll and rimshot. Everyone laughed so hard, some of them fell out of their seats.

"The other day I went to my fiance's house for dinner. I offered to say grace, and I did. When I finished, my fiance Tiffany told me she didn't know I was so religious. Then I told her I had no idea her father was a pharmacist!"

Everyone laughed with the drumroll and rimshot.

"For this next joke, I will need a volunteer from the audience."

"Pick me!" said a man as he stood.

"Ok" said Dil. "Come on up!"

The man stood on the stage with Dil.

"For this joke, you will point your finger at me like a gun and demand my money. Can you do that?" asked Dil.

"I can do better than that" said the man with a smile.

Back in the audience, Kimi, Ken, Phil, and Lindsay looked a little worried.

"They say that when you're in danger, your pulse rate speeds up."

Dil put his fingers on his left wrist. ""

The man on stage with him reached into his coat pocket and took out a gun.

"Give me all your money or else!" he said.

Dil turned his eyes to the man and then back to the audience. He began to count very quickly.

"2 , 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 , 7, 8, 9, 10"

Everyone laughed with the drumroll and rimshot very hysterically, except Kimi, Ken, Phil, and Lindsay. They slowly stood and approached the stage to stay out of the man's sight.

"Speaking of money" said the man, "everyone empty your pockets! This is a holdup!"

Everyone began to empty their pockets.

Kimi slowly came up behind the man and drew her gun.

"Drop your weapon and get your hands in the air!" she commanded.

Ken, Phil, and Lindsay, stood from the floor near the stage and drew their guns at the gunman.

The man raised his arms. Kimi took his gun and handcuffed him before leading him out of the room.

Everyone cheered. They took their possessions back.

"Well, on with the show" said Dil.

The show went on for the next half hour. It was quite a success.

Soon, it was time to close up. Everyone took their leave. Kimi, Ken, Phil, and Lindsay drove the gunman to jail.

"Tell me you got that all on tape!" said Lil.

The camera man nodded.

The End

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