"The Tweenage Rugrats -- As Told By Ginger"

By Allie

The tweenage Rugrats go to Ginger Foutley's school because their regular school was going to be remodeled which would take a couple years.

Tommy: Well this is it. Uh, Chuckie, are you okay?

Chuckie: Remember when I said 2 months ago I got that funny feeling in my stomach.

Tommy: Yeah, so why?

Chuckie: I think I'm in love with that girl with the blonde hair in the middle of that crowd of girls.

Angelica: I'm going to find out who is the queen of popularity.

Susie: Me too!

Angelica: Excuse me, but who is the queen of popularity?

Dodie: Courtney Gripling.

(Dodie pointed to Courtney)

Angelica: You must be Courtney Gripling. I'm Angelica Pickles.

Courtney: Well, it's nice to met you. If you want to be in my group, were you in the popular group at your old school?

Angelica: Me and Susie were both popular.

Courtney: This is Miranda, Mipsy, Traci, Lonnie; Heather, and Ginger come over here.

Tommy: I heard them say she was Courtney Gripling.

Courtney: Angelica this is Ginger.

The Rugrats came over to the popular group.

Tommy: Angelica school will start in 5 minutes.

Angelica: I'm not related to him.

Chuckie: They're cousins.

Ginger: Hi I'm Ginger Foutley!

Chuckie: I'm Chuckie Finster. Can you intreduce me to Courtney?

The bell rang.

Ginger: See ya Chuckie.

Chuckie waved back. At lunch the rugrats went to Ginger, Dodie, and Macie.

Kimi: Is it true that true that if the 6th and 7th graders students get enough points, they get to go Montana to go to an archeaological dig?

Macie: Yeah.

They chatted and Susie and Angelica went Courtney's table.

Angelica: I hope I don't get enough points to go on some archeaological dig. I hate getting dirty and I hate being away from- wow who's that?

Mipsy: Ian Richton.

Angelica went to Ian.

Angelica: Hi, my name is Angelica and I'm popular!

Ian: Uh yeah, so?

Angelica: I think you are too cooooooooooooooool!

Tommy: Angelica changes her crush every week. You'll get used to it.

Chuckie: Which reminds me. Ginger, can you intreduce me to Courtney?

Ginger: Sure. Why don't we go now?

Ginger and Chuckie were walkin' to Courtney's table. Chuckie thought he would make a fool of himself, but he had to let Courtney know that he likes him. And before Ginger could say a word, Chuckie took a deep breath.

Ginger: Courtney Gripling, met a very special someone who likes you, and he is Chuckie Finster.

Chuckie: Hi.

Chuckie's lips were stuck on his braces, but then he remembered to use to lip balm and then he acted cool.

Courtney: I'm Courtney, and is it true you like me?

Chuckie: Uh, yeah. So what do you think?

Courtney: Well, you do look like a great person to hang out with.

Chuckie: Do you want to-

Angelica: Oh my gosh! The Finster kid has a crush on Courtney!

All the kids were laughing and then Chuckie ran to his locker. He felt like a fool.

Susie: Angelica, you should not have screamed that out. She's a blaber mouth!

Angelica: Oh yeah! Well you think you're a Miss Know-It-All!

Courtney: Stop it! You just humiliated Chuckie and yourselfs.

Courtney went to Chuckie's locker.

Courtney: Hi! Do you want to sit at a two-person table?

Chuckie: That would be great!

One month later. And one week before the winter dance.

Chuckie: Courtney, we've known each other for a month and we haven't gone an offical date and I was wondering. Do you want to go to the winter dance with me?

Courtney: Oh, Chuckie! Have been waiting for you to say that for 2 weeks, 6 hours, 48 minutes, and 6 seconds! And I have a sparkley dress that goes to a little above my ankles and black sparkly platform shoes. And my hair will be like how it was at the Sadie Hawkins dance! Oh, wait, you weren't there. Oh well you'll love it!

Over to the other rugrats.

Tommy: Ginger, will you go with me to the winter dance?

Ginger: Sure!

Phil: Macie will you go with me? And can I have your bougers?

Macie: Yeah to both!

Lil: I'm going with nobody.

Kimi: Me too. I'm just going to hang with my new friends Tracy, Maya, and Alex.

Angelica: So will you go to the dance with me?

Ian: Okie dokie.

Angelica: Guess what everyone! I'm going to the dance with Ian Richton! Yeah, all right, I rule, yeah baby!

After school at the malt shop. And Ginger was hearing the conversation.

Courtney: Chuckie, I know that you like me, but I'm pretty and popular, and you're geeky looking. So I'm not going to the dance with you.

Chuckie: Fine you popular dork!

Courtney: Take that back!

Ginger: Hey Chuckie, sit here. I heard the conversation, sorry. And I have to talk to you.

Chuckie: Yeah, what is it?

Ginger: I know you that Courtney is dumping you, but I have a crush on you.

Chuckie: I think I'm starting to like you too! Wanna go to the dance?

Ginger: Hmm.... Sure Chuckie.

At the dance, Ginger and Chuckie kissed.

The End

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