The Tweenage Rugrats In: "Boat Ride"

By Jamey Greek & Birch Griesse

It was a beautiful summer Friday afternoon. While Angelica was sitting in the patio chair, she noticed a boat standing in the garage.

Angelica thought, "I can't believe that boat stood out here for ten years and we never took it out on the water!"

Just then Angelica went back inside and saw her father working.

"Dad?", said Angelica.

Drew said, "Yes, Pumpkin?"

Angelica said, "Your boat has been standing in the garage for ten years and we have not took it out on the water!"

"Now pumpkin," replied Drew, "we can't put it out on the water, or it will rust."

Angelica said, "Rust? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard! What do you think a boat is made for?"

"Well Angelica," replied Drew, "You're right; that boat has been standing out there for ten years, and we never had the chance to take it out on the water. Speaking of which, Uncle Stu just called and he considered all of us going to the lake tomorrow."

Angelica responded, "Yes! we finally get to use your boat! The one you won in the beauty pagent for me when I was three years old!"

Meanwhile at Tommy & Dil's house, they were listening to the radio. Tommy asked Stu a question.

Tommy asked, "Dad, are we going to the lake tomorrow?"

"I don't know yet Tommy," replied Stu.

"Well I hope we do," replied Tommy. "I really want to get out of the house for a change."

"I know," replied Stu.

"Well, replied Tommy, "if we go, remember to pack a picnic lunch for all of us, and we also need to get sodas as well."

"Sure thing," said Stu.

Later that day, Stu called everyone else, and told them about the picnic at the lake.

The next day, everyone packed a picnic lunch, and headed off. On the way, Stu stopped at the store to get gas and sodas.

When everyone got to the lake. The Rugrats jumped in the water, while the grownups unloaded the van.

While the adults were loading everything onto the boat, the Rugrats were splashing around in the huge lake.

Angelica dipped her foot into the water.

"Brrrrrr! It's cold!", she said.

"No it's not!" cried Dil, running straight into the water.

He went out knee deep, and went all of the way under. He came up shivering.

"You're right; it's freezing!" Dil said.

Kimi said, "Man, I wanted to go swimming."

"Don't worry. It should be warmed up by noon," Tommy predicted.

"Yeah, you're right," Lil agreed, "but what are going to do until then? Just sit around on the boat and be bored?"

"Well, I'm going to get a tan," Angelica told the friends.

Susie was helping the adults polish the boat and coat it with something that would help it from leaking.

She later said, "Angelica, your dad says that if you help us he'll give you a dollar each!"

The Rugrats rushed over to help.

Pretty soon, the boat was loaded, polished, and coated with a layer of rustproofing.

Stu, then, backed the boat, still on the trailer, into the water at the dock with his van, then disengaged the boat, and took it towards the dock, where they tied it up.

Everybody climed aboard and put on their life jackets.. Drew started the motor, and the boat left the dock.

Shortly after they got far enough from the dock, Drew turned the motor off and let the boat float around. He and everyone else sat in a circle to plan the day.

Drew suggested, "So, why don't weride around the lake? Later, we can stop at the sandbar (it streched across the whole lake) and eat lunch at that small island over there, near the center of the lake?"

"Yeah, but what about the rope swing on that oak tree?" Phil asked.

"And that big diving rock?" Susie added, referring to a large rock that kids enjoyed jumping and diving off of.

"Sure," Drew told them.

The kids cheered.

Drew went back to the steering wheel and started the motor.

The Rugrats sat down on the deck to play cards.

After a while they got bored of that, so they went over to the rail to look for wild life.

"I see a turtle!" Susie said, pointing to a log with a small green turtle perched on the top.

"Look at that neat fish!" said Chuckie, pointing to the water right next to the boat.

Dil leaned over the rail to get a better look at the fish.

At the time, Drew stopped the boat. They had reached the rope swing.

The stop was so abrupt, it sent Dil hurtling into the water.

The adults heard a huge splash and ran over to see what was the matter.

"What happended?" Didi asked.

"Dil fell in!" Tommy told them.

"Oh, he'll be fine, he can swim," Stu assured the worried friends.

"I'm still worried," Didi said.

"Swim back to the boat!" Stu shouted to Dil.

"I can't! My foot is stuck!" said Dil.

"His foot's stuck!" Tommy cried.

To everyones surprise, Kimi climbed up on the railing and dove right into the water.

"Kimi, what are you doing? Come back!" Kira shouted.

Kimi wasn't listening. She was swimming over to where Dil was.

Susie ran off to the other side of the boat to get the life ring. Like everyone else, Dil was wearing a life jacket, but Susie wanted to use a life ring, just in case.

Kimi reached Dil, and he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down. Kira gasped. Underwater, Kimi struggled Dil's foot free of the rock's grasp.

"I've got it!" she thought.

Then she swam around behind Dil, so he couIdn't push her under again.

"Dil, you're free!" Kimi told him, "Swim back to the boat!"

But Dil was in shock.

"I can't do it!" he wailed, "I won't make it! Somebody help me!"

"Kimi, heads up!" Susie called from the boat.

Kimi looked over at her, and she tossed the life ring into the water. Kimi grabbed it and pulled Dil onto it. The she dragged it back to the boat. The adults reached over to help Dil and Kimi back into the boat.

"Dil, are you alright?" Didi asked, "Oh, Kimi, good work! Thank you for saving my Dil!"

"His foot's cut badly," said Susie.

"Well, I guess we'll have to go back," said Stu, "And I guess we won't be able to have the picnic."

The kids groaned. Drew tried to start the engine, but it wouldn't start.

"There's something wrong with the motor," Drew said. "It's probably out of fuel. But don't worry, I've got more."

He ran off to get some more gas for the boats motor. He came back looking worried.

"We forgot the extra fuel," he told everyone.

"Well, I'll take care of DIl," said Lucy."Last time I checked, I was still and doctor."

To Be Continued

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