Reptar Saves The Day

By Kacie Boskey

Tommy and his friends were in the basement, getting Chuckie's Reptar Jr. doll again. They were, in their imaginations, in a cave.

"So, were's Reptar?", Lil and Phil asked.

"The same place as before," responded Tommy.

They went deeper and deeper in the cave, searching all over for Reptar Jr. They finally found him. He was, indeed, in the same place: a cage. But, this one was even harder to get open.

After hours of effort, Tommy, Chuckie, and the twins managed to get the door open. Reptar came out and hugged the babies.

"Let's go!", Tommy said. They started toward the bridge when suddenly, the shrew people came out.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!", Chuckie screamed.

Tommy looked in horror and Phil and Lil trembled in fear. Reptar stood in front of the kids and roared at the shrew people. They were surprised, but didn't back down. He then charged through them with the babies on his back. They ran through rumble and rocks. They thought they were home free when Reptar ran under a short tunnel. The kids were knocked off.

Tommy looked around. Confused. He led his friends around 'till they found the bridge. They climbed onto it and started to walk across it. They heard a chattering behind them. They turned around and saw the shrew people. They walked towards them.

"Don't let them take me!", Chuckie squealed.

"Don't be a baby!", Phil told him.

Just then, the shrew people scampered off. The kids cheered.

But, this was cut short by a horrible growl. The kids, shocked and surprised, turned around to see a snarling velociraptor on the other side of the bridge! It blocked their path home. The creature hissed, licked his chops, and started toward the children. Chuckie, who was trembling so hard that it looked as if he'd fall over,  chanted, "We wanna get out of here, we wanna get out of here." The velociraptor growled and lunged!

Suddenly, a heroic roar echoed through the cave!


Reptar leaped over the babies, colliding with the raptor in midair.

Phil and Lil yelled, "Get him, Reptar!"

Chuckie reminded him to be careful. Tommy cheered Reptar on. The raptor growled and snapped at Reptar. Reptar leaped to avoid his jaws, but soon, both animals were a blur of scales and teeth. The collar Reptar Jr. wore was torn off by the velociraptor's sharp teeth.

Despite this, Reptar continued to fight, determined to save his friends. But the raptor was too strong. He was almost defeated. In his final effort to save the babies, he sank his teeth into the velociraptor's tail and backed off the bridge, pulling the larger animal with him. In a moment, they disappeared over the edge. Reptar and the raptor both roared in fear as they fell into the canyon below.

Tommy picked up Reptar's collar. Phil, Lil, and Chuckie looked over the edge. They started to cry a bit. Suddenly, a roar rang out! The babies looked over the edge to see Reptar Jr. climbing back up! They cheered and helped him get over ontop of the bridge. Reptar roared with triumph and the kids cheered happily.

Then, everything turned black.

Tommy woke up in his bed. He looked around. It was early morning. Dil was still asleep.

"It must have been a dream," thought Tommy.

He went back to sleep.

The End

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