The Tweenage Rugrats in: "The Heist"

By Dwayne Anderson

It was an early Friday evening at about 6:30p.m. The Finster family had just finished eating dinner. While Chas and Kira washed the dishes, Chuckie  opened the front door.

"See you later!" he said, "I got a date with Samantha at the disco."

He walked out and closed the door.

While Kira washed the dishes, Chas reached into the refridgerator and pulled out a cake with vanilla icing and ten candles.

"Happy 10th anniversary Kira!" he said.

"You remembered!" said Kira, "how thoughtful Chas."

"I also made reservations at a fancy family restaurant for the two of us"  said Chas.

"Oh Chas, you always know what I like" said Kira. "But where are we going to find a sitter for Kimi?"

"Oh that's right" sighed Chas. "Didi's at a teacher's convention, Stu is at an inventor's meeting, Drew and Charlotte are on a business trip, Lou is meeting Lulu at the airport, Betty and Howard are at a Monster Truck marathon, and my parents are at Niagara falls."

"I know!" said Kira, "why don't we give Kimi's friend Robin Banks a call? He and Kimi have developed a strong friendship."

"That's a great idea!" said Chas as he picked up the phone, "I'll call him right now!"

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the front door. Kira opened it.

Outside stood a man in a black leather jacket, blue jeans, a white shirt,  and black hair.

"Thanks for coming to look after Kimi while we're away Robin" she said.

"My pleasure" said Robin, "it's the least I can do after Kimi saved me from an unjust prison sentence."

Kira gave him a slip of paper. "Here's the number of the restaurant in case you have any problems or questions."

"Thank you" said Robin.

Chas and Kira got into their car outside and drove off. Robin watched the  car disappear out of sight and closed the door. He walked into the living room where Kimi watched television.

"Hey Kimi" he said.

"Robin!" said an excited Kimi, "so good to see you!"

"It's going to be just the two of us till your parents come home" said  Robin. as he sat on the couch with Kimi.

Kimi turned the channel to her second favorite TV show, the 1970s action TV series, "SWAT", which was being seen on TV Land.

"You know Kimi" said Robin, "that show reminds me of a time when I was younger  and at the start of my career as a criminal."

"Tell me more" said Kimi.

"Ok" said Robin.

It all started one night when me and my partners Samuel, James, and Walter were robbing a house. We had stolen jewelry and other valuables. Unfortunately, someone had seen us enter the house and called the police. They drove their cars into the yard. Neighbors and other people crowded into the front yard with the police cars.

"You! In the house! Come out with your hands up!"

Me and my partners had to come up with a plan to escape.

"We're armed, we're dangerous, and we're off our medication!" said Samuel.

"We got hostages!" said Walter.

"If any of you try to come in here, you'll be so full of lead, people will think you're a pencil!" said James.

The people were afraid.

"He's bluffing" said a woman. "Use a battering ram."

"We haven't got a battering ram" said a police officer.

"Where are my tax dollars going?" asked the woman.

"You're not going to go in there are you?" asked a man.

"Not as long as they got hostages" said an officer.

"Hostages smostages!" said an angry woman.

"Ma'am, be quiet" said the officer, "and let us do our job."

He put a megaphone to his ear. "Listen, you in there! If you refuse to negotiate, we'll have to use tear gas!"

"Yes!" shouted a woman. "Tear gas! Tear gas!"

The crowd began to shout with her.

"Be quiet!" said an officer.

I came up with a plan. I turned on the television and changed the channels until I came to a movie with guns shooting.

Outside, people began to panic.

"Get down! They've got guns!" shouted the officer as he ducked.

"They don't have guns" said a man. "Where are they going to get a gun?"

"Hey!" shouted Samuel, "don't think you're playing with greenhorns!"

Distracted, the officers hesitation gave me another plan. I took my walkie-talkie and placed it near the window and turned it on. I told Samuel to give me his walkie-talkie, saying it was part of my plan  to escape. He gave it to me without hesitation. I turned it on and  jumped out the window into the back yard. My partners followed me out.

It appears we had left just in time. The police came into the house to find nothing. It was time to put my plan into action.

I began to speak into Samuel's walkie-talkie.

"Now we'll make a list of our demands. We want a million dollars in unmarked bills and cash."

One officer picked up the walkie-talkie from this window.

"I don't believe it" he said. "The voices were coming from this walkie-talkie!"

"We got away with theft and pawned the items. We then took the midnight train out of town. Unfortunately, I missed the train and had to take the next one. I haven't seen my partners since that time."

"Good story Robin!" said Kimi.

"I always thought that I would be a criminal the rest of my life" said  Robin.

"Now, thanks to you Kimi, I now have a better life. My childhood girlfriend from twenty years ago lives in this town and I'm dating her."

"My step-brother went on a date earlier this evening" said Kimi.

"I got an idea" said Robin, "why don't we go for a little walk through town and get us some ice cream."

"Good idea!" said Kimi.

Twenty minutes later, Kimi and Robin were walking through the park under a full moon licking their chocolate ice cream cones.

"I love chocolate" said Kimi. "Don't you?"

"Of course" said Robin. "It's nice and freshly cold. Just the way I like it!"

"Strawberry is my favorite" said Kimi, "but it never hurts to try something different."

"I haven't had ice cream in twenty four years" said Robin.

"So what do you want to do now?" asked Kimi.

"Let's go to the supermarket and get some snacks for a movie I brought over."

"Cool! Let's get some..."

"Hold on a sec!" said Robin. "I hear something!"

Robin led Kimi to some bushes.

"Get down" he said.

Kimi kneeled over behind the bushes. Robin kneeled beside her and listened.

Behind the bushes, came voices."You think this is a game? Did you forget the plan? We steal the diamond, we pawn it off in another state, we get rich!"

"I know those voices!" whispered Robin. "But where have I heard them?"

"The Iqaluit Diamond?" asked Kimi. "Isn't that the big diamond that was mined in the Canadian territory of Nunavut several weeks ago?"

"I've heard about it" said Robin. "It's the town's largest diamond."

"Come on" said Kimi, "we must alert the..."

Suddenly, Robin and Kimi felt strong hands grab the back sides of their  shirts and lift them up.

"Well, well" said the muscular man, "two little birdies itching to fly."

He carried Kimi and Robin off towards the voices.

"Look what I found boss!" he said.

The other three men turned towards him.

The muscular man dropped Robin and Kimi.

"I found them behind the bushes" he said.

"How long were they standing there?" asked one of the men.

"Long enough!" said Robin.

"Robin Banks? We meet again."

"Nice to see you again Samuel"

Kimi looked stunned and suprised.

"Wait a minute!" she said, "Robin, you know these people?"

"Sadly yes" said Robin. "These are my former partners in crime."

"I also see you've gone straight Robin" said Samuel. "That's not good Robin. We do not like that!"

"And who is this young lady?" asked Walter, "your daughter?"

"She's the girl I'm babysitting" said Robin.

"Everything you said?" asked Kimi, "everything you ever told me Robin. Are these people really your former partners?"

"Yes. It's true" said Robin. "However, now I am a new man and no longer a criminal."

"Why do you guys steal?" asked Kimi.

"Our only purpose in life is to get what we want before somebody else beats us to it!" said James.

"No!" said Robin, "I won't believe it!"

"Then you're more than what we always thought you were Robin" said James, "a fool!"

"We cannot have you two alerting the police about our plot" said Samuel. "Escort them to the car!"

The three men walked off towards their car, with the muscular man dragging Kimi and Robin.

Ten minutes later, Kimi and Robin sat tied up to separate chairs in a big house. A lit candle stood atop a small table.

"Pathetic meddlers!" laughed Samuel, "now there is no one to stop us from stealing the diamond!"

He closed the door and turned off the light.

"What are we going to do?" asked Kimi. "My parents will be coming home in forty minutes!"

"We've got to escape!" said Robin. "But how are we going to cut our ropes?"

Kimi looked around for something to cut the ropes. But she didn't see anything to use to cut the ropes. Then she spotted the candle.

"I got an idea!" she said. She began to move her chair towards the candle, until the ropes hung over the flames. The candle began to burn through the rope. At last, Kimi was free. She threw the ropes off herself and untied Robin.

Robin picked up the ropes. "Now let's go stop those crooks! To the museum!"

Twenty minutes later, Kimi and Robin reached the museum. Using the ropes,  they climbed up the walls of the museum to a window. They opened it and stepped inside.

"Security lasers!" whispered Robin, "we must avoid them or else we'll set  off an alarm!"

Carefully, Robin and Kimi stepsided the lasers.

"Twenty years of robbing banks experience sure comes in handy. I've dealt  with lasers before!"

They proceeded down the hall until they heard voices.

"This is it! the Iqaluit Diamond!"

"We found them Kimi!" whispered Robin. "I'll stop them, you find a phone and call the police!"

"Got it!" whispered Kimi. She proceeded down the hall.

Robin waited by the door, waiting for his chance.

"It's protected by a counterweight system. I'll snatch the diamond, you place something heavy in its place."

The first man took the diamond while a second man placed a heavy stone in  its place.


Meanwhile at that very moment in another part of the museum, Kimi found a phone. She picked it up and dialled 911.

The operator said, "911, what is your emergency?"

"There's a burglary in progress at the museum!"

A few moments later, Kimi was connected to the police department.

"Hello, officer Bonds speaking."

"Hello officer, this is Kimi Watannabe Finster and..."

"Kimi? You're the girl that ran away from home several weeks ago!"

"Yes officer! As I was saying, I have an emergency. There's currently a theft in process at the city museum involving the Iqaluit diamond!"

"We'll be right over!"

Kimi hung up at the same time as Bonds. Meanwhile, back in the Iqaluit Diamond room, the three thieves celebrated their successful theft.

"We're rich!" said James.

"What do you mean we?" laughed Samuel as he snatched the diamond.

"Hey!" said Walter, "I thought we were partners!"

"We had a deal!" said James, "how dare you try to cut us out!"

"Nice try guys!" said Samuel with a laugh. "I'm going to pawn the diamond for myself and leave you two for the cops!"

"You betrayed us!" said James, "just like Robin did!"

"So I did!" laughed Samuel. "I'm so glad I could trust you guys. However, you shouldn't have trusted me! I hate keeping promises, but I love deceit! So I choose to keep the benefits for myself!"

"You can't expect to get away with this!" said Walter.

"But I will!" said Samuel. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see my antique buyer!"

He turned towards the doorway, but stopped in this tracks.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that!" said Robin who stood several yards away.

"You! How did you escape!"

"I have my ways" said Robin, "just like our first job which involved our escape by fooling the cops with walkie-talkies."

"So I remember!" said Samuel. "Out of my Robin, or else!"

"Wait a minute!" said Walter, "what about the girl?"

Kimi suddenly appeared in the doorway.

"Just had a little chat with the police" she said.

Everyone turned to her.

"Way to go Kimi!" said Robin.

"You little brat!" exclaimed Samuel. He reached into his pocket as if he was

going to pull out something. Thinking it was a gun, Robin grabbed Samuel's arm and threw him to the ground. Then, he knocked the stone off the pedestal where the diamond originally sat. Alarms began to ring.

"Let's get out of here!" shouted James. He and Walter jumped out of the window. Samuel began to stand, but the stone from the pedestal bonked him on the head, knocking him out unconcious.

Kimi took the diamond from Samuel's unconcious hands and replaced it onto  the pedestal. The alarms stopped ringing.

Just then, a police officer came into the room.

"Good job guys!" he said. "We've apprehended the other two thieves and taken them into custody. You've saved the Iqaluit Diamond!"

He handcuffed the unconcious Samuel.

"Perfect timing officer Bonds" said Kimi.

"Let's get you home Kimi" said Robin, "your parents will be coming home in ten minutes."

"May I give you two a ride?" asked Bonds.

"Yes sir!" said Kimi.

Officer Bonds drove Kimi and Robin to the Finster home.

"Thank you officer" said Robin.

"My pleasure" said Bonds. "Now to get these people to the station."

He drove off.

Kimi and Robin rushed into the house and into the living room. They hopped onto the couch and turned on the television.

Just then, the front door opened. In came Chas and Kira.

"We're home!" said Kira.

Kimi and Robin stood from the couch.

"Did you two have a good time?" asked Chas.

"We certainly did" said Kimi. "Robin told me a story, we had ice cream, and we even foiled a museum theft."

"You did?"

"Yep. The thieves were Robin's former partners in crime."

"How nice" said Chas.

Just then, the door opened. In came Chuckie.

"That was a great date" he said.

"Well I guess I should be going" said Robin. "It's almost past your bedtime Kimi."

Chas paid Robin. "Thanks for babysitting Kimi" said Chas. "Feel free to come by anytime to babysit Kimi."

"Thank you" said Robin, "I will."

He walked out of the house.

"Thank you Robin" said Kimi.

"You're welcome" said Robin. And he walked home.

The next day, on the front page of the morning paper, was the story of how Robin Banks and Kimi had foiled theft of the city museum. Their pictures were on the front cover. They were both heros.

As for Robin Bank's former partners, they are now serving the rest of their lives in prison.

The End

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