The Pickles Move Away

By Laura Radatz

Oneday, Didi started packing up Tommy and Dil's toys.

"Tommy, Dil, were moving," she said.

"Moving?", Tommy whispered to himself.

Later on, Chuckie, Phil and Lil came over.

"Guys, Dil and I are moving!" Tommy said. And then he burst into tears.

Didi came running and picked up Tommy.

Soothingly, Didi said, "Whats the matter, sweetie? Are you sad about moving? Well, we are not moving very far away -- just across town. Mucklehoney Industries offered daddy a new house near their office. Your friends will still come visit everyday."

The next day, they moved. Then, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and even Susie came over. The new house was bigger, so Tommy and Dil each got to have their own room. Dil's was just right for a nursery. The walls blue, on one wall was a painted rainbow, on the other wall was blank. Tommy's walls were white and had pictures of Reptar on them. Tommy's old toys were moved to Dil's room. Tommy now had a record player, a Reptar lamp, and many other things. Tommy liked his new house.

The End

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