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Due to the constant tedium of putting out a comprehensive schedule on a weekly basis, plus Nick US frequently changing the schedule, I will now present highlights of the Rugrats episodes playing, instead of offering a full schedule. Those wanting a full schedule are advised to visit the schedule services listed below.

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Nickelodeon (US) Schedule


Monday, 9/1/2003: (Labor Day)

(Pre-empted for an all-day Nicktoons marathon that doesn't include Rugrats.)

Tuesday, 9/2/2003:

8AM: Tommy's First Birthday

3PM: Fugitive Tommy / Visiting Aunt Miriam

7PM: Give and Take / The Gold Rush

Wednesday, 9/3/2003:

8AM: Grandpa's Teeth / Momma Trauma

3PM: Angelica Orders Out / Let it Snow

7PM: Journey to the Center Of The Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday

Thursday, 9/4/2003:

8AM: Brothers Are Monsters / Cooking with Susie

3PM: Man of the House / A Whole New Stu

7PM: Finsterella

Friday, 9/5/2003:

8AM: The Alien / Mr. Clean

3PM: Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair

7PM: The Mattress / Looking for Jack

Saturday, 9/6/2003:

8AM: Accidents Happen / Pee Wee Scouts

8:30AM: US TV Premiere) Club Fred

2PM: Angelica's in Love / Ice Cream Mountain

2:30PM: Pedal Pusher / Music

Sunday, 9/7/2003:

8AM: I Remember Melville / No More Cookies

Monday, 9/8/2003:

8AM: Naked Tommy / Tommy and the Secret Club

3PM: In the Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair

7PM: Feeding Hubert / Spike the Wonder Dog

Tuesday, 9/9/2003:

8AM: Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool Hand Angelica

3PM: Visitors from Outer Space / The Case of the Missing Rugrat

7PM: Zoo Story / I Do

Wednesday, 9/10/2003:

8AM: Toy Palace / Sand Ho

3PM: Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects

7PM: Cynthia Comes Alive / Trading Phil

Thursday, 9/11/2003:

8AM: Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops

3PM: Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch / Mirrorland

7PM: Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick

Friday, 9/12/2003:

8AM: Game Show Didi / Toys in the Attic

3PM: The Big House / The Shot

7PM: Chuckie vs. the Potty / Together at Last

Saturday, 9/13/2003:

8AM: Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked

8:30AM: (Nick US Premiere) Back to School / Sweet Dreams

2PM: Meet the Carmichaels / The Box

2:30PM: Sister Act / Cuddle Bunny / Spike's Nightscare

Sunday, 9/14/2003:

8AM: The Slide / The Big Flush

New Episodes:

Saturday, 9/20/2003:

8:30PM: (US TV Premiere) Baby Sale / Steve

Rugrats can also be seen on the Nicktoons TV channel, available on the digital tiers of some cable systems. It'll be seen on that channel at these times:

Weekdays: 9AM, 9:30AM, 2PM, 2:30PM, 9:30PM, 12:30AM (early morning next day)
Saturdays: 8:30PM, 11:30PM
Sundays: 10AM, 10:30AM, 1PM, 9PM, 9:30PM, 12 Midnight, 12:30AM (early morning next day)

Check local listings. All episodes on Nicktoons TV presented in production order.

If you don't get this new channel, call your local cable or satellite company, and request that they add it to their line-up.

For more details on Nicktoons TV, click here.

(Left: Nicktoons TV channel logo, from Nick.Com; ©2002 Viacom.)


American Forces Overseas Schedule


Rugrats On AFN

Times given are in ET and GMT, and apply to AFN's Atlantic feed. The Pacific and Korean feeds are seen 8 hours earlier than the Atlantic feed. Please adjust your times accordingly, depending on where you are.

Monday, 9/1/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Game Show Didi / Toys In the Attic

Tuesday, 9/2/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Driving Miss Angelica / Susie vs. Angelica

Wednesday, 9/3/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Tooth or Dare / Party Animals

Thursday, 9/4/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster / Twins Pique

Sunday, 9/7/2003:

4:30AM ET / 9:30AM GMDT / 8:30AM GMST: Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa
(Seen on the Pacific feed at 2:30AM ET / 7:30AM GMDT / 6:30AM GMST. Not seen in Korea.)

8:30PM: Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool Hand Angelica (Seen on the Korean feed only.)

Monday, 9/8/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis

Tuesday, 9/9/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend of Satchmo

Wednesday, 9/10/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: Circus Angelicus / The Stork

Thursday, 9/11/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: : The Baby Vanishes / Farewell, My Friend

Sunday, 9/14/2003: (Korean feed only)

8:30PM: When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks A Leg

Rugrats On AFN Spectrum

All episodes seen Sunday to Thursday at 7PM ET (Monday to Friday at 12 Midnight GMT), with repeats Monday to Friday at 3AM ET (8AM GMT) and 11AM ET (4PM GMT). Subtract one hour during Daylight Savings Time in stateside US. Dates listed reflect ET for the first showing.

Monday, 9/1/2003: (Labor Day)

Home Movies/ The Mysterious Mr. Friend

Tuesday, 9/2/2003:

Cuffed/ The Blizzard

Wednesday, 9/3/2003:

Destination: Moon/ Angelica's Birthday

Thursday, 9/4/2003:

Dummi Bear Dinner Distaster / Twins Pique

Sunday, 9/7/2003:

Princess Angelica/ The Odd Couple

Monday, 9/8/2003:

Naked Tommy/ Tommy and the Secret Club

Tuesday, 9/9/2003:

Under Chuckie's Bed/ Chuckie is Rich

Wednesday, 9/10/2003:

Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life

Thursday, 9/11/2003:

In the Dreamtime / Unfair Pair

Sunday, 9/14/2003:

Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away

YTV Schedule

C (Children)

Important Programming Note:

Rugrats move back to 8AM ET, effective Monday 9/1, with Sunday episodes eliminated.

Monday 9/1/2003: (Labour Day):

8AM: Man Of The House / A Whole New Stu

12 Noon: (Special) All Growed Up

Tuesday, 9/2/2003:

Submarine / Chuckie's A Lefty

Wednesday, 9/3/2003:

Baking Dil / Hair!

Thursday, 9/4/2003:

Zoo Story / I Do

Friday, 9/5/2003:

The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again

Monday, 9/8/2003:

Hand Me Downs / Angelica's Ballet

Tuesday, 9/9/2003:

Opposites Attract / The Art Museum

Wednesday, 9/10/2003:

The Jungle / The Old Country

Thursday, 9/11/2003:

Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint

Sunday, 9/12/2003:

Pedal Pusher / Music


VRAK.TV's "Les Razmoket" Schedule

G (Pour Tous)

Effective 9/1, Les Razmoket is on hiatus. It is unclear when the series would return, or if the 2002-2003 episodes will ever be shown.

Australian Nickelodeon Schedule

(Remember, this schedule is for the Australian version of Nick, scroll up for the American version.)

Monday, 9/1/2003:

7AM: Faire Play/ The Smell of Success

5PM: A Dose of Dil/ Famous Babies

Tuesday, 9/2/2003:

7AM: Potty Training Spike/ The Art Fair

5PM: No Place Like Home

Wednesday, 9/3/2003:

5PM: Discover America

Thursday, 9/4/2003:

7AM: Send in the Clouds/ In the Navel

5PM: TO BE ANNOUNCED (determined by a viewer poll.)

Friday, 9/5/2003:

7AM: The Mattress/ Looking for Jack

5PM: Angelicon/ Dil's Binkie / Big Brother Chuckie

Monday, 9/8/2003:

7AM: Hiccups/ Autumn Leaves

5PM: Dil Saver/ Cooking With Phil and Lil/ Piece of Cake

Tuesday, 9/9/2003:

7AM: Dust Bunnies/ Educating Angelica

5PM: Sister Act/ Spike's Nightmare/ Cuddle Bunny

Wednesday, 9/10/2003:

5PM: Finsterela

Thursday, 9/11/2003:

7AM: The Ransom of Cynthia/ Turtle Recall

5PM: TO BE ANNOUNCED (determined by a viewer poll.)

Friday, 9/12/2003:

7AM: Angelica Orders Out/ Let It Snow

5PM: Bad Shoes/ The World According To Dil & Spike

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