Previously on Rugrats: September 1999

Here's what was playing on Rugrats on Nickelodeon (U.S.) and YTV.


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Nickelodeon (US) Schedule

Wednesday, 9/1/99:

8:30AM: Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple

7:30PM: Baking Dil / Hair!

Thursday, 9/2/99:

8:30AM: No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies

7:30PM: The Jungle / The Old Country

Friday, 9/3/99:

8:30AM: Reptar On Ice / Family Feud

7:30PM: Journey To The Center Of The Basement / A Very McNulty Birthday

Saturday, 9/4/99:

9AM: Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa?

9:30AM: The Carwash / Heatwave (Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint was originally scheduled.)

8PM: Submarine / Chuckie's A Lefty

Sunday, 9/5/99:

9AM: The Alien / Mr. Clean

9:30AM: Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer

Monday, 9/6/99 (Labor Day):

8:30AM: Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story

7:30PM: Faire Play / The Smell Of Success

Tuesday, 9/7/99:

8:30AM: A Visit From Lipschitz / What The Big People Do

7:30PM: The Carwash / Heatwave

Wednesday, 9/8/99:

8:30AM: Vistors From Outer Space / The Case Of The Missing Rugrat

7:30PM: Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects

Thursday, 9/9/99:

8:30AM: New Kid In Town / Pickles vs. Pickles

7:30PM: Chuckerfly / Angelica's Twin

Friday, 9/10/99:

8:30AM: Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie Is Rich

7:30PM: (pre-empted for a movie special -- The (Severely Edited) Secret Of NIMH)

Saturday, 9/11/99:

9AM: The Mattress / Looking For Jack

9:30AM: Radio Daze / Psycho Angelica

8PM: Raising Dil / No Naps

Sunday, 9/12/99:

9AM: Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away

9:30AM: In The Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair

Monday, 9/13/99:

8:30AM: Barbecue Story / Baby In My Soup

7:30PM: The First Cut / Chuckie Grows

Tuesday, 9/14/99:

8:30AM: Kid TV / The Sky Is Falling

7:30PM: To Be Announced

Wednesday, 9/15/99:

8:30AM: Tommy's First Birthday

7:30PM: Zoo Story / I Do

Thursday, 9/16/99:

8:30AM: Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked

7:30PM: Man Of The House / A Whole New Stu

Friday, 9/17/99:

8:30AM: Rebel Without A Teddy Bear / Angelica The Magnificent

7:30PM: Angelica Nose Best / Pirate Light

Saturday, 9/18/99:

9AM: Angelica's Last Stand / Clan Of The Duck

9:30AM: Ransom of Cynthia / Turtle Recall

8PM: Chuckie's Duckling / A Dog's Life

Sunday, 9/19/99:

9AM: Rebel Without A Teddy Bear / Angelica The Magnificent

9:30AM: Down The Drain / Let Them Eat Cake

Monday, 9/20/99:

8:30AM: At The Movies / Slumber Party

7:30PM: Crime & Punishment / Baby Maybe

Tuesday, 9/21/99:

8:30AM: The 7 Voyages Of Cynthia / My Friend Barney

7:30PM: The Word Of The Day / Jonathan Babysits

Wednesday, 9/22/99:

8:30AM: Feeding Hubert / Spike The Wonder Dog

7:30PM: The Word Of The Day / Jonathan Babysits

Thursday, 9/23/99:

8:30AM: Baby Commercial / Little Dude

7:30PM: Uneasy Rider / Where's Grandpa?

Friday, 9/24/99:

8:30AM: Beauty Contest / Baseball

7:30PM: (Temporarily off the air as a regular series on Friday nights; replaced by 101% Whizbang, a weekly Nicktoon marathon hosted by Kablam!'s Henry & June.)

Saturday, 9/25/99:

9AM: Send In The Clouds / In The Naval

9:30AM: The Carwash / Heatwave

8PM: Ghost Story / Chuckie's Complaint

Sunday, 9/26/99:

9AM: Ruthless Tommy / Moose Country

9:30AM: Real or Robots / Special Delivery

Monday, 9/27/99:

8:30AM: Weaning Tommy / Incident In Aisle 7

7:30PM: Potty Training Spike / The Art Fair

Tuesday, 9/28/99:

8:30AM: Touchdown Tommy / The Trial

7:30PM: Angelica Orders Out / Let It Snow

Wednesday, 9/29/99:

8:30AM: The Slide / The Big Flush

7:30PM: Spike's Babies / Chicken Pops

Thursday, 9/30/99:

8:30AM: King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica

7:30PM: What's Your Line? / Two By Two

"Rugrats" is also seen in Spanish, weekdays at 7:30AM ET on most Telemundo stations. Details TBA.
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YTV Schedule

All times 5PM ET unless specified.

Wednesday, 9/1/99:

Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge

Thursday, 9/2/99:

Graham Canyon / Stu-Maker's Elves

Friday: 9/3/99:

 Toy Palace / Sand Ho

Monday 9/6/99 (Labour Day):

(Pre-empted for a Pokemon / Dragon Ball Z marathon.)

Tuesday 9/7/99:

Chuckie vs. The Potty / Together At Last

Wednesday, 9/8/99:

The Big House / The Shot

Thursday, 9/9/99:

Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch / Mirrorland

Friday, 9/10/99:

Angelica's In Love / Ice Cream Mountain

Monday 9/13/99:

(Canadian TV Premiere) What's Your Line? / Two By Two

Tuesday 9/14/99:

(World TV Premiere)  All's Well That Pretends Well / Big Babies

Wednesday, 9/15/99:

(Canadian TV Premiere)  Wrestling Grandpa / Chuckie Collects

Thursday, 9/16/99:

(World TV Premiere) Runaway Reptar (Part 1)

Friday, 9/17/99:

(World TV Premiere) Runaway Reptar (Part 2)

Monday 9/20/99:

(World TV Premiere) Share & Share a Spike / Tommy For Mayor

Tuesday 9/21/99:

(World TV Premiere) Brothers Are Monsters / Cooking With Susie

Wednesday, 9/22/99:

(World TV Premiere) Officer Chuckie / Auctioning Grandpa

Thursday, 9/23/99:

(World TV Premiere) Partners In Crime / Thumbs Up

Friday, 9/24/99:

(World TV Premiere) Planting Dil / The Joke's On You

Monday 9/27/99:

(World TV Premiere) The Big Showdown / Doctor Susie

Tuesday 9/28/99:

(World TV Premiere) Accidents Happen / Pee Wee Scouts

Wednesday, 9/29/99:

(World TV Premiere) The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners

Thursday, 9/30/99:

(World TV Premiere) Chuckie's New Shirt / Cavebabies

"Rugrats" is also seen in French, weekdays at 4PM ET and Weekends at 9AM ET on Canal Famille. Details TBA.
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