Previously on Rugrats June 1997

Here's what was playing on Rugrats on Nickelodeon (U.S.) and YTV.


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Nickelodeon (US) Schedule

Sunday, 6/1/97:

10AM: Reptar 2010 / Stu Gets A Job

Monday, 6/2/97:

8:30AM: Cuffed / The Blizzard

7:30PM: Destination: Moon / Angelica's Birthday

Tuesday, 6/3/97:

8:30AM: Naked Tommy / Tommy & The Secret Club

7:30PM: Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple

Wednesday, 6/4/97:

8:30AM: Under Chuckie's Bed / Chuckie Is Rich

7:30PM: Mommy's Little Assets / Chuckie's Wonderful Life

Thursday, 6/5/97:

8:30AM: In The Dreamtime / The Unfair Pair

7:30PM: The Alien / Mr. Clean

Friday, 6/6/97:

8:30AM: Chuckie's Red Hair / Spike Runs Away

7:30PM: New Kid In Town / Pickles vs. Pickles

Saturday, 6/7/97:

8:30AM: Angelica's Nightmare / Mega Diaper Babies

10AM: Kid TV / The Sky Is Falling

7:30PM: I Remember Melville / No More Cookies

Sunday, 6/8/97:

10AM: Cradle Attraction / Moving Away

Monday, 6/9/97:

8:30AM: At The Movies / Slumber Party

7:30PM: Tommy's First Baby

Tuesday, 6/10/97:

8:30AM: Beauty Contest / Baseball

7:30PM: Barbecue Story / Baby In My Soup

Wednesday, 6/11/97:

8:30AM: Ruthless Tommy / Moose Country

7:30PM: Baby Commercial / Little Dude

Thursday, 6/12/97:

8:30AM: Grandpa's Teeth / Momma Trauma

7:30PM: Candy Bar Creep Show / Monster In The Garage

Friday, 6/13/97:

8:30AM: Real Or Robots / Special Delivery

7:30PM: Weaning Tommy / Incident In Aisle 7

Saturday, 6/14/97:

8:30AM: Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge

10AM: Toy Palace / Sand Ho

7:30PM: Chuckie vs. The Potty / Together At Last

Sunday, 6/15/97:

10AM: Regarding Stuie / Garage Sale

Monday, 6/16/97:

8:30AM: Graham Canyon / Stu-Maker's Elves

7:30PM: Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch / Mirrorland

Tuesday, 6/17/97:

8:30AM: Angelica's In Love / Ice-Cream Mountain

7:30PM: The Big House / The Shot

Wednesday, 6/18/97:

8:30AM: Let There Be Light / The Bank Trick

7:30PM: Family Reunion / Grandpa's Date

Thursday, 6/19/97:

8:30AM: No Bones About It / Beach Blanket Babies

7:30PM: Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer

Friday, 6/20/97:

8:30AM: Reptar On Ice / Family Feud

7:30PM: Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story

Saturday, 6/21/97:

8:30AM: A Visit From Lipschitz / What The Big People Do

10AM: Visitors From Outer Space / The Case Of The Missing Rugrat

7:30PM: Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked

Sunday, 6/22/97:

10AM: Rebel Without A Teddy Bear / Angelica The Magnificent

Monday, 6/23/97:

8:30AM: Down The Drain / Let Them Eat Cake

7:30PM: Meet The Carmichaels / The Box

Tuesday, 6/24/97:

8:30AM: The 7 Voyages of Cynthia / My Friend Barney

7:30PM: The Slide / The Big Flush

Wednesday, 6/25/97:

8:30AM: Feeding Hubert / Spike The Wonder Dog

7:30PM: King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica

Thursday, 6/26/97:

8:30AM: Driving Miss Angelica / Susie vs. Angelica

7:30PM: Game Show Didi / Toys In The Attic

Friday, 6/27/97:

8:30AM: Tooth or Dare / Party Animals

7:30PM: Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis

Saturday, 6/28/97:

8:30AM: Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster / Twins Pique

10AM: Chuckie's First Haircut / Cool-Hand Angelica

7:30PM: Grandpa Moves Out / The Legend of Satchmo

Sunday, 6/29/97:

10AM: The Baby Vanishes / Farewell, My Friend

Monday, 6/30/97:

8:30AM: When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks A Leg

7:30PM: Circus Angelicus / The Stork

YTV Schedule

Thursday, 6/5/97:

6PM: Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer

Saturday, 6/7/97:

10AM: Reptar 2010 / Stu Gets A Job

Thursday, 6/12/97:

6PM: Aunt Miriam / The Inside Story

Saturday, 6/14/97:

10AM: Give & Take / The Gold Rush

Thursday, 6/19/97:

6PM: A Visit From Lipschitz / What The Big People Do

Saturday, 6/21/97:

10AM: Home Movies / The Mysterious Mr. Friend

Thursday, 6/26/97:

6PM: Visitors From Outer Space / The Case Of The Missing Rugrat

Saturday, 6/28/97:

10AM: Cuffed / The Blizzard

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