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Pacific Time (GMT - 8)

"Rugrats" is coming up next.
Above: There's always time for Rugrats.
(Image taken from Nick's "Coming up next" sequence from
early 1996 for Clarissa Explains It All, followed by Rugrats,
taken from a Clarissa image archive. Picture of Tommy is from
Tommy's First Birthday. © 1991,1996 by Viacom.)

Due to the constant tedium of putting out a comprehensive schedule on a weekly basis, plus Nick US frequently changing the schedule, I will now present highlights of the Rugrats episodes playing, instead of offering a full schedule. Those wanting a full schedule are advised to visit the schedule services listed below.

Here are the latest the Rugrats schedule highlights for the coming days on the following channels (click logos below for appropriate schedule):

United States:

American Forces



Nickelodeon AFRTS YTV VRAK.TV Nickelodeon

Programs subject to change without notice. This is a right that Nick excercised many times in their schedule, so beware. Information in the promo commercials of all Nick (US) programs are also subject to change at any time.

2. Outside the U.S. , Canada & Australia, check local listings for the Rugrats episodes playing in your area.

3. Listing Sources:
Nick US Yahoo (primary)
TV Guide US (primary)
Zap2It (secondary)
Adlink (some advance information)
YTV Globe & Mail (primary)
Canada.Com (secondary)
Zap2It (secondary)
YTV (secondary)
Nick Australia Foxtel

4. Time Zome Notes:
US & Canada All times Eastern/Pacific/Oahu County, Hawaii. See main schedule page for time differences.
Australia All times Eastern (Sydney).

Times For US & Canada: All times Eastern / Pacific / Hawaii (Oahu County only). These time difference charts are provided for the benefit for satellite viewers throughout North America, as well as cable viewers in time zones other than Eastern, Pacific & Hawaii.

(Note: "Nick Too" is the same Nick schedule, only 3 hours later in the east, 3 hours earlier in the west.)
Time Zone Nick & YTV Eastern Feeds, Nicktoons TV
nationwide and Nick Too Western
(Hours from Eastern)
Nick & YTV Western Feeds and
Nick Too Eastern (Hours from Pacific)
St. Pierre & Miquelon +2 +5
Newfoundland +1:5 +4:5
Atlantic +1 (Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands during DST: 0) +4 (Puerto Rico & Virgin Islands during DST: +3)
Eastern 0 (Indiana during DST: -1) +3 (Indiana during DST: +2)
Central -1 (Sasketchewan during DST: -2) +2 (Sasketchewan during DST: +1)
Mountain -2 (Arizona during DST: -3) +1 (Arizona during DST: 0)
Pacific -3 0
Alaska -4 -1
Hawaii -5 (During DST: -6) (See Below)

Time Differences For Cable Viewers In Hawaii: (special thanks to Kevin Bryant)
Check your local cable company for the times Rugrats (and other Nick shows) is played on your system. Some systems delay the feed so the timing is the same as the times given in ET / PT or CT, while others show the feed live, directly from the Eastern or Pacific feed.
County: Time Difference From Pacific Time:
Oahu 0
Maui & Kauai -2 (During DST: -3)
Hawaii (The Big Island) -2 (During DST: -3)
Some cable systems use the Eastern feed: -5 (During DST: -6)

Special Note To Cable Viewers In The Mountain & Alaska Time Zones:

Check with your local cable company for the feed your local cable company uses. In the Mountain Time Zone, showtime may be either 2 hours earlier or 1 hour later than posted. In Alaska, it's 1 hour earlier or 4 hours earlier.

Special Note To Caribbean Viewers:

Viewers in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands get the US Nick (which includes Nick-At-Nite), while viewers in Bermuda get either the Latin American version (on cable, which presents different shows at different times and has no Nick-At-Nite) or the US version (on C-Band or small-dish satellite). In other islands, check local listings.

5. All programs closed-captioned and in stereo (where available).

6. Telecasts on Nick US also include a descriptive audio soundtrack, for the blind and visually-impaired, and can be accessed through the SAP function of newer TVs and VCRs (where available).

7. Ratings Information:
Click here for more information.



(RDC Québec):
[TV-Y] C (Children) G (Visa General)

Outside the U.S. & Canada, check local listings for the ratings in your area (if any).

8. I'll also keep track on what WAS playing on Rugrats, just in case you missed an episode.

Nickelodeon (US) Highlights


Random Episodes:

Weekdays: 8AM, 3PM, 3:30PM, 7PM
Saturdays: 8AM, 8:30AM, 2PM, 2:30PM
Sundays: 8AM

New Episode:

Saturday, 9/27/2003:

8:30AM: (Nick US Premiere) A Step At A Time / Angelica's Assistant

Rugrats can also be seen on the Nicktoons TV channel, available on the digital tiers of some cable systems. It'll be seen on that channel at these times:

Weekdays: 9AM, 9:30AM, 2PM, 2:30PM, 9:30PM, 12:30AM (early morning next day)
Saturdays: 8:30PM, 11:30PM
Sundays: 10AM, 10:30AM, 1PM, 9PM, 9:30PM, 12 Midnight, 12:30AM (early morning next day)

Check local listings. All episodes on Nicktoons TV presented in production order.

If you don't get this new channel, call your local cable or satellite company, and request that they add it to their line-up.

For more details on Nicktoons TV, click here.

(Left: Nicktoons TV channel logo, from Nick.Com. ©2002 Viacom.)


American Forces Overseas Schedule


Rugrats On AFN

Times given are in ET and GMT, and apply to AFN's Atlantic feed. Unless specified, the Pacific and Korean feeds are seen 8 hours earlier than the Atlantic feed. Please adjust your times accordingly, depending on where you are.

Korea Only:

Sunday to Thursday, 8:30PM ET / 1:30AM GMT: Currently in 1993 episodes as of 9/18; will be seen in order; will be in the 1999 episodes on 11/17.

Atlantic & Pacific Feeds Only:

Scheduled Sundays at 4:30AM ET on Atlantic, 2:30AM ET on Pacific through 10/5 -- currently showing 1999 episodes. Will be off the schedule after 10/5, and remain off through the end of November, at least.

Rugrats On AFN Spectrum

All episodes seen Sunday to Thursday at 7PM ET (Monday to Friday at 12 Midnight GMT), with repeats Monday to Friday at 3AM ET (8AM GMT) and 11AM ET (4PM GMT). Subtract one hour during Daylight Savings Time in stateside US. Dates listed reflect ET for the first showing.

Currently in 1993 episodes as of 9/18; will be in the 1999 episodes on 10/30.

YTV Schedule

C (Children)

Currently seen weekdays at 8AM ET. 2001 episodes scheduled through 10/3.


VRAK.TV's "Les Razmoket" Schedule

G (Pour Tous)

Currently on hiatus. Return date unknown.

Australian Nickelodeon Schedule

(Remember, this schedule is for the Australian version of Nick, scroll up for the American version.)

All times Sydney Time.

A 2-hour Rugrats marathon wull be seen everyday, 8AM to 10AM. This is in addition to weekday episodes at 5PM.

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