What Was New On RugratsOnline: December 1996


1. Revised "Ruthless Tommy", "Moose Country", "Grandpa's Teeth", "Real Or Robots" , "Special Delivery", "Weaning Tommy", "Incident In Aisle 7", "Touchdown Tommy" & "The Trial".

2. Added Hungary to the "On TV" page, as well as made a minor revision to Canada's entry..


1. Revised "Baby Commercial" & "Little Dude".

2. Added more information regarding the Nick New Year's countdown in the schedule page.


1. Added another Real Monsters site in the links section.

2. Added Thailand in the "On TV" page.

3. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday" (again), "Barbecue Story", "Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup", "At The Movies" & "Slumber Party".


1. In case you haven't noticed: Merry Christmas.

2. Added throughout this site is what I think is the most important link to this site; Klasky-Csupo is now online.

3. Revised information regarding Tommy.

4. Added information regarding the Rugrats' voices in the Little Known Facts page.

5. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday" & "The Santa Experience".

12/24/96 (2nd Revision):

1. Revised "Cradle Attraction" & "Moving Away".

2. Mentioned the Nick countdown on the schedule page.

3. Due to it becoming more and more unreliable (my opinion, performance may differ), I've decided to drop out of the IAB. I'm currently looking for another counter service.

12/24/96 (1st Revision):

1. Revised "I Remember Melville" & "No More Cookies".

2. Revised the German Rugrats page.

3. Updated the Nick address and TV links pages, regarding the new unofficial "Nick At Nite" page.


1. Revised "Kid TV", "The Sky Is Falling" & "Regarding Stuie".

2. Revised the movies entry in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "In The Dreamtime" & "The Unfair Pair", "The Alien" & "Mr. Clean".

2. Updated Angelica's entry.

3. Made revisions & additions in the "Info Wanted", "Little-Known Facts", & Nick address pages, the last 2 regarding Gabor Csupo's record label, Tone Casualties.

4. Revised the all-important disclaimer on the main page (special thanks to "Rocko"). Read it. Memorize it. Recite it to your friends the next time you talk "Rugrats".


1. Revised "Under Chuckie's Bed" & "Chuckie Is Rich".

2. Added middle names and/or initials for Angelica, Charlotte, & Chazz, plus added legal first name for Didi.

3. Updated TV Guide information on my TV Guide list and in "Little-Known Facts".


1. The Viacom lawyer squad strikes again, this time to an unofficial Rocko page (which, by-the-way, is still open in a copyright-friendly version). At issue this time is over the screen shots of the series. Ironically, this site is on a server maintained by AOL (which hosts a site currently exclusive to AOL members, and offers free web space to all its members). In light of this, I've removed the 2 pictures taken from the Rugrats intro (I've taken these with special equipment), plus the masthead on my home page (picture taken from another unofficial site; features a scene from "Mirrorland") and the "Rugrats TV" picture from the "Rugrats On TV" page (from AOL via another unofficial site (this one now closed); the "On TV" part was mine). I have a feeling the "fair use" provision in our copyright law will end up being shot to heck with the media companies taking over total rights over their properties. Yes, the media wants the web to stay, but they also want it almost all to themselves. To find out more about the copyright law and the "fair use" doctrine, click here.

2. Speaking of Rocko, a German-language Rocko site is now open, and is listed on my links site.

3. Revised the entry for Howard.

4. Revised the Germany entry on the "On TV" page.

5. Revised "Princess Angelica" & "The Odd Couple".


1. Correction: the Rugrats PM showing on Sunday, 12/15/96, is just a one-time showing as part of the "International Day Of Children's Broadcasting", in which Nick plays various shows that are seen here on Nick and on other networks worldwide, including various versions of Nick. I apologize for the inconvenience.

2. I've added 2 links to the main page: one for free speech (put out by a free speech organization); another for the responsibility of using free speech (put out by the Zondervan Publishing House, a Christian subsidiary of Harper Collins Publishers (I'm not Christian and I don't go to church regularly, but I still think it's a good cause)).

3. Revamped my links site, now using my Netscape book marks.

4. Revised "Cuffed", "The Blizzard", "Destination: Moon" & "Angelica's Birthday".


1. Revised "Give & Take", "The Gold Rush" & "Chanukah".

2. Revised the ratings information in "Little Known Facts".


1. After midnight on Thursday, 12/12/96, I've visited my guestbook, like I always do after uploading my webpages. What I found was 7 entries, all from the same person, all the same comment. I will not repeat that comment here, as it's unfavorable to Rugrats and it's X-rated. If you were online anytime on 12/11/96 and happened to see it, keep in mind that those comments do not reflect my opinions in any way, and is extremely inappropriate for this web site and its audience; therefore, those comments are removed from the guestbook. If you hadn't seen it, good; you're safe. Keep in mind that if this abuse keeps up, I will discontinue the guestbook. You have been warned.

2. Revised "The Baby Vanishes", "Farewell, My Friend", "The Last Babysitter" & "Sour Pickles".

3. Revised the German entry for the "On TV" page.


1. Revised "Grandpa Moves Out" & "The Legend Of Satchmo".

2. Updated the "On TV" page; mentioned that YTV has placed Rugrats on hiatus (temporarily off the air) for the time being.

3. Added a link for an unofficial original Doug episode guide on the "Children's TV" page.


1. Revised "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster", "Twins Pique", "Chuckie's First Haircut" & "Cool-Hand Angelica". For "Cool-Hand Angelica", though, I've forgotten the writer's credits (what I've provided is merely a guess).

2. On the "Nick Address" page, corrected the link to "Rugrats Fan Club" and added the link to Nick U.S., which is now online with "Natalie's Traveling Internet Show", plus added a couple of newsgroups.

3. Added more info on the schedule page about "The Santa Experience" and Nick Maniac.

4. Added a note on the title page regarding the accuracy of this site.

5. Revised the main episode page to reflect some of the changes as a result of the Chanukah show.

6. Revised the "On TV" page to reflect Rugrats' Sunday night repeats at 7:30PM ET.


1. Revised "Chanukah" (again).

2. Added a link to the "Children's TV" page; this time, related to Real Monsters.

3. Out of fear of being shut down by Viacom's lawyers (in light of what happened last week), I've decided to remove Nick graphics from the "Children's TV" page. I've also decided to put development of "The Goodie Bag" (which was to feature graphics & sounds) off indefinitely, due to the above fact, as well as the fact that I'm putting facts above graphics on the importance scale. Sorry for the inconvenience. Rugrats-related graphics will remain, as they help present a point about the show.

4. Revised my TV Guide list.


1. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday",  "Tooth Or Dare" & "Party Animals".

2. Added an important disclaimer on the main page regarding the guestbook and E-Mail; read carefully!

3. Made some corrections and additions on the "Little Known Facts" page.

4. Added a new "Address Page", listing addresses for Nick, YTV, and Klasky-Csupo. Also, URLs for Nick and Rugrats are now located here.


1. Revised entries for "Feeding Hubert", "Spike The Wonder Dog", "King Ten Pin", "Runaway Angelica", and "Chanukah".

2. Extensively revised the Germany entry to the "On TV" page. Also on the "On TV" page, I've designated all animated CBS programming as "cancelled", as the network has decided to cancel all its animated programs and concentrate on news and educational programming, effective Fall of 1997.

3. On the "On TV" and Children's TV links, added a link for Nick Germany.

4. Revised the main page a bit to stress that this site is unofficial. On the "alt.tv.nickelodeon" newsgroup, I've found out the reason why the unofficial Nick site was removed: its webmaster says that the site was getting over 50,000 hits a day. Many of its visitors thought that page was the official page, asking them questions that only Nick can answer. Despite the fact that the webmaster mentioned on his page that the site was unofficial, Viacom told him to close the site, as many people thought that site was the OFFICIAL site, not to mention that many of its pictures came from Nick's AOL site (available only to AOL subscribers; key word: "Nick"). The real McCoy will be on the WWW in early 1997. By the way, I've made the comment about this in that newsgroup. Shortly afterward, I've received an E-Mail from a fan saying how sorry he was to see "Rugrats Online" closed down. As you can see, "Rugrats Online" is UNOFFICIAL, yet alive and well. Many thanks for your concern, though.


1. Revised entries for "Down The Drain",  "Let Them Eat Cake" and "Chanukah" (where I reveal the "Meany"'s name).

2. Revised the literal English translations of the German Rugrats Titles; thanks to Peter Boeckmann.

3. "Rugrats Online" is now an official part of the "Animation Nerd's Tour". To visit other fine animation-related sites, click here.


1. Revised entries for "Meet The Carmichaels" and "The Box".

2. Revised character entries for Didi, Betty, and Randy.

3. Introduced the new page in the episode guide for 1997 episodes, starting with the "Chanukah" episode".

4. On the schedule page, details on Nick Maniac and "The Santa Experience".

5. On the Children's Links page, removed URLs for Nick U.S. and the Unofficial Nickelodeon Online. The Nick U.S. site no longer exists, as Viacom has rearranged its news items by media type, instead of network; a totally-different official Nick U.S. site will launch in 1997. The unofficial Nick Online site was ordered closed by Viacom's lawyers; that site carried only pictures of various Nick programs, most of these taken from Nick's AOL site.


1. Yesterday (Sunday, 12/1/96) was the giant 9-hour Rugrats marathon on Nick. In light of this, I've revised and/or corrected the following episodes:

Tommy's First Birthday

Baby Commercial / Little Dude

Touchdown Tommy / The Trial

Fluffy vs. Spike / Reptar's Revenge

Chuckie vs. The Potty / Together At Last

The Bank Trick

Superhero Chuckie / The Dog Broomer

Visitors From Outer Space / The Case of the Missing Rugrat

Angelica The Magnificent

Meet The Carmichaels / The Box

King Ten Pin / Runaway Angelica

Circus Angelicus / The Stork

Naked Tommy / Tommy and the Secret Club

Angelica's Worst Nightmare / The Mega Diaper Babies

New Kid In Town / Pickles vs. Pickles

Cradle Attraction / Moving Away

2. I've now split up the "What's New" (this page) and "What Was On Rugrats" pages, according to month.


1. Updated "Rebel Without A Teddy Bear" & "Angelica the Magnificent".

2. Changed the spelling of "Hanukkah" to "Chanukah", as the latter spelling was used in the promos (and, eventually, the special). Both spellings are correct, by the way.

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