Rugrats Around The World

This page gives you details on who's playing "Rugrats" worldwide.

Top Left: Graphic from Nick.Com in 1998, for the contest (see below), with a little revision. © 1998, 2001 by Viacom.

Bottom Left: "Around The World With 'Rugrats'" logo, used for a contest sponsored by Playstation in late 1998-99. From Nick.Com; ©1998 Viacom. Playstation logo is ® & © Sony Corporation.

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Disclaimer on Schedules and Times:

All times are subject to change without notice by all networks. In event there are any changes, let me know and I'll update them here. Make sure you let me know, since no one likes out-of date information.


1. Time differences are given for Greenwich Mean (GMT), Eastern (ET), and Pacific (PT).

2. European countries start and end Daylight Savings Time one week earlier than the US & Canada. Also, some countries or areas within countries do not observe DST, including Arizona, Hawaii, Indiana (except areas in the Central Time Zone and areas close to Louisville & Cincinnati) and Sasketchewan.

3. Source for time zones, color and TV system information: World Radio & TV Handbook (Billboard Publications, Inc., 1990)

4. Source for satellite transponders: May 1997 issue of Satellite Orbit magazine (Commtek Communications Corporation, 1997)

5. All station & network logos are copyrighted by them or their owners.

6. Pictures of flags courtesy of Mooney's MiniFlags & Flags Of The World.

Where To Watch "Rugrats":
United States: (all times Eastern (GMT - 5) & Pacific (GMT - 8); see the schedule for time differences.)

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525 lines)

Seen on 3 channels:


Satellite (C-Band analog):
East Coast:
Satcom C4 (F4), Transponder 3 (scrambled for VCII+ decoders)
West Coast: Galaxy 10 (G10), Transponder 17 (scrambled for VCII+ decoders)

Also available on DirecTV & Dish Network satellite-services with both feeds available nationwide, while most cable services nationwide offer only one feed on the analog tiers (either East or West, depending on where you live). US version also available in Mexico and the Caribbean via the gray market.

Monday to Friday, 7AM, 3PM, 3:30PM and 7:30PM
Saturday, 8AM & 8:30AM
Sunday, 8AM, 8:30AM, 2PM & 2:30PM

Also may be seen during U-Pick Live, Weekdays, 5PM to 7PM, as well as the Saturday Nicktoons marathons, 2PM  to 6PM.

Note: All episodes are different episodes.

Special episodes of  "Rugrats" may be televised at special times on Nick.

Nick Too

Satellite (C-Band 4DTV Digital):
Satcom C3 (F3), channel 622
Western: Satcom C3 (F3), channel 623

Available by subscription on C-Band satellite using a 4DTV digital receiver; also available on selected cable systems. Also available in Mexico and the Caribbean via the gray market.


3 hours later than regular schedule.

Western (Times in PT):

3 hours earlier than regular schedule.

Nick Too is the same Nick schedule, only 3 hours later in the east; 3 hours earlier in the west. This channel is packaged with cable systems in mind, as many satellite companies already offer both feeds of the regular Nick.

Nicktoons TV (The Channel)

(Digital Cable)

See schedule for times, as they fluctuate from week-to-week

Established on May 1, 2002 and based on the popular weekend block of Nicktoons, Nicktoons TV is a round-the-clock channel, featuring most, if not all, of the Nicktoons library, plus animation produced for the regional Nick channels worldwide, among other special programming and projects.

US Military Bases Overseas

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525-lines)

AFN Network

(Logos © American Forces Radio & Television Service.)

American Forces Radio & Television Service

(formerly Armed Forces Radio & Television Service)

See schedule for times, as they fluctuate from week-to-week

A service of the US Department of Defense and based at March Air Reserve Base near Riverside, CA (some sources may give Hollywood as its headquarters), AFRTS is a broadcaster that provides radio & TV programming to service people and their families stationed outside the continental US, usually far away from the signals of the US radio & TV networks. AFRTS is, more or less, a "Reader's Digest" of the airwaves -- presenting the best programming from PBS, all commercial networks, leading syndicators and the most popular cable channels (including Nickelodeon, which has a few programs on AFRTS's channels), along with some original AFRTS programming, and places them on 3 TV channels: AFN -- American Forces Network (general news, sports and entertainment), AFN Spectrum (more of the same, but mainly from cable and premium channels), AFN News, and AFN Sports (both self-explanetory). What's especially unique about these channels is that there's no paid advertising -- the commercial breaks feature only programming promos, interstitials (mini-features) and public service announcements, all related to military life for personnel and their families.

Rugrats is seen on AFN and Spectrum, with the AFN shows rotating with other Nicktoons. These episodes are not the same ones seen the same day back stateside on Nick. In some cases, some new episodes are seen on the AFN channels before they are seen back in the US on Nick.

Some military bases, especially those in Japan, Puerto Rico and Guatanamo Bay, may also offer the US version of Nick. Also, they can watch Rugrats on the local version of Nick or the local channel that carries them.

(all times Eastern (GMT - 5; PT - 3), unless specified)

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525-lines)

Seen on 3 networks; unless specified, all channels are available nationwide on ExpressVu and Star Choice satellite, and regionally on cable. On the gray market, ExpressVu is available in the continental US, northern Mexico & the northern Caribbean; as for Star Choice, YTV is also available in Alaska, Hawaii, all of Mexico and northern Central America, while VRAK.TV is available only in Canada and the northern US (until 2003, at least).

Right: Sign outside YTV studios in Toronto. The building is
also home to Treehouse TV and the Canadian version of CMT.
The building is located in the Jefferson Square area, at 64
Jefferson Ave. in Toronto; to get there, take the Gardiner
Expressway to the Jameson St. exit, go north on Jameson to
King St., then east on King, past Dufferin, to Jefferson (there's a stadium on the southwest corner), then south past Liberty St.; YTV is on the west side of Jefferson. Also look for Nelvana vehicles, as they are in the neighborhood, too. Sorry, no tours, but feel free to take pictures of the ordinary building.

(Photo taken 5/17/1999 by the webmaster, Steve Mindykowski,
while vacationing in the Toronto area. YTV & Treehouse TV
logos ® & © YTV Canada, Inc. CMT logo ® & © CBS, Inc.,
used by YTV Canada under license. Shaw logo ® & © Shaw
Communications, owners of Corus Entertainment, the parent
company of YTV.)

YTV (English)

Sundays to Fridays at 8AM
There are 2 feeds of YTV available -- an eastern feed and a western feed, which is 3 hours later than east. Analog systems have only one feed for their region, while ExpressVu, Start Choice and some digital cable systems have both feeds.

YTV is the Canadian version of Nick; it presents much of the material now seen on Nick, along with other programming for all ages. Viacom does NOT own YTV; if it did, it can only own up to 20% of it, as per Canadian law. This law encourages Canadian broadcasters to set up their own cable networks. Also, this law bans most competition of cable formats, which is why YTV is available on Canadian cable systems and not Nick, as well as the reason YTV is the ONLY English-language kids network on Canadian cable.

YTV also publishes Whoa! Magazine, a quarterly that features news and information about YTV favorites. Whoa! is sold at newsstands throughout Canada for C$3.00, as well as by subscription (6 issues for C$12.95 in Canada, US$12.95 in US). For details, click here.

The commercial break structure for Rugrats and other Nicktoons are different than on Nick -- on YTV, there are 3 breaks during the program -- one after the opening credits, one between stories, and another before the closing credits. In contrast, there's only one break on Nick (commercials before or after the program does not count). However, the first and second commercial breaks are rather short -- no more than a couple of minutes per break, at most. This is due to CRTC regulations that limit commercials to 12 minutes per hour; any leftover time must be used for promos, PSAs, featurettes, anything that's not paid for by a commercial sponsor.

YTV is owned by Corus Entertainment (a spinoff of Shaw Communications' broadcasting and specialty channel services), which also operates Treehouse TV (for pre-schoolers) and the Canadian version of CMT, Country Music Television (country music videos & programming, under license by CBS), among other channels.

VRAK.TV (French; formerly Canal Famille)
Show is on hiatus until further notice.

Available on ExpressVu & Star Choice, as well as analog cable in Quebec, New Brunswick and the Ottawa area, and nationwide on Rogers Digital Choice TV and Shaw Digital cable systems, among others.
Title: Les Razmoket (Name based on "raser la moquette", meaning "to rase, or crawl on, the carpet". Les Razmoket means "The Carpet Crawlers", or, more precisely, "Rugrats".)

(Left: Logo for Les Razmoket, from Gigiseb's Razmoket site; ® & © Viacom.)

(Right: Canadian bi-lingual Rugrats logo, used on some Rugrats merchandise in Canada; ® & © Viacom.)

VRAK.TV, a children's channel for Francophones, is generally on the air daily from 6AM ET to 10PM ET, and features Children's fare in French. VRAK.TV's schedule features programming like Hey Arnold (Hé Arnold), CatDog (Michat Michien), Inspector Gadget (Inspecteur Gadget) and Reboot (Megabogues).

All episodes of Les Razmoket on VRAK.TV are closed-captioned in French, and feature title cards and credits in French. What's interesting is that the fonts used in the titles and credits use a French comic strip-type font, rather than the child's writing font used in the English version (older episodes used generic block lettering, and no credits). Also, the translation is probably done in the SECAM color format in France (using "blanks" provided by Nickelodeon), then converted to NTSC and shipped to Canada, where VRAK.TV captions it before broadcasting. The voices in the French version sound more adult than the original English version.
VRAK.TV is owned by Astral Media, one of Canada's leading entertainment companies; other Astral cable channels include Canal Vie, Canal D, Historia, Canal Z, Series +, Indigo Pay-Per-View, TMN and Family Channel (not related to the Fox Family Channel). This channel got its start in 1988 as Canal Famille, with broadcast hours generally from 6AM ET to 7PM or 8PM ET. On January 2, 2001, the channel was renamed VRAK.TV, with its hours expanded to 10PM ET.

Left: The Astral Media building, home of VRAK.TV and other fine Francophone channels. The building is located on W. Ste-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal, between Chomedey and Fort Streets, near the Atwater and Guy Metro (subway) stations. A vocational college and a Blockbuster Video are in the same building.

(Photo taken April 2001 by the webmaster, Steve Mindykowski, while vacationing in the Montreal area.)

Mexico & Latin America:

Seen on 2 networks in Mexico:
(Mexico is System "M" (525-lines), NTSC color)

(Left: From Mundonick.Com; © 2002 Viacom. Right: Banner ad © 1998 Viacom.)


Available on DirecTV (Latin America only) and Sky (Mexico) satellite services, as well as selected cable systems. Also available on the gray market in Puerto Rico and the continental US.

(all times Central Time (GMT - 6, ET - 1, PT + 2); times listed are for the Mexican feed)

Weekdays at 11AM, 6PM & 2AM
Weekends at 10:30AM, 6PM & 2AM

Also seen during Mezcla Nicktoons:
Weekdays, 7AM to 8AM, 3PM to 5PM, & 11PM to 1AM
Weekends, 8:30AM to 10AM, 3PM to 5PM, & 11PM to 1AM

Title: Aventuras en Pañales ("Adventures In Diapers")

A Latin American version of Nick is on the air 24 hours a day in Latin America, covering Mexico, Central America, and South America. The service is in NTSC and PAL  (525 ("M") & 625-line ("N") versions) and feature English, Spanish and Portuguese soundtracks (cable viewers only get only one soundtrack, mainly in the language of their country). There are 3 feeds of the Latin American Nick: one for Mexico, Central America & northern South America, one for Brasil and one for Argentina and southern South America, so times may vary. Satellite viewers in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean, as well as cable viewers in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and parts of the Caribbean, can also watch Rugrats on the US version of Nick; in addition, Canadian broadcasts of Rugrats on YTV are available nationwide (and in northern Central America) on Star Choice and in Northwestern Mexico on ExpressVu.

Some local networks and stations may also televise Rugrats. In Mexico, it's seen on:

(Televisa & Canal 5 logos © Televisa)

Televisa XHGC Canal 5

(Available over-the-air and on the Sky Mexico satellite service. Also available on the gray market in Puerto Rico and the continental US.)

Weekdays at 6PM

Canal 5, which features mainly children's and family programming during the day and action shows & movies at night, is one of 4 over-the-air networks operated by Latin American media conglomerate, Televisa. Many Americans may also know that Televisa is the leading supplier of programming to Univision, America's leading Spanish-language network (Televisa is a majority owner). In another interesting note, Televisa also owns 3 Fox affiliates on the Mexican side of the US / Mexico border, broadcasting for the US market (San Diego, CA and Laredo & Brownsville, TX).

Rugrats have been part of the Televisa family since the mid-1990s. But recently, on 7/12/1999, Canal 5 started a new 2-hour Nickelodeon block, called Ultra Tunnel 5 Nickelodeon, weeknights 6PM to 8PM. This block currently features Real Monsters at 6PM, an hour of Rugrats at 6:30PM (classics at 6:30PM, newer shows at 7PM), and Hey Arnold at 7:30PM. Future block programs will include Angry Beavers, Ren & Stimpy (another Televisa veteran), Pete & Pete, Clarissa & Allen Strange. This block is designed to present Nick shows to families that don't have Nick. Mexico is the first country in the world to offer both a Nick block and a Nick channel; in all other countries, it's either a block or a channel.

Also in the same deal, Canal 5 has picked up Blue's Clues & Animorphs, though these will be seen at other times of the day -- Animorphs probably on weekends; Blue's Clues weekday mornings (it's unclear whether they'll use the US Steve Burns version, or produce a local version, as some networks are doing).

The trouble with the Rugrats episodes on the Latin American Nick is that these episodes are repeated at a greater frequency than the US Nick or YTV. According to Carolina Hernandez T., some episodes such as Chuckie's Duckling and No Naps were televised 5 times in a 2 week period. Normally, on the US Nick, reruns of episodes produced before 1999 are seen once per month, with the 1999 shows once every 2 to 3 months. On YTV, where it's restricted to once a day weekdays, it's once every 15 to 19 weeks.
Dubbing for the Spanish version of Rugrats is produced by Audiomaster 3000, a Televisa subsidiary.

(Left: Audiomaster 3000 logo; ® & © Televisa.)

For more information on Pañales, click here.

Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T.

Great Britain & Ireland: (all times GMT (ET + 5; PT + 8))

Color: PAL, System "I" (625-lines)

Seen on up to 6 networks:

(Nick banner from Nick UK; ©2002 Viacom.)

Nickelodeon (satellite / cable)

Available on Sky satellite, as well as nationwide cable in Britain & Ireland.

See schedule for times, as they fluctuate from week-to-week

(all different episodes)

Nick Replay

Available to Sky Digital satellite viewers.

All shows 1 hour later than the main channel.

Nick UK has the same variety of programming as the US version, plus some children's programming from the BBC. In addition, Nick UK has their own programs, such as The Renford Rejects, The Three Friends...and Jerry (seen in the US on Fox Family channel), and local versions of Nick News & Blue's Clues.

(Nick Text banner from Nick UK; ©1999 Viacom.)

In addition to the usual Nick fare, Nick UK has "Nick Text", a teletext service that features programming information and other news for Nick UK viewers. Teletext is still very popular in Europe, while it failed miserably in the US in the early 1980's.

Nick UK is on the air at 6AM everyday, and leaves the air nightly at 10PM for Sky Digital (satellite) and cable viewers. Closedown time may vary for cable viewers. Add 1 hour for Nick Replay (see below).

Nick UK is also the first foreign version of Nick to have 2 supplementary channels -- Nick Jr. (exclusively on a separate channel, broadcasting 6AM to 7PM on Sky Digital) and Nick Replay (the same Nick schedule, 1 hour later). It's also because of this that Nick UK is the only foreign Nick service NOT to offer Nick Jr. on the main channel.

Nicktoons TV (The Channel)

Weekdays at 7AM, 10AM, 5PM & 5:30PM
Mondays from 12 Noon to 2PM
Weekends at 8AM, 5PM & 5:30PM

The British version of the Nicktoons TV channel, which was recently launched in the US, will sign on on July 22. As with the American original, the British version will feature a mix of Nicktoons and non-Nicktoons that Nick has the rights to. Two exceptions is that not all Nicktoons will be featured, and the channel is only on the air from 6AM to 7PM everyday.

Listing Source:  Nick U.K. website; PA News Centre

(BBC logo ® & © BBC.)

BBC One and/or BBC Two (Britain terrestrial)

During Children's BBC: See schedule for times, as they fluctuate from week-to-week

The BBC, as you may have known, is the world's greatest public broadcaster, operating on 2 terrestrial networks, 2 pan-European satellite networks, 1 worldwide news channel, a special channel for American audiences (BBC America), 2 special channels for Canadians (BBC Canada & BBC Kids), 5 domestic radio networks, scores of regional radio stations, a respected short-wave radio service, and a leading worldwide syndicator. The BBC was the first network in the world to have regularly-scheduled television service, in 1936, which lasted until 1939, when World War II forced the BBC to suspend television service. It resumed after the war, in 1945. "The Beeb" has produced various programs that are familiar to American audiences, including "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Dr. Who", "Blake's 7", "Red Dwarf", "Blackadder", "Absolutely Fabulous" and, most important of all, various miniseries seen on "Masterpiece Theatre" and "Mystery!" (Both are PBS anthology series presented by WGBH -- Boston,  featuring mini-series from the BBC, ITV companies, and other sources). Back in Britain, the BBC also shows BBC-produced shows exclusive to Britain or Europe, including "Blue Peter" and "Top Of The Pops", as well as imported American programming like "Star Trek", "Party Of Five", "The Simpsons" and, of course, "Rugrats".

On BBC2 in Scotland, Rugrats have also been telecasted in Gaelic, as part of BBC Scotland's Gaelic-language children's program, Dè-a-nis? (What Now?). That series features various BBC and foreign programs, translated to Gaelic (Rocket Power is another Nicktoon that got this treatment).

Listing Source: BBC web site (Special thanks to Sarah Wakefield and Duncan)

(RTE & Network 2 logos ® & © RTE.)

RTE Network 2 (Ireland terrestrial)

Weekdays at 3PM
(all during den 2, weekdays 12:15PM to 5PM)

RTE (Radio Telefís Éirann, Gaelic for "Irish Radio & Television") is the leading public broadcaster in Ireland with 2 radio networks and 3 terrestrial channels ("RTE One" and "Network 2" mostly English; "TG4" mostly Gaelic).

Nick UK has plans on opening up a separate service for Ireland soon, to match the school holidays observed by the Irish, as well as to appease the advertisers that wanted to take advantage of the Irish market. The Irish Nick website is now open here.

(Special thanks to Varakorn Ungvichian & Joey)


For Information on Rugrats in Australia, click here.

New Zealand (all times Auckland time (GMT + 12; ET - 7 hours + 1 day; PT - 4 hours + 1 day)

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)

Seen on 2 channels:

(logos © TVNZ)


Weekdays at 3:20PM

Television New Zealand, or TVNZ, is a public TV broadcaster in New Zealand, operating on 2 separate networks; TV One shows mainly educational, New Zealand, and British programming. TV 2 shows, or has shown, mainly American fare, including  Seinfeld, The Late Show With David Letterman, All In The Family, The Drew Carey Show, Chicago Hope, X Files, The Simpsons, and other shows. Finally, Rugrats is rated [G] by New Zealand's TV ratings system, which was in place long before the U.S.'s ratings. Unlike the U.S. system (which is 6-tiered), the NZ system is 3-tiered (US equivalent in italics):

[G] -- General Audiences ([TV-Y], [TV-Y7], most [TV-G] and [TV-PG])

[PGR] -- Parental Guidance Recommended (some [TV-G] and [TV-PG])

[AO] -- Adults Only (TVNZ does not show X-rated programs (or programs assigned [TV-M/MA] by US standards), but shows like Cops and X-Files (which get a [TV-PG] or [TV-14] in the U.S.) can receive an [AO] in New Zealand.)

Rugrats is one of TV 2's most popular programs, constantly topping shows on other channels in the same time slot.

Zee TV (Satellite, and maybe cable)

Weekdays at 6PM

Zee TV is a Hindi & English channel from India that also includes Nickelodeon programming in its feeds to India, Australia and New Zealand. For more on Zee TV, click here.

(Special thanks to Varakorn Ungvichian)

Middle East (all times Dubai time (GMT + 4, ET + 9, PT + 12); some countries do not observe Daylight Savings Time))


Available on the Showtime Arabia satellite service.

Monday-Friday at 10AM (6AM GMT) & 5PM (1PM GMT)

Saturday & Sunday at 8AM (4AM GMT) & 5PM (1PM GMT)

The Middle-East version of Nick, available to subscribers of the Showtime Arabia DBS service, provides, almost exclusively, programming made for Nick U.S.

Switzerland (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625-lines)

TSR1 & TSR2 ("Télévision Suisse Romande"; French)
(logo © "Télévision Suisse Romande)

Title: Les Razmoket (see Canada)

During "Les Zap": During "Mini Zap":
TSR1: Weekends, 7AM to 10:30AM
TSR2: Weekdays, 8:30AM to 11AM
TSR1: Weekdays, 7AM to 8AM
TSR2: Weekdays, 5PM to 6PM

In Switzerland, TSR boradcasts Rugrats on both their channels during their children's TV blocks, the long-form Les Zap, and the shorter Mini Zap. The TSR channels also feature a variety of news and entertainment in French, from Swiss, European and American sources.

Scandinavia (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9); add 1 hour for Finland)


Available on ViaSat & Canal Digital satellite, as well as most cable systems.

Local Titles:
Norway "Rugrats"
Sweden "Rugrats: Tommy och Chuckie"
Denmark "Rollinger" / "Rollingerne"
Finland "Ipanat"

Weekdays, 7AM, 11AM & 3:30PM
Weekends, 8:30AM, 12:30PM & 1PM

Launched in early 1997, Nick Scandinavia originates from Sweden and serves the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland). Broadcasts are currently seen in Swedish, Danish & Norwegian. Nick Scandinavia is on the air everyday from 6AM to 6PM CET. In the Danish language, shows seen on Nick also include Clarissa, Allegra's Vindue (Allegra's Window), Rocko's Moderne Liv (Rocko's Modern Life), Pete & Pete's Eventyr (Adventures of Pete & Pete), & AAAhh!!! Virkliga Monstre (AAAhh!!! Real Monsters). In Norwegian, you can also watch Eureekas Drømmeslott (Eureeka's Castle), Den ville familien Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys), Kattehund (CatDog), De sinte beverne (The Angry Beavers), and Ren og Stimpy Show (Ren & Stimpy).

Source: Viacom


For Information on Rugrats in Finland, click here.


(all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: SECAM, Systems "D" & "K" (625 lines)

M Sat

Weekdays at 8AM, 12:30PM, 3:30PM

Weekends at 4:30PM

Titled "Fecsegô tipegôk" ("Talking Rugrats")

M Sat is available on cable in Hungary and on satellite in most of Europe. From 7AM to 7PM, M Sat has a 12-hour daily block of Nickelodeon programming, featuring Hé, Arnold! (Hey Arnold), Jaj! A szörnyek! (Aahhh! Real Monsters), Allegra ablaka (Allegra's Window), Euréka vára (Eureeka's Castle), A titkos templom legendái (Legends Of The Hidden Temple), Kenan és Kel (Kenan & Kel), Pete és kis Pete (Pete & Pete), Ren és Stimpy show-mûsora (Ren & Stimpy) and Allen Strange utazása (The Journey of Allen Strange). Outside the Nick block, M Sat shows a variety of Hungarian and foreign movies and shows.

Rugrats was originally seen Sunday mornings at 8AM on Magyar Televizio (Hungarian Television) Channel 1, as part of the "Hungarians in International Film-Making" series, which not only features the work of Hungarian creator Gabor Csupo, but other famous Hungarian celebrities like film director George Cukor, actor Tony Curtis, and others.

(Special thanks to Bernat Kocsis. Source on Nickelodeon: RTV Részletes)


(all times Rio De Janiero time (GMT - 3, ET - 2, PT - 5)

Color: PAL, System "M" (525-lines)

(available on the DirecTV satellite service).

Titled "Os Anjinhos" (The Little Angels)

The Portuguese version of Rugrats.

Currently, Rugrats is seen only on Nick. Previously, it was seen from 1994 to 1996 on the Multishow cable channel, as part of that channel's Nickelodeon block; it was cancelled when Nick itself was launched in 1996. Shows in that block also included Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Wild and Crazy Kids, Clarissa, and Pete & Pete. And until 2001, it was seen weekday mornings over-the-air on the SBT network, as part of their children's block, "Bom Dia & Cia" ("Good Morning and Company").

(Thanks to Robert Friedrich & Andre Olsen)


(all times Atlantic time (GMT - 4, ET + 1, PT -4; does not observe Daylight Savings Time))

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525-lines)

Logos © RCTV


Weekdays at 9:30AM & 10AM (10AM show alternates with Rocky & Bullwinkle)
(in addition to showings on Nickelodeon)

RCTV, Venezuela's first TV channel, is a private, over-the-air network in Venezuela, which shows a variety of local and imported programming.

Spain (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625 lines)

Title: Aventuras en Pañales (see Mexico)

Seen on 2 Channels:
TVE -- La 2

(TVE and La 2 logos © RTVE )

Weekdays at 2PM

TVE, "Televisión Española" (Spanish Television), is Spain's public television network, part of the larger Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), operating 2 domestic channels ("La Primera" and "La 2"), an international channel ("TVE Internacional", seen mainly in Europe, Asia and Latin America) and various specialty channels for Spanish cable and satellite. Rugrats is seen weekday afternoons on TVE's children's block, TPH Club; the block is presented mornings on La Primera and afternoons on La 2, with each channel featuring different programming.


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon is available for 12 hours a day on Canal Satelite.

Holland (Netherlands) (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625-lines)

Titled "Ratjetoe" ("Hodge Podge"; also, a Dutch delicacy with sauerkraut, meat and onions)


Weekdays at 6:25AM, 12:10PM & 2:40PM
Saturdays at 6:45AM & 3:30PM
Sundays at 6:45AM & 1:40PM

Nickelodeon is seen on cable systems throughout Holland, everyday from 6AM to 7PM. The channel also includes a weekday preschoolers block, Kindernet (which predates Nickelodeon itself by several years). I don't know when Nickelodeon started up in Holland.

Up until 2001, Rugrats was a part of a children's block of TV programming, Z@ppelin, seen mornings on Nederland 3, one of three public TV networks operated by De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep (Netherlands Public Broadcasting). And before that, Rugrats was part of Alle Kits, an afternoon kids block on Nederland 1, also part of the Omroep group of stations.

What's unique about these 3 networks is that they're operated by 12 broadcasting organizations, with each program presented by a different broadcaster. KRO, one of these broadcasters, presents Rugrats on Nederland 3.

(Special thanks to Scott Roberts & Varakorn Ungvichian)


(all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "H" (625-lines)

Logo © VTM

VTM (Flemish / Dutch)

Weekdays at 8:05AM

VTM is a private, Flemish-language commercial broadcaster that operates 2 channels -- VTM and Kanaal 2; both channels offer a mixture of local and foreign programming, all in Flemish.

(Special thanks to Varakorn Ungvichian)

Italy (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625-lines)

In the late-1990s, Rugrats was seen on Raisat2, one of 3 RAI's satellite channels, as part of an acquisition of several programs from Nickelodeon. Unfortunately, the series was seen only occasionally on that channel. By the time the movie arrived, it bombed, as very few Italians knew about the TV series. Also, RAI's trio of satellite channels were unsuccessful -- they folded in the late 1990s.

In the fall of 1999, Italia 1 formally introduced the Rugrats TV series to Italians. Italia 1 is one of 3 over-the-air channels in Italy owned by Mediaset; the others are Canal 5 and Rete 4. However, in 2002 (?), that channel has dropped the series. It is currently not seen at all in Italy.

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T. & Varakorn Ungvichian)

France (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: SECAM, System "L" (625-lines)

Title: Les Razmoket (see Canada)

Seen on 2 Channels:

France 3

(Logo and banners from France 3's site; © France Televisions)

During TO3:
Weekdays at 7:25AM or 7:55AM (varies from day-to-day)

France 3, one of 2 public TV networks in France (the other is France 2), shows original programming and American and British imports dubbed in French, including The Love Boat (the original series), The Golden Girls and Black Adder.

Rugrats is seen as part of the morning TO3 block, which waslaunched in September 2002.

Previously, Rugrats was seen as part of the Les Minikeums block (later, MNK), which featured humanlike puppets as hosts. This block was discontinued in the summer of 2002, in favor of TO3.

(Logo © Canal J)

Canal J

Everyday at 7:35AM (30 minutes)
Weekdays at 4:50PM (45 minutes) and 8:45PM (11 minutes)
Weekends at 10:35AM & 4:50PM (11 minutes each)

Canal J is France's children's channel, on air everyday from 6:30AM to 11PM, and features local and imported (mostly American, British or Canadian) programming. Some of these programs, apart from Rugrats, are from Nickelodeon, such as Animorphs, Cousin Skeeter, Alex Mack and The Wild Thornberrys (La Famille Delajungle).

Japan (all times Tokyo Time (GMT + 9; ET + 14; PT + 17; Japan has no Daylight Savings Time))

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525 lines)


Weekdays at 5AM, 8:30AM, 10AM, 1PM, 6PM & 1AM (25:00 in Japanese time)

Saturdays & Sundays at 7AM, 2:30PM, 5PM & 1:30AM (25:30 in Japanese time)
Left: The Japanese Rugrats logo.
Right: How you write "Rugrats" in Kanji, a popular form of writing in Japanese. "Rugrats" in Japanese is "Rugarattsu" (pronounced "rou - gah - raht - su"). At right is how you write "Rugrats" in Japanese, written using Katakana.

(Logo based on logo for the Japanese version of The Rugrats Movie; ©1998, 1999 Viacom; special thanks to Acco-ya for both the logo and the writing, and Kristy "Chiklit" for additional info.)

Rugrats, and most other Nick programs, are seen in Japanese on the Japanese version of Nick, available on DirecTV in Japan.

US servicepeople stationed in Japan watch Rugrats in English on the US Nick (which is transmitted on a delayed basis to US bases in Asia and televised at Tokyo time, timed according to the Eastern Time schedule), as well as on AFN.


(all times Manila time (GMT + 8, ET + 13, PT + 16))

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525 lines)


Weekdays, 11AM, 12 Noon, 6PM
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6PM
Weekends, 4:30AM, 6AM, 6:30AM, 12:30PM, 4:30PM, 10PM

Asian Cable Communications, also known as "Accion", offers Rugrats and other Nick favorites to Pilipino homes on Nickelodeon. As with the US version, Nick is presented in English.


(all times Singapore time (GMT + 8, ET + 13, PT + 16))

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)

Seen on 2 channels:


Mondays, 10AM

Rugrats appear weekly during the Kids Central block on the Central channel; the block is one of 3 blocks on Central -- another block is dedicated to Indian programming, and a nightly block is dedicated to the arts, with Kids Central seen mornings and afternoons. Central is one of 3 TV channels operated by the public-owned MediaCorp Singapore (formerly the Television and Radio Corporations of Singapore), which also operates Channel 5, Channel 8, news & sports specialty channels, and several radio stations. Rugrats originally was seen in the late-1990s on Channel 5.


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon is seen round-the-clock on Singapore CableVision, which picked up the channel on March 9, 2001.

Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (including the Baltic States)

(all times Moscow & St. Petersburg Time (GMT + 3, ET + 8, PT + 11))

Color: SECAM, System "D" (625 lines)

Title (Russian):
Okh, uzh eti detki!
("Oh, what the kids!")

Above: Rugrats in Russian, from the STS-8 website, where Rugrats was seen until 2001.

(Note: The Rugrats Movie is known in Russian as Karapuzi ("tots").)

(Left: Logo for the Russian Rugrats Movie; graphic based on the logo on case for the video; © Premier Video Film / Viacom.)


(Available on the NTV+ satellite service, Kosmos TV's cable services in Moscow and on Metromedia's cable systems.)

Weekdays at 12:25PM, 12:55PM & 5PM

Nickelodeon is available around the clock in Russia and the former Soviet republics. Nick is seen in the Moscow area on Kosmos TV's cable systems and nationwide on the NTV+ DBS satellite service, and is presented by Metromedia International Group, a communications conglomerate with radio, TV & cable properties in the CIS and eastern Europe (no relation to the now defunct Metromedia, Inc., which was absorbed in the mid-1980s by Rupert Murdoch and became the backbone for the Fox network). While Rugrats and Hey Arnold are already available in Russian, most other Nick programs were seen for the very first time in Russian on Nick. Unfortunately, there's currently no plans are mentioned to offer Nick in other languages (especially in the Baltic states); apparently, according to a Viacom press release, viewers in the Baltics and the rest of the CIS prefer the 100% Russian Nick over other children's channels available there, even those in their own regional language. Also, being available around the clock is important, as Russia and the CIS covers 11 time zones.

Rugrats' 5PM showing is part of Nick's "Multiki" block, which is seen weekdays from 5PM to 9PM, and features shows like CatDog, Beavers, Thornberrys, SpongeBob, Ginger, Hey Arnold & Rocket Power.

Until around 2001, Rugrats was seen on STS 8, a private broadcaster with stations throughout Russia. Rugrats made its Russian debut on that channel on 10/17/1997. STS 8 has also shown Hey Arnold, and a variety of other programs.

(Special thanks to Varakorn Ungvichian)

South Africa (all times Central African Time (GMT + 2, ET + 7, PT + 10; does not observe Daylight Savings Time)))

Color: PAL, System "I" (625-lines)


Logos © M-Net

M-Net Channel (terrestrial / cable) & K-TV (cable / satellite)

Weekdays at 4PM on both channels

K-TV, a service of cablecaster M-Net, is a children's channel that covers most of the African continent on cable and satellite, on the air daily from 7AM to 7PM. Rugrats is a part of a Nickelodeon block that's seen on K-TV, weekdays 1PM to 7PM; programming in that block also includes Allegra's Window, Eureeka's Castle, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Global Guts, Pete and Pete, Clarissa, Hey Arnold, Aahh!!! Real Monsters, Rocko, Kenan and Kel (also seen in South Africa on SABC) and Kablam! All K-TV programs are in English.

The main M-Net Channel, available around-the-clock over-the-air and on cable, carries K-TV programming weekdays from 7AM to 9AM and 2PM to 5PM; the rest of the day consists mainly of of movies, US imports, and news from the BBC; all coming from M-Net's satellite services. I just hope I explained that right, as their schedules list 3 versions of M-Net: "M-Net Analog", "M-Net Digital" and "M-Net Channel".

Malaysia (all times Kuala Lumpur time (GMT + 8, ET + 13, PT + 16; does not observe Daylight Savings Time)

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon is available on Astro cable systems throughout Malaysia.

Rugrats was originally seen on a terrestrial commercial TV station, Metrovision, until mid-1998; then, on another station, NTV7, from 1999 to 2001.

(Special thanks to Varakorn Ungvichian)

Hong Kong (all times Hong Kong time (GMT + 8, ET + 13, PT + 16; does not observe Daylight Savings Time)

Color: PAL, System "I" in Hong Kong; System "D" in mainland China (625 lines)

(logo © RTHK)

ATV World (English)

Mondays 11:30AM
Wednesdays 5:05PM

ATV is the television arm of Radio & Television of Hong Kong, the former British colony's public broadcaster. ATV World is ATV's English-language channel, featuring mostly imported English-language programming, about 21 hours a day. For a sample schedule, click here.

Indonesia (all times Jakarta time (GMT + 7, ET + 12, PT + 15; does not observe Daylight Savings Time))

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)


Weekdays: 2:30AM (3:30 Monday), 6AM, 9:30AM, 1PM, 5:30PM, 8:30PM
Saturday: 2:30AM , 6AM, 9:30AM, 11AM, 4:30PM, 9:30PM
Sunday 3AM, 9:30AM, 11AM, 9:30PM

Nickelodeon is now available 24-hours a day in Jakarta on the TV Kabel cable system and nationwide on the Indovision satellite service. it is unclear if the programming will be in English, Indonesian and/or Chinese. All programs seen in this version are entirely made for the US Nickelodeon; no programming from outside sources or regional Nick programming from other countries, like other versions of Nick. Despite the country being in an economic depression and political turmoil, Nick has entered the country anyway, by popular demand. Bruce Tuchman, General Manager, Global Network Ventures, Nickelodeon International, said: "Despite the economic landscape, we are finding that there is great demand from operators across the entire region for our channels and unique kid-focused programming. We are pleased to be able to offer kids throughout Indonesia their very own channel."

Malta (all times Central European Time (GMT + 1; ET + 6; PT + 9))

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon is seen 12 hours a day in English on the Melita Cable system, available throughout most of Malta.

Romania (all times Eastern European Time (GMT + 2; ET + 7; PT + 10))

Color: PAL, Systems "D" & "K" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon is seen around the clock in Romanian on Metromedia's cable systems (see Russia).

Turkey (all times Eastern European Time (GMT + 2; ET + 7; PT + 10))

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Details about the Turkish version of Nickelodeon is not available as of press, except for a fact that it exists, either on satellite or cable in Turkey. Programs include Rugrats, Cesaret Arenasý (GUTS), Kablam!, Rocko 'nun Modern yaþamý (Rocko's Modern Life), Blue 'nun püf noktalarý (Blue's Clues (US version)), Gizli Tapýnaðýn Efsaneleri (Legends of the Hidden Temple), Shelby Woo 'nun Esrarengiz Dosyalarý (The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo), Ren ve Stimpy (Ren & Stimpy), Hey Arnold, Clarissa, Pete ve Pete 'nin Maceralarý (The Adventures of Pete & Pete), Hepsi (All That), AAAhh!!! Gerçek Canavarlar (Aaahh! Real Monsters), Allegra 'nýn Penceresi (Allegra's Castle), Gullah Gullah Adasi (Gullah Gullah Island) and Eureeka 'nýn þatosu (Eureeka's Castle).

Greece  (all times Eastern European Time (GMT + 2; ET + 7; PT + 10))

Color: SECAM, Systems "B" & "G" (625 lines)

Seen on 2 channels:


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

The Greek version of Nickelodeon opened on the Alpha Digital satellite service on 12/1/2001. The channel is on the air from 12 Noon to 4PM weekdays and 7AM to 3PM weekends. Rugrats and other animated programs are broadcasted in Greek, while live-action shows are in English with Greek subtitles.


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Effective 12/15/2001, a daily, 2-hour Nickelodeon block debuts on Polis, a private over-the-air network in Greece. Rugrats, of course, will be part of this block.

Cyprus (all times Eastern European Time (GMT + 2; ET + 7; PT + 10))

Color: SECAM & PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

In Cyprus, Rugrats is part of a block of Nickelodeon programming, which launched 12/22/2001 on the LTV cable channel. That block starts up everyday at 7AM, and runs to 5PM weekdays and 2PM weekends.

India (all times Indian Time (GMT + 5.5; ET + 10.5; PT + 13.5); does not observe Daylight Savings Time)

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)

Seen on 2 channels:

Zee TV

Weekdays at 6PM

Zee TV is a round-the-clock entertainment and information channel, with programming in Hindi and English. Rugrats is part of Zee TV's Nickelodeon block, which is presented everyday from 8:30AM to 9:30AM (8AM to 9AM weekends) and 6PM to 7PM. Programs besides Rugrats that are included in the block include Angry Beavers, Rocko, Allen Strange, Thornberrys, SpongeBob, Hey Arnold and Kenan & Kel.

(Please note that Nickelodeon programming is not available on Zee TV services in the US, Britain and Africa, though it is available on Zee TV in Australia and New Zealand.)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Little is known about the Indian version of Nickelodeon, except that is available on cable and satellite in India.

Pakistan (all times Karachi Time (GMT + 5; ET + 10; PT + 13); does not observe Daylight Savings Time)

Color: PAL, System "B" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

The Pakistani version of Nickelodeon went on the air on 7/14/2002; it is available around-the-clock on cable systems in or near the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Hyderabad. Nickelodeon is distributed to these cable systems by WorldCall Multimedia Ltd., a subsidiary of the WorldCall Communications Group.

South Korea (all times Seoul Time (GMT + 9; ET + 14; PT + 17))

Color: NTSC, System "M" (525 lines)

(Left: Logo for the Korean version of Rugrats; from the Seoul Merchandising Company website. © Viacom.)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon entered South Korea on 3/1/2003, when it started broadcasting 24 hours a day on the SkyLife satellite service. All programs on Nick are seen in English, with Korean subtitles.

A 6-hour Nickelodeon block is also seen daily on the JEI23TV channel in Korea, dubbed in Korean (I don't know of this is a network or an independent station). Rugrats was also originally seen in Korea on the EBS network.

The Korean version of Rugrats is called "Ya! Rageuraech", which is Korean for "Oh! Rugrats". The word "Rageuraech" is pronounced "Rugrats" -- in the Korean alphabet, the letter representing "eu" is silent. As for why they decided to precede the name with an "Oh!" is anyone's guess.

Rugrats episodes in English, without Korean subtitles, can be seen occasionally on AFN, available in areas close to US military bases.

Of course, Rugrats may be considered to be a locally-produced program in South Korea, as much of the animation for Rugrats is produced there.

(Special thanks to Juny Park and Andrew Hollingbury)

Israel (all times Tel Aviv time (GMT + 2, ET + 7, PT + 10))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625 lines)


(Times currently not available. Does anyone know? Let me know about it.)

Nickelodeon entered Israel on 7/1/2003, when it started broadcasting from 8AM to 8PM on the Yes Digital satellite service. It is unknown if the shows will be dubbed and/or subtitled in Hebrew and/or Arabic. Also included on the Nick Israel schedule are Angry Beavers (Atsbonim), Ginger, CatDog, Rocket Power, SpongeBob, Thornberrys, Arnold and the Nick version of Ren & Stimpy, along with The Amanda Show, All That and Kenan & Kel.

Rugrats was first seen in Israel on Channel 2, when it is ptrogrammed by Keshet Broadcasting, Saturdays during the Stagadam children's block, from 8AM to 11AM. On that channel, Rugrats also joined Arnold and Beavers in that block. It left Keshet sometime in 2000 or 2001.

(Special thanks to Ety Hadar)


Apart from the above countries, is Rugrats playing in your country? If it is, please let me know so it can be included on this web site. Please include channel, local time, length (including commercials, if any), and the name of the show in the local language and what it means in English (if other than Rugrats). Also, if possible, let me know of the episode titles in the local language, and their literal English meaning. Finally, there is word that the opening credits (listing the writer, music, and director's credits) are removed from the foreign versions of Rugrats. It's common practice in foreign syndication, but I do not get it, since Australia, Canada, and the UK speak English, too.

Any corrections? Additions? Let me know.

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