What Was New On RugratsOnline: January 1997


1. Revised "Beauty Contest" & "Baseball".

2. Revised Britain's entry in the "On TV" page.

3. Added a guestbook archive page (on this server), to feature older guestbook entries that are no longer available from Lpage (that is, unless you access its utilities page, like I did).


1. Revised "Monster In The Garage" & "Slumber Party".

2. Revised "The Simpsons" entry in "Little Known Facts".

3. Revised Britain's entry on the "On TV" page.


1. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday".

2. Added information regarding the Nicktoons mini-marathon this Sunday (2/2/97) on the schedule page.


1. Effective 1/27/97, Nick began issuing ratings for its shows, including "Rugrats". Unless specified otherwise, all episodes will be rated [TV-Y] (suitable for all kids of all ages). I've mentioned ratings information in my Episode Guide, my schedule, even the main page. For more, click here.

2. Speaking of ratings, revised info on Nielsen ratings in "Little-Known Facts".

3. Revised "Family Reunion" & "Grandpa's Date".


1. Revised "At The Movies", "Monster In The Garage", "Stu Gets A Job", "I Remember Melville", & "No More Cookies".

2. Revised information on the books in the "Little Known Facts" page. I came across both books at a charity book sale this weekend, benefitting Goodwill Industries; the sale had thousands upon thousands of kids books for sale (plus older people's books, as well).

3. On the main page, gave a special disclaimer regarding my guestbook, as the server it's on is frequently having problems.

4. Revised Reptar's entry in the character descriptions.


Revised "Angelica's Worst Nightmare" & "The Mega Diaper Babies".


1. Revised "Chuckie's Red Hair" & "Spike Runs Away".

2. Due to circumstances, whether it was in Nick's control or not, "Naked Tommy" & "Tommy & The Secret Club", seen previously at 9AM ET on 1/21/97, was seen AGAIN the following day (1/22/97) at 9AM ET; "Mommy's Little Assets" & "Chuckie's Wonderful Life" was scheduled for 1/22. I've made a note of this in "What Was On Rugrats".

3. Revised Germany's entry in "Rugrats On TV".


1. Revised "Game Show Didi", "Naked Tommy" & "Tommy & The Secret Club".

2. Revised Grandpa's entry in the character descriptions.

3. Added some more "Little Known Facts", including more details on new Rugrats episodes.


1. Revised "Regarding Stuie" & "Garage Sale".

2. Revised Canada's entry on the "On TV" page.

3. Revised much of the character entries, now with more filmography information about the voices.

4. Added another "Little-Known Fact", this time, regarding "Bridget Loves Bernie" and Klasky-Csupo.

5. Gave more information on Mark Mothersbaugh and Denis Hannigan on the main episode guide page.

6. Revised the "Information Wanted" page.


1. Revised "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch" & "Mirrorland".

2. Revised my TV Guide list.


Revised "Give & Take", "The Gold Rush", "Home Movies", and "The Mysterious Mr. Friend".


1. Revised "Reptar 2010" & "Stu Gets A Job".

2. Added a "Little Know Fact" regarding books.


Revised "When Wishes Come True" & "Angelica Breaks A Leg".


1. Revised "Circus Angelicus" & "The Stork".

2. Revised Charlotte's entry in the Character Descriptions.


Revised "Toys In The Attic", "Tricycle Thief" & "Rhinoceritis".


Revised "Angelica's In Love" & "Ice Cream Mountain".


1. Revised "Barbecue Story", "My Friend Barney", "Game Show Didi", "Toys In The Attic" & "Chanukah".

2. Revised entries for Angelica, Phil & Lil, Didi, and Boris in the character descriptions.

3. Added an interesting fact about Chuckie's mom in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "The Slide" & "The Big Flush".

2. Revised the TV Guide list. Please note that I've removed the Rugrats background, as TV Guide collectors will be visiting that page, not all of them necessarily Rugrats fans. Also, I'll accept any TVG from any edition, subject to the terms on the TVG page.


1. Revised "The 7 Voyages of Cynthia" & "My Friend Barney".

2. Revised Charlotte's entry in the character descriptions.

3. Revised my TV Guide list.


Revised "The Big House", "The Shot", & "The Case Of The Missing Rugrat".


1. Revised "Superhero Chuckie" & "The Dog Broomer".

2. Added information regarding the new TV Ratings system. Rugrats, and much of Nick's programming, is not rated, but this information is provided for those who still wonder what it's all about.


1. Revised "Chuckie vs. The Potty" & "Together At Last".

2. Revised the movie list in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "Chuckie Loses His Glasses" & "Chuckie Gets Skunked".

2. Made a couple of corrections on the Nick address page.


1. Revised "Aunt Miriam" & "The Inside Story".

2. Updated Nielsen ratings information in "Little Known Facts".

1/1/97 (2nd Revision):

1. Revised "Reptar's Revenge", "Reptar On Ice" & "Family Feud".

2. Revised Angelica, Tommy, Phil & Lil, and Betty's entries in character descriptions.

3. Mentioned on the schedule page regarding Rugrats' new TV rating -- it's not rated (at least, yet).

4. Added some links to the "Little-Known Facts" page.

5. Added "The Rugrats Challenge", a quiz designed to test your Rugrats trivia. I'll be writing this quiz in bits and pieces, with new questions as time goes on.

1/1/97 (1st Revision):

1. Happy New Year!

2. Revised "Fluffy Vs. Spike", "Reptar's Revenge", "Graham Canyon", "Stu-Maker's Elves", "Meet The Carmichaels", "Tooth Or Dare" & "Party Animals".

3. Revised Hungary's entry in the "On TV" page.

4. Added another Simpsons-related fact to the "Little-Known Facts" page.

5. Revised Angelica's entry in the Characters page.

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