What Was New On RugratsOnline: November 1996


1. Updated "Chuckie Loses His Glasses" & "Chuckie Gets Skunked".

2. Revised entries for Betty and Howard.

3. Added a list of Rugrats episodes in German, provided by Peter Bockmann, with a list of literal translations by me.

4. Changed the links for the "Ladies & Gentlemen" intro on the main, "On TV", and broadcasting links pages; the new URL for the unofficial CKLW nostalgia page is http://www.cklw.org/


1. Updated "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch", "Regarding Stuie", "A Visit From Lipschitz", "What The Big People Do", "Visitors From Outer Space" & "The Case of the Missing Rugrat".   Note that there's no "Dr." in "A Visit From Lipschitz". My apologies.

2. Revised "Little-Known Facts", adding info regarding Beavis & Butthead's involvement and Rugrats' cable TV ratings, plus moved the video list to its separate section (on the same page).

3. Added another question, regarding a possible connection between the "Dummi Bears" and Care Bears.


1. Updated "The Shot" ,  "Garage Sale", "Superhero Chuckie" & "The Dog Broomer".

2. Please note that Nick pulled the old switcheroo again on the schedule for 9AM , Monday 11/25/96; they replaced "No Bones About It" and "Beach Blanket Babies" with "The Big House" and "The Shot".

3. I've included on my schedule page complete details about the Rugrats marathon on Sunday, 12/1/96 (part of the Nonstop Nicktoons Weekend, which is now extended to Monday, 12/2/96 with the Ren & Stimpy marathon), along with information about the long-awaited new episode.


1. Updated "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch",  "Mirrorland", "Regarding Stuie",."Garage Sale" (including a correction on the placement of one of the quotes), "Family Reunion" & "Grandpa's Date".

2. Revised the Australia entry in the "Rugrats On TV" page and on the children's TV links page, both containing a "back door" to the forbidden (to non-Australians) Nickoz site; accessible to everyone.

3. Updated "Little Known Facts", with an amusing tidbit for Animaniacs fans.


1. Revised "Special Delivery", "Graham Canyon", "Stumaker's Elves", "Chuckie vs. The Potty" & "Together At Last".

2. My TVGuide list is revised again.

3. I've also revised my "Info Wanted" page, requesting original air dates for outside the U.S.

4. I've provided more information on Nick Germany in the "Rugrats on TV" page.

5. On the schedule page, I've moved the first day of the Nonstop Nicktoons Weekend to Wednesday, 11/27/96, so that Hey, Arnold would be included.


1. Revised information on "Rugrats On TV" page for Australia and Germany; for Germany, I've added a link to a German Rugrats page, which features info on  Rugrats and other Nick shows in German, including episode titles in German. Also, reflecting this, I've made a revision on the info wanted page.

2. Also, I've revised my TV Guides list.

3. Updated "Momma Trauma", "Touchdown Tommy" & "The Trial".

4. Added more information regarding the Non-Stop Nicktoons Weekend on the schedule page.


1. Coming soon to Rugrats Online -- The Rugrats Challenge, a new quiz designed to test your knowledge on the show. It's currently under construction, so watch for it!

2. Also, in the TV Schedule, I've announced the coming of the Non-Stop Nicktoons Weekend, 11/28/96 to 12/1/96, on Nick U.S.

3. In the Information Wanted page, I've included a list of TVGuides available for trade for the Rugrats issue. For my lists, and trade conditions, click here.

4. Revised entries for "Ruthless Tommy", "Moose Country", "Real Or Robots" & "Special Delivery" (with a minor correction in the writers' credits).

5. Revised Angelica's character description; this time, regarding her voice, Cheryl Chase.

6. Revised Britain's entry on the "Rugrats On TV" page.

7. Some of you who browsed my page between 11AM & Noon (ET) on Friday, 11/15/96, may have seen a notice on the main page regarding "Aqui", a search engine developed by IBM. Considering that I was unable to see the entire code when I got the code for "Aqui"'s entry, I didn't think it was done properly. Therefore, I've taken it off my site, at least for now.


1. I've removed the "Rugrats Vote" announcement from the main page. No, I have not been ordered to do this. Since the election season is over, and since I feel that the voting will be ongoing (at least for now), I don't think this announcement is needed; thus I've removed it. However, you can still vote; click here for details.

2. Updated entries for "At The Movies" & "Slumber Party".


1. On the weekend of Saturday, 11/9/96, Lpage, which provides my guest book, was down for software updates and backups. However, they've wiped out the entries in my guestbook. Anyone who has signed my guestbook prior to 11/9/96, or anyone who've planned on signing it between 11/9/96 & 11/12/96, would you mind signing it again? Many thanks.

2. Updated "Tommy's First Birthday" & "Baby Commercial".

3. Added some more "Little-Known Facts".

4. Please note that there's no revision for "I Remember Melville" or "No More Cookies"; on Wednesday, 11/13/96, Nick replaced this previously-scheduled show, without notice or any known reason, with "Baby Commercial" & "Little Dude". I know this may anger some fans out there, but please keep in mind that Nick (and all other stations and networks) has the right to make any changes without any notice or reason whatsoever. Any variances will be shown on the "previously-seen" page. Also, if anyone notices any unscheduled, last minute changes for the 7:30PM ET shows (I work 6 nights a week), please let me know.


1. Updated entries for "Naked Tommy", "The Alien", "Mr. Clean", "New Kid In Town" & "Pickles vs. Pickles".

2. On my main page, I've now disclosed that "Rugrats Online" (and all associated sites) is produced on AOLPress, a WYSIWYG web page processor from the people that brought you America Online. And best of all, it's totally FREE, so download and use AOLPress today. (Note: AOLPress is free, and you need not be a member of AOL to download or use. However, you need to be an AOL member in order to get support. For details, click here.)


1. Updated entries for "Reptar's Revenge", "Chuckie's Red Hair" & "Spike Runs Away".

2. Updated character entries for Stu & Didi.

3. Restructured the main menu on the main page to 2 rows instead of one, as the one-row format was starting to get unwieldly.


1. The schedule page is now split up into 2 separate pages -- one for what's coming up, and one for what was previously on.

2. Revised entries for "Destination: Moon", "Angelica's Birthday", "Naked Tommy", "Tommy and the Secret Club", "Mommy's Little Assets" & "Chuckie's Wonderful Life". Please note that I did not provide writers & directors credits for "Naked Tommy"; on the morning of Friday, 11/8/96, Rugrats started a couple of minutes early. Normally, I watch the morning news, then, at 9AM, turn on Nick and wait for Rugrats. That morning, however, the show was already into its first minute of "Naked Tommy" when I turned on Nick after watching the news (it wasn't even 9AM yet). I apologize for any inconvenience.

3. Please note that "Tommy's Secret Club" is actually "Tommy and the Secret Club". I regret the error.

4. Revised the character entry for Chuckie, this time, adding a link to an unofficial web site for Chuckie's voice, Christine Cavanaugh.

5. I revised my question regarding TVGuide; this time, regarding the Canadian version of TVG.


1. Welcome back. I recently returned from Michigan. I had a real nice time with relatives there.

2. Revised entries for "Grandpa's Date",  "Home Movies" & "The Mysterious Mr. Friend".

3. Revised entries for the Rugrats' showtimes in Canada and Britain, as well as added information for New Zealand and Germany.

4. Added another question, regarding Rugrats in Germany.

5. Revised the Little Known Fact regarding Sony, with important information regarding videos.

6. Revised a Little Known Fact regarding TVGuide, this time, having something to do with the New York Yankees.

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