What Was New On RugratsOnline -- September 1997


1. Added another minor character.

2. Added another Rugrats link to the resource page.

3. Added another Simpsons connection to "Little-Known Facts".

4. Revised "Moving Away" & "Dust Bunnies".


1. Revised "Faire Play" & 'The Smell of Success" (note that "Angelica's Last Stand" & "Clan of the Duck" was originally scheduled for 9/20/97; their positions in the episode guide are adjusted accordingly).

2. Revised the ratings page.

3. Added another Rugrats link in the Resource Page.

4. Added a couple of minor characters in the characters section.


1. Removed that new site (as announced on 9/17/97) from the Resource Page; apparently, that site is not ready for the public yet.

2. Revised the product list and the news in "Little-Known Facts".


1. Added more product information in "Little Known Facts".

2. Added more information regarding the Canadian Ratings system.

3. Revised the Spanish Rugrats page.

4. Rates and ordering information given for Rugrats Magazine.

5. Added showtimes for the Latin-American Nick & revised YTV's show list on the "On TV" page.

6. Billy D'Augustine's site is now available again on the original server.

7. Revised "The Carwash" (formerly "Carwash Monster") & "Heatwave".


1. Added more information regarding the US & Canadian Ratings systems.

2. Added another Rugrats link to the Resource Page.

3. Revised the Spanish Rugrats page.


1. Added a new page about the new Rugrats magazine, coming to newstands and supermarkets soon.

2. Added information about calendars in the products section of "Little-Known Facts".


1. Revised the minor characters page.

2. Added 2nd season end credits.

3. Updated and revised the closing credits for 1992 & 1993.


1. Revised "Mother's Day".

2. Added information in the schedule page about the Rugrats marathon; it's back on again, this time on Saturday, 9/13/97.

3. Added more YTV-related links to the resource page.


1. Revised and added various characters in the Characters section, including the new voice for Grandpa.

2. Added another link to the resource page.

3. Revised "Superhero Chuckie" & "Aunt Miriam".


1. Revised "Psycho Angelica", "America's Wackiest Home Movies" & "The 'Lympics".

2. The Rugrats marathon scheduled for Saturday, 9/6/97, was cancelled due to Princess Diana's funeral. On this date instead, Nick showed regularly-scheduled programming, including the Rugrats episode scheduled for 10AM during the marathon, "Radio Daze" & "Psycho Angelica".

3. The Rugrats screensaver was removed from this site, due to technical problems many people have experienced with the screensaver.


1. Gave more information regarding this Saturday's (9/6/97) Rugrats marathon.

2. Revised "Spike's Babies", "Chicken Pops", "Radio Daze" & "Psycho Angelica".

3. Added another "In Memmoriam" for Mother Theresa, who died Friday, 9/5/97.


1. Revised the Resource page.

2. Revised the product list in "Little-Known Facts".

3. Revised "Radio Daze" & "Psycho Angelica".

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