What Was New On RugratsOnline -- July 1997


Revised details regarding the differences between seasons in the Episode Guide.


1, Revised "Little-Known Facts", including news on the 3-D special, and the Rugrats' Emmy nomination.

2. Changed the season premiere from "Spring Cleaning" to "Spike's Babies" & "Chicken Pops", with information on future episodes.

3. Revised "The 7 Voyages Of Cynthia", "Give & Take", "Naked Tommy" & "Mommy's Little Assets".

4. Revised the timing for Rugrats' show times in Hawaii in the Schedule page.


1. Revised the Minor Characters list.

2. Revised "Angelica's Worst Nightmare".

3. Revised "Little-Known Facts".


1. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday" & "Vacation".

2. Revised Canada's entry in the "On TV" page.

3. Revised the TV ratings page.


1. Revised "No Bones About It", "Beach Blanket Babies", "Family Reunion", "Grandpa's Date" & "Cuffed".

2. Revised the "Minor Characters" section.

3. Added more satellite information on the "On TV" page.

4. Added more previous guests to the Guestbook Archive.


1. Finally added titles for the daytime episodes on the schedule page. Technical problems with GIST / TV1 prevented me from providing these titles earlier.

2. Now included a list of other minor characters that appeared on the show.


1. Revised the Spanish Rugrats page.

2. Revised "Slumber Party", "Ruthless Tommy", "Incident In Aisle 7", "Graham Canyon" & "The Shot".


Added more information regarding the new Canadian ratings system to the Ratings page.


1. Revised the German and Latin American listings on the "On TV" page.

2. Removed Pro 7 information from the On TV and Resource pages, as it's no longer showing Rugrats (it was only a temporary arrangement in the first place.)

3. Added the local number for the Viacom Store to the resource page.

4. Revised Drew's entry in the character listings.

5. Added more information regarding the TV ratings system, including more specific ratings and developments on the Canadian version.


1. "Little-Known Facts" is now split into 4 parts.

2. Added more links to the resource page.

3. Revised "Visitors From Outer Space" , "Naked Tommy" & "Vacation".


1. Revised the Spanish Rugrats page.

2. Revised the resource page, as there is a new site for Kablam!.


1. Updated "Vacation". Have you bought your copy yet?

2. Revised the time differences for Hawaii in the schedule and "On TV" pages.

3. Added information on Spanish-language Rugrats episodes.


1. Revised the TV Guide list in "Little-Known Facts"

2. "Double Nicktoons Weekends" are over, which means no more 10AM Rugrats on Saturday mornings. The schedule page and "On TV" pages show this change.


Revised "Touchdown Tommy"; loyal Houston Oilers fans are advised NOT to read this description.


1. This site has been chosen as the TV Site of the Week for 6/30/97 to 7/6/97.

2. Revised Chuckie's description.


1. Revised "Tricycle Thief" & "A Rugrats Vacation".

2. Revised new episode details, video list & TV Guide list in "Little-Known Facts".

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