What Was New On RugratsOnline -- April 1997


1. Revised "Mothers' Day", which premieres 5/6/97.

2. Revised "Little-Known Facts", "On TV" and the Resource Page.


1. Pat Paulsen, who did some voices for the "Feeding Hubert" & "Spike The Wonder Dog" episodes, died Friday, 4/25/97.

2. Made some changes in the "On TV" page.


1. Revised "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch".

2. Added Brazil to the "On TV" page.

3. Revised the Nielsen ratings and  The Simpsons' "Little-Known Facts".

3. Added some more Rocko sites to the Resource page.


1. Revised and/or corrected "Chuckie vs. The Potty", "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch", "When Wishes Come True", "Reptar 2010", "New Kid In Town" & "Passover".

2. Revised the German Rugrats page.

3. Added a link to an Angry Beavers site on the Resource Page.


Added information in Little-Known Facts regarding Rugrats' appearance as contender at Nick's Kids' Choice Awards.


1. Revised Passover.

2. Revised the German Rugrats page.


Revised King Ten Pin & Passover.


Added information on the main page about Passover and the Kid's Choice Awards.


1. Revised "Fluffy vs. Spike", "Reptar's Revenge" & "Passover".

2. Added more important information about the Rugrats movie in "Little-Known Facts".

3. Revised the German Rugrats page.

4. Revised the resource page, including a way to get on AOL for half the cost and without busy signals.


Revised "Weaning Tommy", "Incident In Aisle 7" & "The Trial".


Nothing significant to add except a minor detail about the Rugrats movie in "Little-Known Facts".


1. Revised "Toy Palace".

2. Revised Mexico's entry on the "On TV" page.

3. Added a Hey, Arnold link on the resource page.


1. Revised "Baseball", "Slumber Party" & "The Mysterious Mr. Friend".

2. Revised the Simpsons and the TV Guide article in "Little-Known Facts".

3. Added another Rugrats link in the Resource page.

4. Revised Charlotte's character description.


1. Revised "No More Cookies".

2. Added Mexico to the "On TV" page.

3. Added "Aventuras en Pañales" to the "Info Wanted" & resource pages.

4. Revised the TV Ratings page for a minor detail regarding [TV-M] and [TV-MA].


1. Added more links to Klasky-Csupo's section in the resource page.

2. Made separate bookmark pages for The Simpsons & Sailor Moon.

3. Revised The Simpsons entry in "Little-Known Facts".

4. Revised Australia and the Middle East entries in the "On TV" page.

5. Revised the TV Ratings page to reflect the change of [TV-M] to [TV-MA].


1. Revised "Mommy's Little Assets" & "Chuckie's Wonderful Life".

2. Added a couple of Star Trek jokes and information on Toon Tunes in "Little Known Facts".

3. Added more information regarding Mark Mothersbaugh on the main episode page.

4. Added the link to Klasky-Csupo's Haunted House to "Little Known Facts" & the resource page.

5. Added more information on Tune In The Kids & Family Week on the schedule page.

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