What Was New On RugratsOnline: March 1997


1. Revised "Princess Angelica", "The Odd Couple", "Under Chuckie's Bed" & "Chuckie Is Rich".

2. Revised info on the Kinderkanal in the Resource page.

3. I have 2 copies available of the 10/26/96 issue of TV Guide in exchange for your local edition. For trading details, click here.

4. I'm planning to make a website featuring the late TV series, Santo Bugito. For information, visit the "Information Wanted" page.

5. Revised the "On TV" page, including revising the German entry and identifying the presenters of some PBS programs.


1. Revised "The Blizzard", "Destination: Moon", & "Angelica's Birthday".

2. Added more negative information regarding the TV Ratings system.


1. Revised "Home Movies" & "The Mysterious Mr. Friend".

2. Revised the On TV and resource pages, mainly to revise information regarding Nick Arabia & Nick UK.

3. The new URL for Nick Arabia is http://www.showtimearabia.com/fkids.htm.

4. The online teletext for Nick Germany has been temporarily discontinued by TV Today, for legal reasons.


1. Revised "Reptar 2010" & "Stu Gets A Job".

2. Added more facts about the new Viacom Store in the Resource page.

3. Revised facts about The Simpsons and the Nielsens in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "When Wishes Come True" & "Angelica Breaks A Leg".

2. Revised Malaysia & Germany in the On TV page.

3. Added Reboot links to the YTV section of the Resource Page.

4. Added more info on Rugrats merchandise in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "Tricycle Thief" & "Rhinoceritis".

2. Revised the TV Guide article in "Little Known Facts", including instructions on how to order that issue.

3. Added Malaysia in the "On TV" page.

4. Revised YTV's entry on the Resource Page.


1. Revised "The Inside Story", "Game Show Didi", "Toys In The Attic" & "Susie vs. Angelica".

2. Added a question regarding "Toys In The Attic" in "Information Wanted".

3. Added a link for the theme for Microsoft Plus, as well as broadcasts and teletext for Nick Germany & Kinderkanal in the resource page.


1. Revised the pilot, "The 7 Voyages of Cynthia" & "My Friend Barney".

2. Added more "Little Known Facts".

3. Revised various entries in the "On TV" page, including the addition of time differences.

4. American shows seen on YTV are now on their own page.

5. Added another "Blue's Clues" site to the resource page.


1. Revised "Family Reunion", "Grandpa's Date", "A Visit From Lipschitz" & "What The Big People Do".

2. Revised Dr. Lipschitz's character description.

3. Added more YTV info in "On TV" & "Resource" pages.

4. Added more Nicktoon links to the "Resource" page.


1. Revised "Regarding Stuie" & "Garage Sale".

2. Revised information regarding YTV in the "On TV" and resource pages.

3. Added a new counter, provided FREE by Nedstat. One wrinkle, though; the info's in Dutch only (Nedstat's a Dutch company).


1. Revised "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch" & "Mirrorland".

2. Revised various countries in the "On TV" page.

3. Revised TV Guide and Neilsen ratings info in "Little Known Facts".

4. Added information regarding shows that are NOT closed-captioned in the Brief Episode List.

5. Removed a note in the schedule page regarding the Blues Clues marathon that was supposed to take place 3/17/97; it now seems that there isn't one. My apologies.


1. Revised "Touchdown Tommy", "The Trial", & "Stu-Maker's Elves".

2. Changed the address of Billy D'Augustine's Rugrats site.

3. Revised "Little-Known Facts".


Revised "Weaning Tommy" & "Incident In Aisle 7".


Revised the pilot, "Real or Robots" & "Special Delivery".


1. David Doyle has died. Various areas have been revised to reflect this.

2. Revised "Barbecue Story", "...Baby In My Soup", "Baby Commercial" & "Little Dude".

3. Revised "Little-Known Facts", including the description of Chazz's "wife" and an extensive update on Rugrats videos.


1. Revised "Kid TV", "The Sky Is Falling", "Cradle Attraction" & "Moving Away".

2. Revised the German Rugrats page.

3. Revised the Ratings page.

4. Added Scandinavia and Latin America, and revised Germany in the "On TV" page.

5. Added another question to "Information Wanted".

6. Remodeled the 3rd season closing credits.


1. Revised "New Kid In Town" & "Pickles vs. Pickles".

2. Revised the German Rugrats page.

3. Revised the Ratings page.

4. Added a link to an interesting "web snatching" story by Andrew Wiseman.

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