What Was New On RugratsOnline -- February 1997


1. Revised "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch" & "Chanukah".

2. Added information on the upcoming episode, "Mother's Day".

3. Revised "Little-Known Facts".

4. Corrected timing information for Hawaii in the schedule and "On TV" pages; I've been told that showtimes in Hawaii are the same as Eastern/Pacific.

5. Added a link to the "Test Pattern Links", which I co-authored with Tom Walsh.


1. Revised "Princess Angelica", "The Odd Couple", "In The Dreamtime" & "The Unfair Pair".

2. Added more newsgroup information to the resource page.


1. Revised "Destination: Moon" & "Angelica's Birthday".

2. Remodeled the 1991 end credits.


1. Revised "Give & Take", "The Gold Rush", "Cuffed" & "The Blizzard".

2. Added the link for the Kinderkanal in the "On TV" and resource pages. I've also added the link for The Children's Channel in the resource page.

3. Added another question in "Information Wanted".

4. Revised Nielsen ratings information in "Little Known Facts".

5. Revised "[TV-]" ratings information.


1. Revised "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster", "The Legend of Satchmo", "The Baby Vanishes", "Farewell, My Friend", "The Last Babysitter" & "Sour Pickles".

2. Added links to Blue's Clues on the resource page (formerly the address page), as well as a programming note about it on the schedule page.

3. Added more information relating to Rugrats' adult audience in "Little Known Facts".


Revised "Grandpa Moves Out" & "The Legend of Satchmo".


1. Revised "Tooth Or Dare" & "Party Animals".

2. Added the link for YTV to the "On TV" & address pages. For now, I'll also push the site for awhile on the main page, as well.


1. Revised "Game Show Didi" & "Toys In The Attic".

2. Revised New Zealand's entry in the "On TV" page.

3. Revised The Simpson's connection in "Little Known Facts".


1. Revised "Let Them Eat Cake", "Driving Miss Angelica" & "Susie vs. Angelica". I now have all the writers & directors credits from 1992.

2. Provided more info on closed-captioning on the main episode page.

3. Updated the video-tape list in "Little-Known Facts", including some new releases.

4. Included information on how to subscribe to Nickelodeon Magazine on the address page.


1. Revised "Angelica The Magnificent", "Down The Drain" & "Let Them Eat Cake".

2. Revised Larry & Steve's character description.

3. Added another Little Known Fact, regarding "Let Them Eat Cake".


1. Revised "Momma Trauma", "Aunt Miriam", "A Visit From Lipschitz" & "What The Big People Do".

2. Updated Susie's character description.

3. Added Larry & Steve's character description.

4. Provided more information on closed-captioning on the main episode page.


1. Revised "Reptar On Ice", "Aunt Miriam" & "The Inside Story".

2. Included a note on closed-captioning on the main episode page.

3. Revised Stu and Grandpa's character descriptions.


1. Revised "Let There Be Light", "The Bank Trick", "No Bones About It", "Reptar On Ice" & "Family Feud".

2. Revised the Nick address page.

3. Added more "Little Known Facts", incuding more news regarding the new shows.


1. Revised "Angelica's In Love" & "Ice Cream Mountain".

2. Gave my opinion on the TV ratings system.


1. Revised "Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch" & "Mirrorland".

2. I've decided to remove the E-Mail form from this site; I've tried it myself after I installed it, and the results were hideous. Anyone who posted using this form, could you please repost in the regular fashion instead? I apologize for any inconvenience.


1. Revised "The Trial", "Toy Palace" & "Sand Ho".

2. Revised many parts of the "On TV" page.

3. Changed the E-Mail for Nick UK and its website description on the address page.

4. Requested the keyword for Nick UK on AOL in the information wanted page.

5. On the main page, included a link for my newsgroup articles on Deja News.

6. I've now included an E-Mail form, so you can send your comments straigh from this website.


1. Revised "Momma Trauma",  "Candy Bar Creep Show" & "Monster In The Garage". I now have all the writers' and directors' credits from the first season.

2. Revised "Information Wanted".

3. Updated my TV Guide page.


1. Revised "Grandpa's Teeth" & "Momma Trauma".

2. Revised Stu's entry in the character descriptions.

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