What Was New On RugratsOnline: October 1996

10/26/96 (2nd Revision):

1. Final revision before my Michigan trip tomorrow (10/27/96); fresh material WILL RESUME around November 9th, maybe earlier (I return to Florida on November 5th (Election Day; don't forget to vote!)).

2. Revised entries for "No Bones About It" & "Beach Blanket Babies".

10/26/96 (1st Revision):

1. I'm now authorized by Netscape and Microsoft to use their browser logos on the main page; these are used to plug the Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers. Keep in mind that I have no prejudice for neither of them (in other words, I frequently use both browsers). Also keep in mind that neither company has paid me for this privilege. Furthermore, this service is FREE. If you have a web site of your own and would like to join, click on the above links.

2. "Rugrats Online" is now rated with the Recreational Software Advisory Council, rated "0" in all categories (nudity, sex, violence, and language). If you have a site of your own that you like rated, click here, it's also FREE.

3. Revised entries for "Let There Be Light", "The Bank Trick", "Family Reunion" & "Grandpa's Date".

4. Moved the first appearance of the Dummi Bears' theme to "Grandpa's Date".


1. I've now included a guestbook, provided FREE by Lpage.

2. Revised descriptions for "Angelica's In Love" & "Ice Cream Mountain".

3. You may have noticed that I did NOT revise entries for "Regarding Stuie" & "Garage Sale". Before Rugrats started this morning, my mom's car battery died before she was off to work, and we had to get a new one. When she was finally off & running, Rugrats was over. My apologies, but family comes first. Luckily, I have these episodes on tape (I've taped all 65 Rugrats episodes earlier this year), and I'll give you new information as soon as I can. Again, I apologise for any inconvenience.

4. You should see the Internet Audit Bureau logo at the bottom of the main page, after it's been fully loaded. If you do not, please read the details on this page, under "10/20/96".

5. I did a revision of the "Little Known Facts" entry regarding the Rugrats' story in TVGuide.

6. Also, according to that TVG article, Duckman will be returning for a 3rd season on USA; in my list of K-C shows, I've mentioned that Duckman had ended its run in 1996. I regret the error. I also take it that Duckman is currently on hiatus (off the air until a later date).

7. I've also revised the "Rugrats On TV" page, to reflect Rugrats' prescence on Nick In The Afternoon, as well as changed the link (with an important message) for the Nickoz site.


1. I've added another Little Known Fact; this time, explaining Rugrats' appearances in TVGuide. For those who don't know some of the details, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz Sr. & Jr. were featured on the first issue of TVG in 1953. Bridget Loves Bernie was a sitcom seen on CBS during the 1972-1973 season that starred Meridith Baxter as the Catholic Bridget, and David Birney as the Jewish Bernie. Due to uproars by religious groups, CBS cancelled the show despite good ratings after one season. Finally, the reference about Didi & Marge -- in 1987, TVG made a foolish mistake by pasting Oprah Winfrey's head on Ann-Margret's body on the cover.

2. Related to the above, I've changed the order of the 1993 episode list and the brief episode list, as the Passover show was actually the last new Rugrats episode (it was first televised in 1995).

3. Also related to #1, I've added another question to "Information Wanted".

10/21/96 (2nd Revision):

Includes new material regarding "Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch" & "Mirrorland".

10/21/96 (1st Revision):

1. I've been requested by Patrick Delahanty, webmaster of "CHiPs Online", to remove the CHiPs graphics from this site. Being a law-abiding citizen who has never been sued or gone to court, I've decided to honor his request. In addition, I've also removed all non-Nickelodeon graphics from this website, and all other web pages associated with this site. I hope none of you are disappointed. The good side, though, is more web space for me, and faster loading for you. I apologize for any inconvenience.

2. Also, the old Nick Australia site no longer exists. If you have visited, I hope you've liked it, as the new Nickoz site is still off limits to non-Australians. If you haven't visited it, you've had your chance. Sorry.

10/20/96 (2nd Revision):

The server for the Internet Audit Bureau logo and stats are now in operation. However, since it is not yet fully-operable, it's been holding up the main page. Thus, this logo has now been placed at the bottom of the main Rugrats Online page, plus on the bottom of the home page and the main links page. If the downloading has been stopped after all other graphics have been loaded, please press the "stop" button on your browser. Everything else should be there.

10/20/96 (1st Revision):

1. Corrections:

     a. Rugrats on Saturday, 10/26/96, will NOT be part of the Nick Or Treat special (according to my local listings). However, it'll be part of N.O.T. on Halloween, Thursday, 10/31/96.

     b. Hey, Arnold on Sunday, 10/13/96 at 11AM ET was just a one-time showing; Ren & Stimpy are now back in their usual Sunday time slot.

2. Revised entries for "Slumber Party", "The Big House" & "The Shot".

3. "Red-in-the-face" dept.: In Little Known Facts, I've forgot to mention the most important connection between Rugrats and Real Monsters; this involves Chuckie and Oblina.


1. Added a new question to the Information Wanted page.

2. Improved entries for "Touchdown Tommy", "The Trial","Fluffy vs. Spike", "Reptar's Revenge", "Graham Canyon", Stu-Maker's Elves", "Toy Palace" & "Sand Ho".

3. Moved Fluffy's first appearance to "Touchdown Tommy".

4. Placed Cynthia's first appearance in "Graham Canyon".

5. Revised entries for Reptar (including correcting a factual error) and the Dummi Bears.

6. Included Tommy's poem in "Tommy's Secret Club".


1. New material for "Real Or Robots",  "Special Delivery", "Weaning Tommy", and "Incident In Aisle 7" included.

2. In the schedule, I've announced the coming of Nickelodeon's Nick or Treat, October 26 & 31, in which Rugrats will be a part of; watch Nick and stay tuned to this website for details.


1. I forgot to tell you from the last revision -- "Beauty Contest" & "Baseball" are also revised; sorry.

2. This time, I've added writers and director's credits for "Grandpa's Teeth" & "Momma Trauma". Keep in mind that I didn't include credits for the evening shows (including "Ruthless Tommy" and "Moose Country"), as I work 6 evenings a week.

3. I've added stuff regarding Real Monsters in the closing credits and in Little Known Facts.

4. I've removed one of the times for Ren & Stimpy in the links section; it's replaced by Hey, Arnold on Sunday mornings.


1. I've now added an Information Wanted section.

2. I've added more details regarding "At The Movies" & "Slumber Party", and "Baby Commercial" & "Little Dude".

3. Also in the Episode Guide, I've added the new smiley face to its pages. This denotes my personal favorite episodes.

4. On the main episode page, I've included details on how to tell which season a certain episode is made.

5. On the main page and on the TV Listings page, I've added a notice reminding that this site will get stale while I'm gone. Read this carefully, and cultivate a patient heart. This will be up until around November 9th, after I'm back.


1. I've added writers & directors credits to "Barbecue Story"  & "Baby In My Soup".

2.I've moved Chazz's first appearance to the above shows.

3. In "Sour Pickles", I've removed the fact that Rocky & Bullwinkle began in 1961, when Kennedy was President. Rocky actually began in 1959, when Weisenheimer (er, Eisenhower) was President; thus, the time frame in that episode was correct all along. I regret the error.

4. New on Rugrats Online is the schedule page, which lists upcoming Rugrats episodes.


1. I've added an "unpaid, unpolitical announcement" to the main page to publicise Landru's most favorite & least favorite Rugrat poll. To find out how to cast your vote, click here. This announcement will remain up until the vote ends. Also, keep in mind that I've written this announcement up myself, and that "Republicans, Democrats, and Dittoheads for Rugrats, Inc." is a ficticious organization; I came up with that name myself.

2. In the episode guide, I've added some more stuff about "Tommy's First Birthday" (including the writers and director), as well as added a quote to "The Unfair Pair" entry.

10/6/96 (2nd Revision):

1. "Rugrats Online" (and 2 other web sites associated with it) is now affiliated with the Internet Audit Bureau, responsible for gathering statistics for web pages of all sizes from small, personal pages (like mine) to big, well-known companies (like Chicago superstation WGN). To see the stats, click on the IAB logo (which looks like the tally for the number 5), located near the top of the page.

2. I've also included a "Why I Watch" page, which explains why I watch the show. I've also added "All About Me", which explains my interests.

3. Another little-known fact added.

10/6/96 (1st Revision):

1. Corrected a link in the "Credits" area.

2. Added more information in "Little Known Facts".


"Rugrats Online" established.

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