What Was New On RugratsOnline -- June 1997


Revised Nielsen Ratings information in "Little-Known Facts".


1. Removed the entry for Mexico on the "On TV" page, as Televisa is no longer showing Rugrats (at least for the time being). Rugrats is still seen in Mexico on the US and Latin-American versions of Nickelodeon.

2. Added time-difference charts to the schedule page.

3. Added the link for TV Guide Specialists in "Little-Known Facts".


Revised "The Dog Broomer" & "Family Feud".


1. Added more information regarding a Nicktoons promotion at Dairy Queen.

2. Revised "Little-Known Facts".

3. Revised "The Bank Trick", "No Bones About It" & "Beach Blanket Babies".


1. Added news in Little-Known Facts regarding new Rugrats episodes, starting August 23, as well as added the premiere, Spring Cleaning to the episode guide.

2. Added instructions on how to download screensaver.


Revised "Moose Country", "Weaning Tommy" & "Incident In Aisle 7".


1. Revised "Tommy's First Birthday", "Beauty Contest" & "Baseball".

2. Revised the US's entry in the "On TV" page.


1. Revised Mexico's entry in "Little-Known Facts".

2. A Rugrats screensaver, originally on Billy D'Augustine's site, is now available on this site.


1. Revised Mexico & Canada's entries on the "On TV" Page.

2. Gave information regarding the poster's unavailability on the main page & "Little-Known Facts".

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