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This page is devoted to the showing of Rugrats in Finland.

(all times Helsinki time (GMT + 2; ET + 7; PT + 10))

Color: PAL, Systems "B" & "G" (625 lines)

Seen on 2 Channels (as of July 2002):

(logos ® & © Yleisradio)

Yleisradio (YLE) TV1

Tuesdays at 4PM
(not seen during the summer)

Title: Ipanat ("Kids"; singular is "ipana", meaning "kid" or "peewee". It should be noted that the Baby Blues comic strip also goes by the name "Ipanat" in Finnish.)

TV1, one of 2 public TV channels operated by YLE (TV2 is the other), features a variety of local and foreign programs in Finnish on both channels.


Weekdays, 8AM, 12 Noon & 4:30PM
Weekends, 9:30AM, 1:30PM & 2PM

Rugrats is also seen on the Scandinavian version of Nick, though not in Finnish (click here for details).

The Rugrats TV series is not dubbed into Finnish; rather, it is in English with Finnish subtitles; the Rugrats films, however, are dubbed into Finnish, at least for the video releases.

Here are the voices of the Rugrats in the films: (Source: Finnkino)

Tommy: Petteri Halmela
Chuckie: Dimitri Qvintus
Angelica (?): Anna-Liisa Vihko
Phil: Tuomas Oksanen
Lil: Heljä Heikkinen

Janne Kottari also writes about some of the other Nicktoons in Finland:

...Channel 3 shows Csupo's cartoon Rocket Power dubbed in finnish, under name "Rakettijengi" ("Rocket Gang") , and Rugrats is for more younger kids than... Rocket Power. Also one other Csupo cartoon is showing in here, the one with 10-12yo schoolgirls ... about ordinary life and school. Name was something like "Inny's Diary" (can't remember [Finnish name, though it's known in English as As Told By Ginger].)

Janne also writes on the types of episodes that TV1 has shown, and their frequency:

Rugrats have been showed here about 4 or 5 years, and they have shown eps from different seasons and they have skipped maybe about 70% of all eps, but they have never shown eps in un-logical order, they have just skipped lots of them. The newest eps seen here this spring were the most newest, those with Kimi in them (10th season).

Here are the names that the Rugrats characters go by in Finnish:

Tommy = Tommi (both spelled same way, and Tommi is also ordinary male name in Finland)

Chuckie = Jaska ("Jaska" is a nickname version of finnish male name "Jaakko")

Phil and Lil = Vili and Lilli (both are real person-names in Finnish)

Angelica = Annika (also a real finnish female name; also given in films as "Annukka")

Dil = Niilo ("Niilo" was popular male name in Finland in the 1940s)

Susie = Susa ("Susa" is nickname version of finnish female name "Susanna")

Kimi = Kiti ("Kiti" is used, as "Kimi" is a boy's name in Finland)

Stu = Osku (nickname version of "Oliver". Also Garfield's "Odie" is "Osku" in finnish.)

Didi = Didi

Grandpa = Vaari (vaari = grand-dad in finnish)

Spike = Nappe (just a nice finnish dog name, no meaning)

Fifi = Fifi

The names of Susie's parents were never mentioned in Finnish in the TV series or the films -- this is due to the fact that Meet The Carmichaels was never seen in Finland.

(Special thanks to Janne Kottari)

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