Rugrats Interviews

In this section, I'll present some interviews of various people that are part of the Rugrats team, from various sources.


All interviews are copyrighted by the publications that originally published them.

Sorrisi e Canzoni TV (4/??/1999) -- Arlene Klasky & Gabor Csupo

Facts (5/??/1999) -- Gabor Csupo

New York Post (6/19/1999) -- Klasky & Csupo

Komsomolskaya Pravda (9/??/1999) -- Igor Kovalyov

Billy D'Augustine (1996) -- Paul Germain (originally posted on Billy's now-closed Rugrats site)

Nickelodeon (Spring 2001) -- Klasky & Csupo (from a press kit from the Rugrats' 10th Anniversary)

FamilyWonder (Fall 2000) -- Dionne Quan (originally posted on the now-closed FamilyWonder site)

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