FamilyWonder Interview With Dionne Quan

Contributed by Varakorn Ungvichian

In the fall of 2000, FamilyWonder, an online store that specialised on merchandise that stimulated children's minds, interviewed Dionne Quan, the voice of Kimi. In early 2001, FamilyWonder closed down, one of many dot-com flameouts. Here is that interview.

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In the second feature-length Rugrats movie, Rugrats in Paris, a new adventure-seeking toddler joins the famous band of babies. Twenty-two-year-old voice actress Dionne Quan plays Kimi, the newest addition to the cast, and now a regular on the hit Nickelodeon show. FamilyWonder asked Dionne about recording the movie, creating a brand new character, and being part of a favorite children's show.

FamilyWonder: How much did you know about the character of Kimi before you started recording the movie?

Dionne Quan: It was a long process. When I did my first session, I came in doing a very different voice from what I'm doing now. A cuter, shy kind of character. And of course you can tell she's very different from that. We kind of created her together, the directors and the writers and myself. They wanted her to be more of a tomboy, more full of energy and not really shy at all. It was an interesting adventure trying to figure out what Kimi was going to be like.

FamilyWonder: In the movie, Chuckie says, "Oh no, another Tommy!" Do you feel that's true?

Dionne Quan: Yes. Kimi is a lot like Tommy in that she's fearless and she's very confident. But I even think she's more energetic than Tommy, because when all the other babies are wanting to take a nap, she's still going!

FamilyWonder: Can you give us any hints about what to expect from Kimi in the future?

Dionne Quan: She and Chuckie are going to grow. And she's going to take the Rugrats on all kinds of adventures. She's got a wonderful imagination and plays imagination games. She's just great.

FamilyWonder: What do you think makes Rugrats a good cartoon for kids?

Dionne Quan: Well Rugrats is great for kids and parents to watch. People can identify with it, adults and kids, and the humor is written for both. The writing itself is just so clever and funny and honest and sincere. I really think it's great and I feel very lucky that I'm on such a successful series.

FamilyWonder: Is there anything about Rugrats in Paris that might concern parents?

Dionne Quan: Phil and Lil are a little bit gross, and if that offends that would be the only thing. Other that that, I think it's for all ages and everybody can go see the movie and everybody can take something away from it.

FamilyWonder: What kinds of messages will the new movie leave with viewers?

Dionne Quan: Different messages. Not to be mean like Angelica is one. She actually apologizes! With parents, it shows what can happen when you really listen to your kids. And it deals with single parenthood in a very great way that I think people can relate to. Single parents want their kid to have a mom, but you have to find the right person.

FamilyWonder: Why were you drawn to acting? Why are you passionate about it?

Dionne Quan: Very rarely to we get to step out of our own world and go into another world, or be somebody totally different from ourselves. To be doing this on a daily or weekly basis--to be able to be other people and to portray different lives of other people -- is just incredible.

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