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And now, here's a look at the events that took place the week Rugrats first went on the air in August 1991.

World Events

A Greek cruise ship, Oceanos, sunk off the coast of South Africa. (8/5/1991)

The Cuban government allows its citizens, aged 20 or over, to travel abroad, provided that the host country issued the visa for the traveler. (8/5/1991)

Fidel Castro turned 65. (8/13/1991)

About 2000 Pro-Life protesters were arrested outside an abortion clinic in Wichita, KS. (8/7/1991)

General Norman Swartzkopf, the officer who lead the allied forces to victory in the Gulf War, leaves Central Command on 8/8, with retirement on 8/31.

Beirut hostages John McCarthy (Britain, 8/9), Jerome Leyraud (France, 8/10) and Edward Tracy (US, 8/11) were released from rebel forces in Lebanon.

Shapour Bakhtiar, a former Iranian Prime Minister who replaced the Shah after his death, was murdered in Paris. (8/8/1991)

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union was near financial collapse, with a deficit of 1.1 billion Rubles (8/8/1991); the Soviet Union would break up later that year.

Final Exit, a how-to book on suicide, was America's #1 best seller; copies were hard to find at bookstores. (8/10/1991)

Albanians flee from communist Albania to Italy, forcing the Italian government to turn some refugees away. (8/10/1991)

The Oakland (CA) Tribune, at the time the only minority-owned major daily paper in the US, announced that they received enough money to keep running, just hours before the final edition was to have hit the presses. (8/14/1991)



For a look at Television on the week that Rugrats started, click here.


Here's what was released at theaters the weekend of August 11, 1991:

Bingo -- starring Cindy Williams
The Doctor -- starring William Hurt
Delirious -- starring John Candy
Double Impact -- starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Pure Luck -- starring Danny Glover and Martin Short

And here's the top 10 films on the weekend of 8/4/1991:

1. Hot Shots!
2. Terminator 2 -- starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
3. Doc Hollywood -- starring Michael J. Fox
4. Boyz N The Hood
5. 101 Dalmatians (re-release of 1961 animated film)
6. Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves
7. Mobsters
8. Body Parts
9. Regarding Henry
10. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey


Here's the top 10 list of sales and rentals for 8/4/1991:
Sales Rentals
1 The Terminator Misery
2 The Jungle Book Goodfellas
3 Robin Hood (Disney) Edward Scissorhands
4 Pretty Woman Kindergarten Cop
5 The Little Mermaid Reversal Of Fortune
6 The Three Tenors In Concert Green Card
7 Richard Simmons' Sweatin' To The Oldies Look Who's Talking Too
8 (A Playboy video that I won't mention the title of) L.A. Story
9 The Prince And The Pauper (Disney) Postcards From The Edge
10 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier The Grifters


Here are the top tens for the Pop Singles, Pop Albums and Country Singles for the week of 8/9/1991, according to Billboard® Magazine; ©1991Billboard Publications, Inc.
Pop Singles Pop Albums Country Singles
1 I Do It For You
Bryan Adams
Natalie Cole
She's In Love With The Boy
Trisha Yearwood
2 P.A.S.S.I.O.N.
Rythm Syndicate
For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen
Here We Are
3 Every Heartbeat
Amy Grant
Paula Abdul
You Know Me Better Than That
George Strait
4 Summertime
D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
(the latter a.k.a. Will Smith)
Gonna Make You Sweat
C&C Music Factory
Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)
Travis Tritt
5 It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Lenny Kravitz
Luck Of The Draw
Bonnie Raitt
Fallin' Out Of Love
Reba McEntire
6 Temptation
Out Of Time
Somewhere In My Broken Heart
Billy Dean
7 Fading Like A Flower
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves
Motion Picture Soundtrack
Lord Have Mercy On A Country Boy
Don Williams
8 I'll Be There
The Escape Club
Boyz II Men
Small Town Saturday Night
Hal Ketchum
9 Right Here, Right Now
Jesus Jones
Time, Love and Tenderness
Michael Bolton
Don't Rock The Jukebox
Alan Jackson
10 Wind Of Change
No Fences
Garth Brooks
Down To My Last Teardrop
Tanya Tucker

Other Entertainment News

Carlos Santana pleaded No Contest on a marijuana posession charge in Houston, TX. (8/8/1991)

Calvin & Hobbes was still in newspapers, but was in repeats from 1986, as creator Bill Watterson took a long sabbatical during 1991 -- the strip would return with fresh strips in early 1992.


Major League Baseball's top teams this week:
American League East Toronto
West Minnesota (best in MLB)
National League East Pittsburgh
West Los Angeles

Cleveland was the worst; Montreal was the second-worst.

At the Pan-Am Games in Havana, Cuba:

John Daly won the PGA golf championship (8/11/1991).

J.D. McDuffie, NASCAR legend, died in a race accident at Watkins Glen, NY, on 8/11/1991.

Foreign Exchange

How much the world's money was worth on August 9, 1991, compared with those of May 4, 2001:

                           8/9/1991                          5/4/2001
One Unit of Local
Currency in US$
US$1 in
Local Currency
One Unit of Local
Currency in US$
US$1 in
Local Currency
Australia A$1 = US$.78 US$1 = A$1.28 A$1 = US$.52 US$1 = A$1.92
Belgium 1FB = US$.03 US$1 = 35.40FB 1FB = US$.02 US$1 = 45.10FB
Britain £1 = US$1.70 US$1 = 59p £1 = US$1.43 US$1 = 70p
Canada C$1 = US$.87 US$1 = C$1.15 C$1 = US$.65 US$1 = C$1.54
European Union 1 ECU* = US$1.20 US$1 = .84 ECU E1 = US$.90 US$1 = E1.12
France 1FF = US$.17 US$1 = 5.82FF 1FF = US$.14 US$1 = 7.33FF
Germany 1DM = US$.58 US$1 = 1.73DM 1DM = US$.46 US$1 = 2.18DM
Hong Kong HK$1 = US$.13 US$1 = HK$7.76 HK$1 = US$.13 US$1 = HK$7.80
Ireland £1 = US$1.57 US$1 = 64p £1 = US$1.14 US$1 = 88p
Italy 1 Lira = US$.0008 US$1 = 1282 Lira 1 Lira = US$.0005 US$1 = 2163 Lira
Japan ¥1 = US$.007 US$1 = ¥137 ¥1 = US$.008 US$1 = ¥121
Mexico MX$1** = US$.0003 US$1 = MX$3038 N$1 = US$.11 US$1 = N$9.26
Netherlands 1 Guilder = US$.52 US$1 = 1.93 Guilders 1 Guilder = US$.41 US$1 = 2.47 Guilders
New Zealand NZ$1 = US$.57 US$1 = NZ$1.75 NZ$1 = US$.42 US$1 = NZ$2.38
Philippines P$1 = US$.04 US$1 = P$27.24 P$1 = US$.02 US$1 = P$50.31
Singapore SG$1 = US$.58 US$1 = SG$1.72 SG$1 = US$.55 US$1 = SG$1.82
South Africa 1 Rand = US$.35 US$1 = 2.85 Rands 1 Rand = US$.12 US$1 = 8.03 Rands
Spain 1 Escudo = US$.009 US$1 = 107 Escudos 1 Escudo = US$.005 US$1 = 186 Escudos
Switzerland 1FS = US$.66 US$1 = 1.51FS 1FS = US$.58 US$1 = 1.73FS
Taiwan T$1 = US$.04 US$1 = T$26.74 T$1 = US$.03 US$1 = T$32.88
Turkey 1 Lira = US$.0002 US$1 = 4398 Lira 1 Lira = US$.00000085 US$1 = 1,172,000 Lira

* -- The ECU, in 1991, was not a form of currency, but a "basket" of currencies of their member nations. In the late-1990s, it became a form of currency as the Euro. Since 1999, the currency units of most of its member countries are fixed to the Euro, in transition for the Euro to replace them in 2002.

** -- The Mexican peso was reformulated in 1993, in response to runaway inflation and the fast-sinking peso.


These notable people died this week:

Computer Technology

Think your new computer's cheap or state-of-the art? Take a gander at these 1991 computer ads from Circuit City. At the time, Intel's 80386 processor was top-of-the-line, and many IBM-based computers had no Windows (Windows 3.1 and MS-DOS 5.0 were released in 1991). Also at the time, the internet was still available only to a privileged few, though services such as Prodigy and America On Line were available (though you couldn't stay on long without being charged high rates).

Also in 1991, faxes existed, though they cost a pretty penny. Look at this ad, also from Circuit City:

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