Where To Get Rugrats Merchandise Online

Important Notice:

Always have parental permission before ordering.

What kinds of Rugrats merchandise are there? Click here and find out.

General Merchandise:

Get your Rugrats stuff direct from Klasky-Csupo

Their Cooltoons store has a wide range of Rugrats merchandise to choose from, including those that you can't get anywhere else. Shop around by clicking here. Also, check out the merchandise from K-C's other "Cooltoons" as well.

You can also get Rugrats merchandise directly from Nick, in association with Amazon.Com. Click here to visit that site. Unfortunately, only a limited selection of merchandise is available at the boutique. For more, visit Amazon.Com directly.

Most Rugrats merchandise are also available at most retail chains nationwide.

Another good place to check is eBay, where lots of Rugrats merchandise (both commonplace and rare) are available for auction, and in some cases, immediate sale.


Books are available online from Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Fiera, Chapters-Indigo (Canada) & BOL (UK). Grolier also has a Nick book club; click here for details.

French Rugrats books are available online from Amazon France, A La Page, FNAC & Archambault (all from France except Archambault, which is Canadian). Chapters-Indigo also have a limited number of French Canadian Rugrats books available.

German Rugrats books are available from Amazon.de & Buch.de.

Spanish Rugrats books are available from Barnes & Noble & NetStore.


Rugrats videos are available from the following companies:
NTSC (US & Canada)
(most also offer Spanish
or French videos)
NTSC (Mexico)
(Some English tapes
& DVDs also available)
PAL (Britain & Australia)
(all are English only)
SECAM (France)
(all are French only)
Amazon Canada*

Barnes & Noble
HMV Canada
Rogers Video
CD Now
CD Universe
Diffusion Franco
(French only)
Amazon UK
The Zone
Blackstar Video
W.H. Smith
Vidz of Oz
Amazon France 
A La Page

* -- Amazon Canada sells English, French and Spanish versions of Rugrats videos.


Rugrats posters are available from Pokers & All Wall.


Rugrats toys are also available from Wal-Mart.

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