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Rugrats Online "Back Issues"

Some revisions of this website, dating back to 1998, are available from The Internet Archive. Click below to see the following:

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Official Sites:

Nick US's Rugrats Site (Official; contains information about the show, with pics & sounds. Best seen in Shockwave. However, despite the improvements, their episode guide is still arranged according to their "season" arrangement (9 or 10 episodes per season), and still lists only the classic 65 shows (no specials or post-1997 shows). Newer characters, such as Kimi, not featured. Also available here.)

Old Nick US' Rugrats Site (Older site still available. Same shortcomings as above.)

Klasky-Csupo's Rugrats Site  (Official, features bios, complete episode guide and fun activities kids can do.)

Nicktoons TV UK's Rugrats Site (Official; features only character info and pictures to color.)

(Left: Nicktoons TV UK channel link graphic, from Nick.Co.UK; ©2002 Viacom.)

Nick Australia's Rugrats site (Part of their Toonroom; practically the same as Nick US's site.)

(Left: Toonroom logo; ©1998 Nickelodeon Australia.)

Latin American Nick's Rugrats Site (Official.)

Nick Jr. Parties (Features information and items needed to throw parties based on Nick and Nick Jr. shows, including Rugrats.)

The Best of the "Rugrats From Nickelodeon" Comic Strip:

Creator's Syndicate

Official Sites In Languages Other Than English:

Jeunesse de France Télévisions (Site featuring France 2France 3's children's shows, including Rugrats. In French.)

SAT1 Junior (Site for SAT1's children's programs, including Rugrats. In German.)

Programm information für RUGRATS (Media Gruppe Munchen) (Featuring episode guide and schedule details on Rugrats episodes on Pro Sieben. Media Gruppe Munchen sells ad time for various shows on Pro Sieben. In German.)

Carlsen Comics (Publishers of the Rugrats comic book and Rugrats paperbacks in Germany. In German.)

Not Rugrats Sites, But There Wouldn't Be Rugrats Without Them:

Sunwoo Entertainment (They do the animation for the show and the movie through their Anivision & Grimsaem subsidiaries.)

Mutato Studios (Co-founded by Mark Mothersbaugh, the man who composes the music for Rugrats.)

London Metropolitan Orchestra (They provided the orchestrations for The Rugrats Movie & Rugrats In Paris.)

Cunningham-Escott-Dipene Talent Agency (Agents for Melanie Chartoff, Jack Riley, Michael Bell, Cheryl Chase and Phil Proctor.)

Audiomaster 3000 (A Televisa subsidiary that does the dubbing for the Spanish-language version of Rugrats. Site in Spanish & English.)

(Left: Audiomaster 3000 logo; ® & © Televisa.)

Larry Loebell (Film & TV writer and producer; he co-wrote the Incident In Aisle 7 episode.)

Some Sites That Are Important To Klasky-Csupo's History:

Pannóniafilm (The Hungarian animation studio where Gabor Csupo worked from 1971 to 1975. In English.)

Kerstin Olsson-Grönvik (A Swedish animator & illustrator who introduced Arlene Klasky to Gabor Csupo in Stockholm in the mid-1970s. In Swedish & English. Also available here.)

The Simpsons  -- Before Rugrats, Klasky-Csupo helped made The Simpsons a big hit for the new Fox network.

(Banner © 2000 Twentieth Century - Fox Film Corporation.)
The Official Simpsons Website (From Fox itself. Get the latest on America's favorite family.)

The Simpsons Archive (A great place for all things Simpson.)

Unofficial Sites:

Fan Sites:

Sarah's Rugrats (back and better than ever.)

Billy D'Augustine's Rugrats Site (The world's first Rugrats site. Long gone, a December 1996 revision is available again, courtesy of The Internet Archive. No graphics.)

Antony's Rugrats Page (Part of his unofficial Nick site.)

Super Yo's Rugrats Site   (Also available here.)
Rugrats City (Also available here.)
The UNOFFICIAL Rugrats Online (You are here.)
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Elise's Rugrats Page (A well-made, award-winning Rugrats site from Australia. Note: The webmaster has discontinued revisions, as she is currently working on another online venture,, which provides free homepages for kids.)

Rugrats Central

Taffy at "Amanda Bynes Now!" (Page featuring Taffy, voiced by Amanda Bynes. Includes pictures and sounds.)

Activity Sites:

Free Rugrats Coloring Pages (Unofficial site that includes a selection of Rugrats pictures to color.)

Fanfiction.Net's Rugrats page (More Rugrats fan fiction. Parental Warning: Many stories are G-rated, but a few stories are for mature readers, and there there are some terrible ones that are strictly for adults., apparently, does not moderate the stories for content. Parental discretion is advised, especially if you stray from the Rugrats section.)

Download Sites:

Custard Pie Postcards--RUGRATS! (Unofficial Rugrats postcards to e-mail to your friends & relatives.)
Tucows (They have Rugrats icons available for IBM & Mac computers.)
(Left: Tucows logo; from & © Tucows.)

PicturesNOW! - Image Gallery (Pictures from The Rugrats Movie.)

Information Sites:

Rugrats Comic Strip Archives (An unofficial site that will eventually feature every Rugrats newspaper strip ever published during its 5-year run.)

2002 and Beyond: The Future Of The Rugrats (Info on the upcoming episodes of Rugrats, plus the spinoffs.)

FILM EDUCATION GALLERY (Pictures from The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats In Paris, and other films, submitted by fans in Britain for a special contests.)

Slipups : Rugrats (A list of bloopers that you can find on Rugrats. Also, check out the mistakes from The Rugrats Movie and Rugrats In Paris.)

DVD Debate: Rugrats R1 vs R2 (A comparison between the American and British versions of The Rugrats Movie DVD.)

Jump The Shark -- Rugrats ("Jump The Shark" means that something is at its peak, with its quality declining thereafter; it's based on a Happy Days scene where The Fonz jumped over a Great White Shark on water skis. This page features reasons why Rugrats "jumped the shark" -- or not.)

Stu Goes D'oh - Connections Between Rugrats and Simpsons (Self-explanetory.)

The Rugrats Visit Sheltered Shrubs -- Interesting Coincidences Between Rugrats and As Told By Ginger (Self-explanetory. From the same author as the site above.)

Parody Sites:
TrekRats (A parody page where Rugrats and Star Trek collide. Also home of other amusing Star Trek parodies, most of them combos of Star Trek and other hit shows.)

The Rugrats Get Riffed! (A site that gives the Rugrats the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" treatment. Parental Warning: Contains some segments with foul language. Parental discretion is advised.)

Unofficial "Les Razmoket" Sites (Rugrats in French):
(Left: Logo for Les Razmoket, from Gigiseb's Razmoket site; ® & © Viacom.)

Le meilleur site sur les Razmokets
(It really is; plenty of pictures and episode information.
Also available in English and Spanish.

Les Razmoket (GigiSeb) (One of the first French-language Rugrats sites in the world.)

"Tout sur les Razmoket" (Also available here. Also available in English.)

Rugrats City (Also available here. Also in English (here too).)
Razmokemon (A site featuring Rugrats and Pokemon. Also available here.)

Other Unofficial Sites In Languages Other Than English:
Reptar's Room (Information on Rugrats, plus a few other popular shows in Japan. In Japanese.) (New URL)

SMC's Rugrats Site (Korean merchandising site for Rugrats. In Korean.)

German Rugrats (A page of the German version of Rugrats, mainly a description and bi-lingual episode list. Part of the Trickfilmwelt site. In German.)

Keskuskoulu's "Ipanat" site (Site from an elementary school in Finland about the Finnish version of Rugrats.)

Olivias Rugrats-sida (A Rugrats site in Swedish.)


(all official unless specified)

E.G. Daily's Website (A site featuring the voice of Tommy, with some emphasis on her musical career.)

The Nancy Show (The official site of Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, and the second voice of Chuckie.)

Happy House Productions (An animation company founded by Nancy Cartwright.)

Roland Soucie Family (Official; Roland Soucie is Kath's cousin.)

Kurita Avenue (Official site of Kurita Kaori, the voice of Betty on the Japanese version of Rugrats.)

The Official Tara Strong (formerly Charendoff) (An official page featuring the voice of Timmy McNulty and Dil.)

Nicktoons & Nickelodeon In General:

Cooltoons (Official; showcase of Klasky-Csupo's animated series, including Rugrats, Real Monsters, Thornberrys & Rocket Power.)

Nickelodeon Toonroom (Official; from Nick Australia; information regarding your favorite Nicktoons. Currently has CatDog, Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold, Angry Beavers, Kablam! and of course, Rugrats.)

(Left: Toonroom logo; ©1998 Nickelodeon Australia.)

Nicktoons TV UK (Website for the British version of Nicktoons TV. Also available here and here.)(New URL)

(Left: Nicktoons TV UK channel link graphic, from Nick.Co.UK; ©2002 Viacom.)

Nickelodeon Central (A new Nickelodeon theme park, located at Dreamworld near Brisbane, Australia.)

Everything Nick (Designed mainly for the broadcasting industry, but open to everyone -- features press releases and some special information about Nick and their channels. Watch out though -- while the press releases are fresh, info about the channel are a little dated. Also available here.)

Viacom Announcements: Nickelodeon (More press releases from Nick , plus an archived collection, straight from its parent company, Viacom. You can also search for Rugrats press releases from here. For press releases from other companies, search PR Newswire.)

Anthony's Nickelodeon Page

(Featuring a look at past and present Nick shows.)

Hey! "Arnold Stuff" (Mainly slanted towards "Hey Arnold", but also has behind-the-scenes stuff at Nicktoon Studios, during a happier time.)

90's Nick - A 15 year old's unofficial website for the Nickelodeon we used to know (Self-explanetory -- concentrating, of course, on Nick in the 1990s.)

Other Recommended Animation Sites:

News Sites:

Toon Zone

Animation World

Animation Magazine

Anime: (Anime is not all Pokemon and Sailor Moon -- it's a fine art of Japanese animation, designed to be enjoyed by everyone.)

Nausicaa.Net -- An unofficial website about Studio Ghibli, the producers of fine Japanese animated films like My Neighbor Totoro (starring Rugrats' Cheryl Chase on the English dub) and Spirited Away (Japan's highest-grossing film of 2001).

Anime News Network -- Featuring the latest in Anime news.

Newsgroups & Forums:

Newsgroups (Not available on all ISPs. If yours don't carry it, click here.) (Most Rugrats fans go here. If your ISP doesn't carry it, click here.)

Google for Newsgroups

Not all newsgroups are available on all internet providers. If your internet provider doesn't offer the newsgroups mentioned on this page, or if you are looking for older newsgroup articles (as early as 1981), try Google.

For the latest Rugrats news, click here.

For the latest Nickelodeon news, click here.

I also file articles regarding "Rugrats" and other subjects in various newsgroups.
For an accumulative list of all my articles, click here.

Official Nick Forum (US)

(from Nick.Com; ©2000 Viacom.)

There is an official forum at Nick.Com, where you can talk about almost everything. To join in, go to:


Registration is required; make sure to fill ALL fields (even the non-required ones). Also, the moderator has a right not to make your post public, especially if they criticise Nick. For example, one person's post didn't make the board, because he criticised Nick for ruining the closed-captions during Ren & Stimpy, when the picture was squished for a reminder about U-Pick.

Official Nick Forum (UK)

(Banner ad © 2002 Viacom)

The British Nick site also has their own forum at: (New URL)

As with the US version, a free My Nick registration is required. If you already signed up with the US site, you must sign up separately for the UK version.

Unofficial Nick Forums

A popular unofficial forum for Nick fans worldwide.
(I am a moderator on many boards of this forum.)

Forum Razmoket

A forum for fans of the French-language version of Rugrats.

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